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The question that drives me crazy: do you just have a million portraits of your avatar on hand at all times or are you drawing a new one every ask? Because wow, I don't think I've ever seen the same one twice

                    Million dollar question!~ 
Depends on my mood, I draw my avatar a lot on my own time to start and there’s a bunch of doodles of her sitting around, so I tend to crop those as I see fit and use them where I can apply them! Certain asks sometimes need a new icon for a new face expression, a lot of the time I just have so many doodles on hand, I’ll grab those! 

Brayden Schenn - little black dress

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Can you do a Brayden Schenn imagine where you are in a little black dress and you go out and Brayden keep staring at u or something like that thanks 👌🏻

It had been five months since you had given birth to your son Jacob and you were dying to have some time to yourself that wasn’t full of cleaning up baby puke, or poop. You loved being a mom, but even moms need sometime to themselves without their babies.

You had recently got rid of your baby weight, which meant everything you owned before Jacob now fitted you like it once did. So to celebrate as Brayden said, he was going to take you out somewhere nice for dinner and drinks.

You had just slipped into your little black dress, when Brayden walked in. His eyes never left your body.

“Careful, honey you’re going to catch a mouth full of flies.” You giggled.

“You look amazing.” He smiled as he pulled you in for a kiss. “Are you ready? Parayko’s here already and he already has Jacob wrapped around his finger.” He chuckled as you two walked out to the car.

The night was going smoothly, you only made three phone calls to Colton before you guys order.

“Babe, they are both fine. Relax.” Brayden said holding his wine glass up.

You sighed as you picked up your wine glass. You knew he was right, but that didn’t stop you from worrying.

“What are you doing?” You laughed as you watched your husband’s eye your dress.

“Nothing.” He coughed.

“Mhmm.” You grinned as you took a sip from your wine glass.  “Did, I tell you that your mom called last night?” You said as you picked at your food.

“No, what did you two talk about?” He asked with a smile.

“She, wants to come down and visit in two weeks. She misses Jacob.” You said placing a bite in your mouth.

“Did she say what day or how long?” He asked while his eyes still gazed at your dress.

“BRAYDEN!” You said blushing.

“WHAT!” He giggled.

“You are so staring!” You laughed.

“I can’t help it. That dress….that dress might just get you another kid.” He joked.

“BRAYDEN!” You laughed.

“I can’t help it. My wife is hot.”

“Oh my god.” You said rolling your eyes.

“Well.” You said.

“Well, what?” brayden asked mid sip.

“Are you going to pay so you can take this black thing off or are you just going to sit there.” You said giving him a wink.




a superbat fic. dceu timeline with some jl spoilers. (also based on the taylor swift song ngl) Read on AO3


this ain’t for the best
my reputation’s never been worse so
you must like me for me

When Clark wakes up to see Bruce Wayne’s face, undoubtedly teary-eyed behind the cowl and blinking like he’s seen the sun for the first time, it’s actually really flattering. He smiles a little, trying to stretch the corners of his mouth, because, hey, he’s been dead for the most part of a year now. He must’ve made a weird face, because Bruce just keeps staring at him without saying anything, as if he’s dead again.

Clark can feel the energy from the motherbox is surging through him, and everything fades in and out of x-ray vision. His heart starts racing, and he gets the urge to just fly up to the sun. That’s the Superman equivalent to a morning jog. He flies up and back down and finally settles himself back on the ground, on Earth, in front of his monument. He walks around it, reading all the notes and smelling all the flowers and touching the smooth granite of the monument blocks, and he’s glad he’s back. 

He suddenly notices a metal man standing next to Wonder Woman and a couple of other people, with an arm that’s transforming into a canon and taking over him the same way Clark’s defenses are taking over him and his body can’t help but tell him to go on the offensive. He really doesn’t want to go on the offensive—

Long story short, he had a fight with his new teammates. None of that’s particularly surprising when it comes to him and Bruce, though. Bruce invites him to his super secret lair for a drink, because that’s the first thing people need when they’re raised from the dead.

“So I see we’ve got friends now,” Clark says, wandering around the Batcave, looking at all the tech, all the suits, including the one Bruce had used to try to kill him not so long ago.

“It’s a temporary arrangement,” Bruce replies, eyes carefully following him.

“For a temporary problem?” Clark suddenly turns around, the tone in his voice slightly more hostile than intended.

“With you around, yes.” Bruce grits his teeth, and then smiles. He’s not very good at it.

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Fuck you’re so complicated. You just stare at me and not say anything. What are you thinking? Do you have feelings for me or not? I don’t understand why you keep staring at me, but please don’t stop because I like it a lot. I smelled your cologne and I can still smell it hours later. It smells nice. I wish l could smell like that which would mean I touched you. I’m going to see you again soon and hopefully I’ll have the courage to say something to you because I need something more than eye contact now.


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For some reason I was just imagining Jackson getting into a staring contest with another ego and the other guy would keep staring at his left eye because of his blind right eye

Better yet, staring contest and they can’t decide which eye to stare at so they just flick between the left and the right eye before getting uncomfortable and blinking/looking away xD ~Admin Panda

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are known for their extremely dry humor, and they are almost always the ones that crack the extremely sarcastic jokes and everyone around them stops and stares at them for a moment to try and figure out if they were serious or not.

A silly thing I drew where I imagine Dib would be one of those teenagers at one point where he puts on eyeliner really badly and it was super painful for Gaz to see and take in with her eyes so she has him sit tf down one day so she can do it for him

I did some outdoors sketching during a brief glimmer of sunshine, but the on-flowing mysteries past the broad river-bend were barred by a beaked guardian.

i still can’t believe little percy kept a photo of annabeth in his notebook to look at whenever he missed camp - even though the photo was of just annabeth, and not even at camp