It’s Called Love, Idiot

This is for day 4 of klaroline au week! This is just something short and simple, but I hope you enjoy it :3


It’s Called Love, Idiot

Caroline could hear the wind blow outside and the rain hitting the windows, - she loved that sound - and she snuggled even more with the hot body next to her. It was definitely a cold morning, but underneath the blankets, with Klaus, it was warm and nice. She decided that today, she would not leave their bed; it just felt so good.

Klaus’ arms tightened around her waist and he burrowed his nose in her hair. Her body was soft and tender, and she fit perfectly against him; so much so, that he always had a hard time getting up and letting go of her. He often wondered if he could just shut both of them inside, and live like that, - the two of them forever together, without any interruptions - but then he realized that was a tad bit possessive. Sighing, he pulled her infinitesimally closer.

“Are you awake?” Caroline asked, yawning.


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Mare: *falls in love with brother of her betrothed* *illegally gets intimate with Cal, the brother of her betrothed* *meanwhile aids rebellion group against her betrothed, his brother, and the rest of their family* *gets innocent involved, such as Lucas Samos* *unconsciously helps assassination plot against the King* *wrecks Nortan government*


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Okay but honestly now I feel like Ricks tryna test to see just how many books he can get the PJO to read/buy before we realize just how ridiculous it is, but jokes on him because I would pay the $30 for a book if Percy is even so much as mentioned at least once.