Have you heard?  There’s a new show on Cartoon Network (and Boomerang) starring the infamous vampire rabbit, Bunnicula!  Its helmed by powerhouse cartoon-smiths Jessica Borutski (The Looney Tunes Show)  and Maxwell Atoms (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy).  I’ve spent the last year at Warner Bros, storyboarding for this amazing show and now it’s FINALLY airing!  So if you’re yearning for creepy-cute hilarity paired with awesomely lush TV animation, check out Bunnicula and remind yourself why you love cartoons.  It’s a jim-dandy!

Capital never resolves its crisis tendencies, it moves them around.

The last thirty years have been crisis after crisis after crisis. And it has been like that all along, and this one is part of this kind of process.

When we understand that, one of the things that immediately comes out is that you have to start to think seriously about an anti-capitalist transition. And if you are not prepared to think about an anti-capitalist transition, you are simply going to go back into crash after crash after crash in which you get fictitious values created that are going to fall apart. That is where we are going to be heading.

Further more, if you look at the class character of this, it has been about greater and greater concentration of economic power, in a smaller and smaller elite. And if you say: can they preserve themselves? The answer is: hell yes they can… unless they are stopped. And that means class struggle. Sorry, but that is where we are at.

—  Prof David Harvey, extract from discussion: “Marx or Keynes or …?