You know what’s super cute? After Aaron and Paddy have their little talk, Aaron gets this little smile on his face and decides to go see Robert. Because he has been reminded of how happy he is and how much he loves Rob and just wanted to see his fiancé. So he took off. Dude just wanted to spend every moment with the love of his life and I’m crying again. :’)

Worth It

Features: Original!Caroline, Hybrid!Caroline, KC with kids, altered backstory, etc. Warnings: mentions of pregnancy, minor death of children who were turned, and infertility. Rated G/SFW.

Sheila Bennett paced nervously. She was wearing a hole in her patio, but it was unavoidable.

An Original was coming.

Sure, she’d called him there, but that made her no less nervous. She wasn’t sure what she’d called him for was worth it. Plus, Bonnie was there with her, and the Original would surely use her as leverage if he didn’t like what he heard.

“Grams, sit down. It’s okay. Whoever this guy is, he can’t be that bad,” Bonnie cajoled.

Sheila shook her head. “You have no idea who you’re talking about. We’re meeting an Original. One of the first vampires in existence. He’s extremely dangerous and if he doesn’t like what I have to say, he’ll kill us both.”

“I think you confuse me for my siblings,” a voice called.

Sheila turned around so quickly her hips popped.

There he was, standing just before the steps. In a full suit, he didn’t look nearly as threatening as some said. But Sheila could feel his power like it was a tangible thing.

“You are Sheila Bennett, yes?” She nodded, struck mute by the sheer wrongness of his existence. Nature hated this man. “You summoned me.”

Bonnie peeked around Sheila. “Hi, I’m Bonnie. Her granddaughter. She didn’t really tell me who you are…?”

He looked amused. “I am Elijah, an Original vampire. I’m also very busy, so if we could move this along?”

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RQ Characters And Overwatch
  • Maven: Is that Widowmaker that will always scope you coming out of respawn- but will never miss an opportunity to use a Junkrat to wreak havoc on Cal's team.
  • Cal: that grade A+ Torbjorn building turrets on the objective but he'll actively shield the team as Reinhart- the one most likely to defend the Medics
  • Farley: Takes the objectives with ease, rains hellfire from above with Pharah- and outright refuses to play "team mom" aka a healer
  • Mare: the edgiest fucking Reaper main in history. Will drop everything she is doing to revenge kill that one dude that eliminated her from three matches ago
  • Shade: he alternates between Lucio and Tracer- makes sure that Diana and Mare aren't dropping like flies
  • Kilorn: He's the Bastion on the top of the building just mowing down fools that rush through the choke point. Most likely to get play of the game
  • Evangeline: Sombra is like an extension of her soul. If her and Mare team up there is no hope for those other fools. "Anything can be hacked, or anyone."
  • Ptolemus: is surprisingly a great Mercy main. Someone has their asses.
  • Cameron: Mccree and D.Va are her assets. She enjoys blasting any Tracer with a flash bang- will send D.va's self destructing mech right into her enemy's line of attack.

anonymous asked:

im dying inside from kings cage and deep down inside me i actually really want there to be a scene with cal and maven beating the shit out of each other in rq4, wbu

mmm they definitely have some issues they gotta work out

But I feel like Cal went from being super pissed off at maven in gs to being more, heartbroken? in kc. Especially after Mare told Cal the part Elara played in his betrayal.

I think for Cal the initial anger has worn off, so idk if he’d just blindly attack him on sight? At least without thinking first? Plus Maven isn’t stupid enough to fight with Cal because he’d know he’d lose.

So I don’t know if I necessarily WANT them to fight in rq4, because Cal is physically superior to Maven, and it wouldn’t solve anything.

But at the same time, I’m always down for more people to fight Maven


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