mysteriouslysaltytragedy replied to your photo “kakikaeru: Etch this onto my tombstone. Honey where is this from…”

<Gasp> Kenshin has a ponytail, so this is definitely placed post manga but pre 255. Now I"m officially super excited.

This has got to be from the second spinoff chapter by Watsuki Kaoru, where they announced the new spinoff… and it seems that this is all set AFTER Ch 255, probably even after the Yahiko story spinoff… so like 6/7 years after the main storyline? MAYBE HE GREW IT BACK???


『 Mystic Messenger x Ouran High School Host Club 』

feel free to repost, with credit! (*^o^*)

Me in 2006: man I hope ouran high school host club gets a second season

Me in 2016: man I hope ouran high school host club gets a second season

The signs as Ouran things
  • Aries: Tamaki's daddy kink
  • Taurus: Haruhi falling off the bridge
  • Gemini: Haruhi pre-host makeover
  • Cancer: Renge's obsession with Kyoya
  • Leo: "You can pay me with your body" scene
  • Virgo: Tamaki yelling at Hikaru for leaving Haruhi in a storm
  • Libra: Tamaki's mom
  • Scorpio: Mitskuni's martial arts skills
  • Sagittarius: The twins fight
  • Capricorn: The ending theme.
  • Aquarius: The "which one is Hikaru" game
  • Pisces: the fact there's only one season