BBC Merlin Characters + when the writers actually followed the legends
→ for Samantha; happy birthday!

“There are many futures, sister. Some are shrouded in mist and others are clear as cut glass. But your gift is powerful and this vision cannot be ignored. You cannot allow this serving girl to take your rightful place upon the throne.”- Morgause 

I have recorded & uploaded all 6 episodes of “The Living and The dead”. These are recorded straight from iPlayer so they’re decent quality but not HD, the sound echoes a little & there are a few glitches but it’s not terrible. The files are in FLV format. This may be another option for those who can’t access iPlayer through a VPN (try Browsec) or those who just want to download it.

Please don’t upload anywhere else or share it anywhere else (especially Twitter). With luck Mega won’t delete them but apologies if they do.

Please follow this link to the post. ♥