Just typed in ‘The Copy Nin’ as ‘The Copyright Nin’.

Hatake Kakashi; Attorney specializing in trade and business law. He’s got over a thousand cases memorized to use as precedent, and he will fucking school you in your own courthouse.

I wanted a keychain of a character I’ve been obsessing over for the past month but they didn’t have much merchandise of the series so I went and bought Shrinky Dinks to make my own keychain. Had some leftover space on the paper so made a Kakashi one too.

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Hiiiiiiii, Please do #7 for Gaara and Kakashi with their significant others. (Seperated not together please, if you are able to of course.)


“Stop looking at me like that, it’s your fault anyway,” you told your boyfriend, Kakashi. He was sitting on the other side of your living room, gazing at you with an expression that you could only describe as forlorn.

The reason behind this was that he desperately wanted to go outside – although, you were sick, and he didn’t want to leave the house without you even for a second. And who had gotten you sick but Kakashi.

“I didn’t mean to get you sick,” he argued, and you could see his pout through his mask.

“You kissed me, and you knew damn well that Guy had gotten you sick. This is every bit your fault,” you set him straight. His only response was a drawn-out groan.

“Stop complaining,” you instructed him. “And make me some more soup.”


You were sitting, curled up in an arm chair in Gaara’s office. He was pretending to look over some paperwork, but you could see him staring over at you every now and again, and you could see the amused look in his eyes.

“Stop looking at me like that, it’s your fault anyway,” you snapped.

“Sorry,” your boyfriend said, although you could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

You let out an exasperated sigh, folding your arms crossly. “It’s not even that funny!”

“You’re right, I apologise, Y/N,” Gaara said, still not sounding sorry in the slightest.

You groaned, covering your face with your hands.

“Y/N, you shaved off your eyebrows! Surely you can see the humour in that,” Gaara said playfully.

“No, as a matter of fact, I can’t. You aren’t even sorry!” you complained to Gaara.

“You are the one who shaved them off, Y/N,” he reasoned.

“Because you convinced me to! If I remember rightly, you said it would be fun and you wanted us to match,” you sneered.

Gaara let out a snicker. “Well then, next time don’t get so drunk,” he told you.

You simply rolled your eyes, hoping you would see the funny side of this soon.

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*screams in excitement about cute idea* So I was watching PetRanch on Youtube and what if Kakashi had a S/O that was a vet and she brought home some sick/abnormal puppies to help nurse back to health and Kakashi just gets all mushy and excited because there are puppies and it's been so long since he's had any, his dogs are all grown up. And maybe he conveniences his S/O to keep one (or all up to you) Bonus cute points if Pakkun get's involved :3 It can be a scenario or headcanon thing. Up to u

honestly my first thought reading this was the garfield movie when odie is adopted


Kakashi Hatake

  • honestly, Kakashi is a little unsure about this because he’s never actually had dogs as pets. they have all been ninken, who are really take care of themselves in most rights. so he’s a little confused at first, to say the least. these puppies run around, whining and barking and tearing things up and he’s just like “can you use your words?”
  • but after a while he starts to like it, feeling them lick at his face in the morning when they want him to wake up and go play, or how excited they get when he comes home from a mission. it’s like having a kid but without the responsibilities of fatherhood. he likes laying on the couch and having them lay on his chest so he can pet them
  • any notion of eventually putting them up for adoption is quashed when you see how sad they all look (including him). they’ve all bonded by this point, he’s sneaking them food under the table, they’re sleeping in the bed–they’re staying. 
  • Pakkun is both confused and intrigued when he is summoned and the first thing he sees is Kakashi sitting with a horde of little puppies licking at his face. however, he is immediately annoyed when the puppies suddenly want to play, nipping at his tail and paws while he keeps trying to shake them off

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I don't know where to find the source about Sakura called as "Strongest Kunoichi in the World" where can I find it?

As far as I’m aware, there isn’t an actual quote for it, but it’s just been explicitly indicated that Sakura did indeed become the world’s strongest kunoichi. Because here’s the thing:

  • We’re told that Tsunade was the strongest kunoichi in the world during her prime:
  • We’re told that Team 7 eventually became the next generation of Sannin, essentially taking the place of their masters:
  • And It was also foreshadowed by Kakashi:
  • Indicated by Hashirama:
  • And implied by Sakura herself:

That she had surpassed her master (just as Naruto and Sasuke had surpassed theirs). She had surpassed Tsunade, who was the strongest kunoichi in the world.

Therefore, literally everything points to Sakura now being the current strongest kunoichi in the world on paper. That’s not to say that it’s impossible for her to lose to another kunoichi; being stronger than your opponent doesn’t guarantee your victory. But the statistics don’t lie.

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Wolf at the door!Kakashi + 9

9. Humiliating memories

Practically any time involving Sakumo, Kakashi, and Obito before the latter two started dating. Any interactions at all. Ever. Definitely including the time Sakumo convinced the rest of the village that, instead of their month-long absence being the mission it actually was, they had actually eloped and broken his heart. 

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Snake in the Grass!Orochimaru 11/13/18

11. Bad or petty habits

Locking himself in his lab or the library when he’s emotional or can’t process what he’s feeling. 

13. What gets them flustered

Sakumo flirting, gentle kisses, Tsunade teasing him. 

18. Things they’ll never admit

Sakumo is absolutely, without a doubt, the center of his universe. Kakashi and Obito are the magnetic poles to keep him anchored, and Sakumo is everyhting else.