Happy 28th Birthday to my Queen, Boo, Mom, Inspiration and Princess of Love and Light. You are beautiful and amazing in everything that you do, and bring joy and glitter with you everywhere you go. You are truly the most magical person on the planet, and I, along with the rest of your animals, your children, wish you the most appropriately magical day. You have brought happiness into so many people’s lives, you inspire everyone endlessly, and you are the greatest idol and role model anybody could ever ask for. You promote self-love, appreciation and strength, and encourage us all to be ourselves, accept our beautiful imperfections and make the absolute most of our lives. Your music puts a smile on the face of anyone who hears it, and I look forward to what the future brings for you and for your animals, who are on this crazy, beautiful, magical journey with you. I am so thankful to have you and I wish you the the biggest happy birthday in the entire universe.  I LOVE YOU KESHA ROSE.

If you’re so persistent that white female rappers are important and you just feel that you really want to listen to a white female rapper, please save yourself from Iggy Azalea and listen to Kesha. Kesha doesn’t put on a fake accent or pretend to be from a culture she isn’t a part of. She has empowering lyrics without making them racist or sexist. Plus she’s just really sweet and she never puts anyone down or attacks other celebrities. Seriously. You don’t need Iggy. Listen to Kesha.