Hey everyone, I just wanted to throw a heads up that I will be running mostly on a queue for the next 4 weeks with some mild activity on - I’ll get on to check my messages of course, and I’ll probably be on my twitter a lot more as I freak out about life, but there probably won’t be much new art from me.

The reason being, is I am starting a programming school/bootcamp for 4 weeks and it’s around 10+ hour days, so I may be only doing sketches in my sketchbook on my down time if anything, to relax. I have decided though if I pass this intense trial period and get into the school, I will reward myself with a Cintiq though! So, I have some motivation, and either way in 4 weeks I will be full time trash on here again. Feel free to watch my live mental meltdown on my twitter, though~ <3 


Kaitlyn’s Gonna Donate! Guys, push-ups are hard. I really have to work on my stamina. And my form. Maybe I’ll revisit this later on in this journey?!?! (With better form. Gotta watch those wrists there, Kaitlyn!)

THANKS FOR GETTING ME TO $500! You guys are amazing!!

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anonymous asked:

I am feeling as if it is really important to pass lately (FtM) and I'm looking for masculine haircut for a round face with very feminine features. Any suggestions?

So I have a rounder face, and I recently cut my hair short. I’m not FtM, but i am demigirl (female/agender) and I didn’t want my hair to be feminine anymore, so here are some of the pictures that I showed my hairdresser when I went to get it cut: 

It is a little bit longer, and I know that the people in this picture don’t have very round faces, but I still get a lot of compliments on it, and if you wanted to send me a message on my personal blog, I would love to talk about some more suggestions!


anonymous asked:

If i'm a trans boy can i use female pronouns? (she/her)

You can use whatever pronouns you feel comfortable with. It doesn’t change the fact that you are still a boy.