After finishing my playthrough of all of the Ratchet and Clank games I own, I decided that it was High time I actually bought and played it’s cousin Jak and Daxter.  I know nothing of the series and just finished the first game and have many opinions, but none stronger than “When Daxter is on Jaks shoulder like that his belly is in the perfect zone for face loving!”

so i haven’t quite finished this yet but here’s a sneak peek at the ‘fix it’ day for klarolineauweek, or my attempt at the last.
spoiler: there will be quite a lot of bonnie in this one, because i love her, and i want to see her apologising for the way she was when caroline was turned.

You deserve to get what you want. And I promise no one will hate you for this.

She’s slowly starting to believe that.

That is, until she hears of a calling of her name in an accent that is far too familiar.


Her name is murmured slowly, his accent wrapping around the syllables just right, and she’s sure she’s dreaming as she turns around, stumbling in her silver heels, and that’s when she sees him, in all his handsome glory.

And she’s almost certain that this isn’t real.

“Klaus,” she breathes.

@crazy4klaroline said: hey dear i am a big fan of klaroline…and i have a question is there any chance to get klaus and caroline together??? or is it impossible???

I believe there’s a real chance for Klaus and Caroline get together. As long as The Originals and The Vampire Diaries are being aired there’s a chance and that counts even if only The Originals keep going because Caroline was already directly mentioned on this show: once at season 1 when Tyler went after Klaus and this season when Stefan talked with Hayley about Caroline (don’t forget Marcel saying “you should visit Mystic Falls more often” to Klaus after the sweet love making in the woods).

Also, in terms of canon the producers/writers gave us three very powerful sentences that makes Klaroline really possible in my opinion:

- Klaus: He’s your first love. I intend to be your last, however long it takes. (4x23 - TVD)

Klaus and Caroline are vampires, they are immortal so intending to be her last love and for however long it might take means eternal love. The Originals could end and they even can put a final scene with Caroline calling Klaus, anything, Caroline doesn’t even have to appear and it would still be canon. So Klaroline has real chances until the shows end. AND IF I AM NOT MISTAKING JULIE PLEC MENTIONED EXACTLY THIS, SAYING THAT THEY ARE VAMPIRES, IMMORTAL, PROMISE OF ETERNAL LOVE ETC.

- Klaus: You should be nicer to me. I’m leaving town tomorrow. I’d invite you to come with me, but we both know you’re not ready to accept my offer. Perhaps one day, in a year or even a century, You’ll show up at my door and let me show you what the world has to offer. (…) You mark my words. Small-town boy, small-town life, it won’t be enough for you (3x20 - TVD)
- Klaus: Caroline. I’m standing in one of my favorite places in the world, surrounded by food, music, art, culture, and all I can think about is how much I want to show it to you. Maybe one day you’ll let me (4x20 – deleted on The Originals, but it happened on TVD!)

Both scenes hint the possibility of Caroline going to New Orleans / going after Klaus accepting his proposal of showing her the world.

So I do believe there’s a really good chance of Klaroline getting together after the end of The Vampire Diaries because:

1) They showed Caroline going to New Orleans with the twins and asking about Klaus in the future.
2) Crossover mentioning Caroline on The Originals
3) Delena fans don’t kill me on this: Nina Dobrev will appear on the end of TVD so IF Stelena happens to be endgame, Steroline won’t be a thing therefore Caroline is free.
4) The Vampire Diaries needs to make the TVD audience transition to The Originals, which means they need to put TVD characters in The Originals and who’s the best character with connections with the main protagonist Klaus Mikaelson that has great plot potential and also has been hinted for a long time? Caroline.
5) A lot of articles have been popping out speculating a Klaroline reunion.

6) When The Vampire Diaries ends, Klaroline will be the oldest strong ship and the Klaroline fandom is one of the biggest TVD ships fandom. Our fandom is also a great potential of audience, of boosting the ratings. I, for one, if Caroline even breathed the same air as Klaus would get back asap watching the shows (even though I live in Brazil so it wouldn’t matter to them lol) 

In short, YEEESSS KLAROLINE CAN HAPPEN THERE’S REASON, MOTIVE, PLACE AND EVERYTHING IT COULD NEED TO HAPPEN. However, even with everything in favor of Klaroline in the past, it still didn’t happen. It is real the possibility that Klaroline might not happen in the screens. Buuuuut, until then, we will be here, pressuring and waiting.

Somebody correct me if any of this info is wrong!

Ich brauch’ Abstand! Abstand von mir, Abstand von dir, ich will Abstand von hier.
Ich hab’ mir vorgenomm’, will nie wieder bereuen müssen.. und muss alte Türen schließen, damit sich neue öffnen.
—  Kc Rebell

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KC Undercover isn't that bad of a current Disney show and Zendaya totally kicks ass in every episode. Plus, it's also gay af, KC and her bff, Marisa have acted gayer than Rilaya at times. In fact, Im gonna send another ask from an actual speech Marisa gave KC in one episode and you can see for yourself. It's gayer than gay, I stg.

First of all, no one is gayer than rilaya.

And I’ve seen KC Undercover, it’s pretty cool, yea, but I’m definitely not as into it as I am with gmw, it’s just something I watch when there’s nothing else to watch lol

Also here it airs on Disney XD, not Disney channel, and I’m always one to focus on minor technicalities😂