• Gisa: Why do you always have to go and get hammered with all of Mare's friends?
  • Shade, sitting down at the breakfast table: Mare has friends? Besides, I wasn’t that drunk last night.
  • Mare : You were flirting with Farley
  • Shade: So what? She’s my girlfriend.
  • Mare: : You asked her if she was single
  • Cal, sliding in and sitting next to Mare: and then you cried when she said she wasn’t
  • Mare: It was hilarious.
How RQ Characters React to Compliments


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Kilorn to that one person that accidentally compliments him:

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Maven reacting to a compliment he gave himself in the mirror:

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Okay but honestly now I feel like Ricks tryna test to see just how many books he can get the PJO to read/buy before we realize just how ridiculous it is, but jokes on him because I would pay the $30 for a book if Percy is even so much as mentioned at least once.

  • Mare: I don't like children.
  • Cal: They like you.
  • Mare, rolling her eyes: They do, but that's just because...
  • Cal: You are the same size.
  • Mare: Shut up!