It’s bad enough to give the guy a skunk mullet, but he gets a unicorn horn too? Keaton can’t catch a break. When he transforms it looks like he’s wearing a sad gargoyle party hat.

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Could I ask for kissing headcanons for Odin, Takumi, Niles, Keaton, Silas and Benny please? Thank you~

*rubs hands together aggressively*

Odin would always joke about wanting to kiss you, but ultimately brushing it off as just that: a joke. It takes you a little while until you realize he’s not actually joking, and, with your consent, he starts screaming about his aching blood and that he can’t control himself, and ends up kissing you. Afterwards, he shuts up, smiles, and giggles.

Takumi would wait until a perfect moment to kiss you. He’d think about it endlessly, going back and forth between “Maybe I shouldn’t…” and “I really want to…”. Ultimately, he’d be too afraid to at first. At this “perfect moment”, he’d grab your hands, look into your eyes, but…wouldn’t do anything. Until you kissed him. Afterwards he’d be blushing, trembling, but very, very giddy.

Niles would always poke fun at you, teasing you endlessly. He’d always peck your cheeks and laugh. One night, during a walk underneath the stars, he’ll surprise you with one on the lips. Seeing your expression afterwards, he laughs.

Keaton initially would lick your face whenever you got close to him. He’d be oblivious if you hinted at wanting to kiss him. Finally, you’d have to hold him still and press your lips against his. He’d be kind of confused until you explained what you just did. His eyes would widen, he’d smile and then continue to kiss you all day every day from then on.

Silas would mention wanting to kiss you, but never actually act upon it. He wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable or take advantage of you in any way. If you two were in a typical romantic situation such as a picnic, a sunset, etc., he’d mention it lightheartedly, saying something like…, “Haha, this would be a perfect time to kiss someone, y’know?” Once you actually did kiss him, he’d be surprised, but ultimately return it passionately.

Benny would be nervous about wanting to kiss you. He’d always hold your hands, give you charms and show you how to be nice to animals. One day, he takes you on a walk to the woods, puts some flowers in your hair and kisses you gently. He’ll say he’s glad you’re the one that loves him, as any other person would be too afraid to.

This was a pretty long one to do, but I hope it satisfies!


EMBLEM3 - End of the Summer (Live Acoustic)

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