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okay so i saw that the katie birthday calendar was trending on the supercorp tag and i know Lex and I contributed to the fact that her birthday isnt on May 21th BUT,

please please please dont aggressively ask about her birthday or better yet, dont even ask at all 😩😩😩 i just wrote it on the print to be cute and so that’d she’d have a “birthday card” since we’ll probably never know. i dont want any fans to be trying to cross personal boundaries because she’s already amazing as she is with her fans and id hate for that to change.


Since yesterday, I feel like shit. I feel ashamed. And sad. Embarrassed because ONE OF US did what they did with a nice guy like Rory.

I get that most of us also feel very very angry with whoever got his number and texted him non-stop. Personally, I would like to know whoever did that, but it wouldn’t be greatest idea. But I hope this person knows that they affected THE WHOLE FANDOM.

But how to move on from this episode?

I think that despite what happened, as fans, we all need to come together and think about our behavior the next time some of us have the opportunity to meet Katie, and about our online behavior too.

We need some guidelines and boundaries, so here it goes a few things I think we’ll need to do:

• Rory is obviously upset, plenty of us already apologized to him via Twitter, and that’s great, but LET’S GIVE HIM A BREAK. He needs some time to recover and move on with his life, so whatever he tweets next, do not respond. Just let him be.

• To all of you (like me) who wants to know the person who did that: JUST NO. The person it’s getting so much hate already, but we don’t want them to do something stupid like hurt himself/herself.

• LET’S STAY UNITED! It doesn’t matter for how long you’ve been a Katie’s fan. No one it’s more because they follow her work since Merlin or less because they’ve fell in love with her for Supergirl. We need each other, we need to stay united no matter the Fandom.

• LET’S FORGET ABOUT HER BRITHDAY! And this goes to whatever personal information SHE OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T WANT TO SHARE! Do not ask her about it if you meet her, do not encourage someone to ask, don’t ask about boyfriends or girlfriends or anything personal at all. That’s what led us to this situation, unfortunately.

• KEEP LOVING HER! Let’s shower her with love and affection and admiration if we got the chance. Let’s not embarrass her with inappropriate Fandom questions or whatever, let’s just… LOVE KATIE AND HER AMAZING WORK.

If you guys want to add something to the list, feel free to do.

But whatever happens next, LET’S CONTINUE LOVING EACH OTHER. She united us, and we’re here to stay…


Since it’s WCW and Katie McGrath is definitely mine, I thought I’d share my selfie with her from the LAH4H event. I did mention in one of my earlier posts that she was my knight in shining armor for stopping a woman from pushing me thinking I skipped her (was just doing what the lady keeping track of the line flow told me to do). So I owe her lol. Anyway, when I was talking to her with the girl I made friends with in line (shout out to Danica wherever you are), Katie was asking her what her name was, and when she said Danica, Katie got excited and said, “Like the actress who plays Winnie Cooper from Wonder Years!!” We both laughed and then she tried spelling it but then said, “You’ll have to forgive me love I’m from another country…” and when she got it correct she cheered and said she deserved a prize for getting it right 😂.

So then I was up and I mentioned having traveled from Texas and she asked me where about in Texas. I told her Houston and then she said that I should be used to the heat then since it was hot in there. I laughed and said yeah. She asked if it was mostly dry heat and I said that it definitely wasn’t and it was humid a lot of the time. Then she said she’s never been to Texas but that Mehcad keeps telling her to go for a visit. I asked what part and she said Austin so we got to talking about how nice it is out there, especially if you’re an outdoors person, and about 6th street. I said she should definitely consider taking him up on that offer cus she would have a good time. Then she said she was talking too much and laughed so I asked for a selfie with her before saying bye to her. She is such a cool person to talk to about random things and she’s so easy going. Definitely deserves all the good things in the world which makes what happened to her brother such a disgrace :(


Katie’s BTS commentary on her Supergirl scenes.


Supergirl Star On How The Arrowverse Is Like The Avengers

These days, superheroes are everywhere you look. Comics are now just one of dozens of places fans can catch up with larger-than-life icons like Batman. Movie theaters, cable networks, and even video game developers have bought into the industry’s superhero fervor - and some franchises are doing better than others. When it comes to film, no one can mimic Marvel Studios’ touch with its cinematic universe. But, on the small screen, DC TV has its game down with the growing Arrowverse on The CW.

Still, fans of both franchises have noticed there’s more overlap between the titles than some may think. Now, one of the stars of Supergirl is opening up about those similarities and going so far as to compare the Arrowverse to the Avengers.

Recently, Katie McGrath spoke with Cinemablend about her stint on Supergirl as Lena Luthor. It was there the actress said television universes like Arrowverse are leaning more crossovers by the day. So, naturally, the topic of Marvel’s epic Avengers crossover came up.

“It’s what TV is doing now! You would never have thought that we would see such high production values and such action and such amazing stuff on a TV show, you know five, six years ago. It’s where all the exciting stuff is happening. Berlanti Productions and The CW together have created this world that is… it’s almost like the Avengers of TV in a way,” McGrath started.

“It’s this massive, massive story arcs and interconnecting worlds and things that you never would have imagined it six years ago! And they’re kind of at the forefront of doing that. It’s a bit humbling being part of that.”

Many fans have already noticed the similarities between how the Arrowverse operates in comparison to the MCU. The CW keeps its universe going in conjunction with four shows: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. The shows operate in a shared universe, borrowing characters and passing over storylines at will. Every year, the four teams then come together for one intense crossover special, and the action-packed event bring cinematic stunts for fans to enjoy.

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