Katie: so I call her my hero & then we kiss, yes?
Director: no, and it’s a joking ‘my hero’ in a light tone
Katie: cool so seductive it is
Katie: also, you sure you just want a hug-
Director: no Katie there is not going to be a kiss
Katie: that’s ok I can wait
Director: *bangs head against wall*

A little reminder that Rahul Kohli is a sweetheart, he’s against sexism, he supports and advocates for lgbt/poc representation and most importantly he blessed us with 4 photos of Katie (in KatieMcgrath-scale that’s like 400 photos ‘cause we rarely see new pics of her). So.. don’t send him hateful/annoying tweets like: “I like you but I hate your character”, “She’s gay dude stop it” etc.

Besides I’m pretty sure this would totally be Katie’s response:  


Merlin Re-Watch: S1EP1 “The Dragon’s Call” 

“There must be another Arthur, because this one’s an idiot.” “Perhaps it is your destiny to change that.”

Director: ok Katie look at her like she’s yet another annoying reporter
Katie: ok so like I’m in love w her

Director: ok Katie look at her like you just popped in to visit your only friend
Katie: ok I’ll look like I popped in to ask the girl I love on a date and I will bite my lip to further my point

Director: ok Katie look at her angrily, she just accused your mother of something terrible
Katie: ok so I’ll look like the girl I love just broke my heart

Director: no Katie
Katie: yas Katie

Katie McGrath is a natural actress. She can put a character in her head, in her mind and suddenly her face muscle structure changes, her gestures change, her body language changes. She becomes a different character every time. Believably. Her poise, her beauty, the raw self dare in every little twitch, or eye brow rise. Perfectly crafted with intelligence and true thought. She does that on purpose, you know. Bravo.
—  Anonymous