InkTober Prompt: October-nite

1. Falling
2. Wings
3. Magic
4. Drugs
5. Red
6. Purple
7. Blue
8. Fight
9. Weapon
10. Sweets
11. Island
12. Death
13. Water
14. Prank
15. Fire
16. Flowers
17. Flight
18. Blood
19. Pain
20. Void
21. Insanity
22. Sickness
23. Tainted
24. Love
25. Treasure
26. Meal
27. Monster
28. Family
29. Tree
30. Home
31. Shadows

Feel free to use this if youd like!! If you do, tag it as “Octobernite” (not the best name I know :^(() Im not sure if im going to be doing this prompt this year, but hopefully this isnt too last minute!! Also sorry that it has to be in this format! if you want, I can whip up a nicer looking prompt tomorrow :,D
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title: Travelling By Ambulance 

summary: Even the right decision can have detrimental consequences.

a/n: thanks to everyone who read the first chapter! 



Chapter One - Chapter Two

When Hiro opened his eyes, he saw the paramedics bending over the gurney. Or, more accurately, the boy now strapped to the gurney. He couldn’t see clearly past all of the white uniforms, but his breath halted in his throat when he caught a brief glimpse of a familiar Converse sneaker under one woman’s elbow. His legs twitched to run. If there hadn’t been about a dozen police officers between him and his brother, he would have made a break for it. Instead he stood and stared with wide eyes, trying to get a clear view of his brother through the flurry of activity.

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