TLC Ship Weeks Day 5: Ever After

“Let’s not be cruel. One should never save cake for later when it can be eaten now.”

I’ve been working on this for a pretty long time and again went to fix it up last night. It’s the drawing I mentioned here, here, and here

{Reaction} EXO finding you singing to your pregnant belly

Could I have an EXO reaction to walking on their s/o singing to their 9 month pregnant belly?

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used

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Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol: *starts playing the guitar to add some music to your singing* “Ah~ don’t stop jagi, you sounded to beautiful.” 

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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Kyungsoo: “Why are you like this? you’re so cute.” 

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun: *watches you from the doorway, smiling, taking a mental picture and treasuring it for the rest of his life.*

Oh Sehun

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Sehun: “Jagi you’re adorable~” *Teasing as he does aegyo*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Lay: “I bought these flowers for you. Beautiful singing by the way~ oh no! do you think the baby is allergic to flowers?!”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Chen: *harmonizes with you.*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok: “So beautiful~” *Grins and pulls you in as you blush*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao: *Watching - gets suddenly giddy because holy shit he’s going to have a child, and that’s amazing* “Baobei, I’m so happy!”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho: *Gets emotional all of a sudden because after so long you’re so close to finally giving birth to his child and that means a lot to him.* “What, I’m not crying, I have something in my eye.”

Lu Han

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Luhan: *looks back - smiles* “Ah~ I hope baby has a beautiful voice like their talented mummy and daddy.” 

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Kai: “You know all those nursery rhymes already? Looks like I have some catching up to do.” *Getting more and more excited day by day.*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris: *Catches your singing on camera* “Yes, I have something to show our child when they’re older to embarrass her. Well, not really embarrass, not when she looks so cute…”

EXO Reaction when their girlfriend spoils the other members

I would do this tbh xD I would spoil them all, they’re all my babies! Xo, Ara~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“You won’t get out until you spoil me too! Do you prefer being with them? You gave Sehun bubble tea!” *Super jelly boyfriend*


*Spoils them with you* “I’m not… I’m just supervising… yeah… supervising… Do you want more chocolate?”


*Pretends to be jealous but he only enjoys your reaction* “I’m jelly! Give me a kiss too! Hey I said kiss not kick!”


*Jealous panda* “ñiñiñiñi say what you want, she loves me more!”


*Doesn’t mind* “I’m fine.. yes I am. They are my brothers… we are like family… I’m okay. It’s just chicken, she only gave them chicken” *No not really. He’s very jelly*


“Can you believe her!? Just look at her! She treats them like her own brothers! She’s amazing” *He’s actually very proud of his girl*


“Jagi look at me! Why not spoiling your sexy boyfriend too hm?” *He’s a baby I swear*


“You guys… aren’t babies!”


“Let me help you with that jagi! They are our babies!” *Mama Chen*


*Everybody thinks he’s going to kill them but he actually loves the members too much* “My jagi is the nicest of them all! You all should be thankful!”


“You spoil everyone but…who’s going to spoil you? Maybe I can help with that!” *Naughty unicorn*


“Doctor… my girlfriend spoils my members so much I’m afraid they’ll listen to her more than me” *Leader problems xD*

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anonymous asked:

Mayyyy I have some headcanons (sfw, nsfw, or whatever works for you) for Kuroo, Oikawa, and Ushijima handling a s/o who hides her affections/emotions through sass and sarcasm (almost salvage level cause she easily gets embarrassed)?

Yes you mayyy ヾ(。・ω・。)

~ Admin Kay


  • Kuroo loves when you sass him, just because it gives him an outlet to sass back. He’ll often tease you when you’re out in public, just to see you blush.
  • He’s not really a sensitive guy when it comes to being sassed, so when your savagery increases so does his. It’ll get to the point where you guys have a point system for who ended up the Sass Master ™ for the day.
  • Sometimes your sarcasm comes back to bite you in the butt when you really want to show emotion or bring up how you are feeling. It makes you unable to voice your thoughts seriously, but Kuroo is an understanding guy, and he’ll wait until you know what you want to say.
  • (and one nsfw because of the “your sarcasm comes back to bite you in the butt” gave me a great idea) Kuroo likes to be in control during sex, so when you inevitably sass him, he will punish you by spanking you and teasing what you want out of you. He won’t let you come until you are begging for release.


  • Oikawa deals with enough sass through both himself and his team, so he is used to it by now. Coming from you though, it makes him want to hear more. He’ll gladly be insulted if it means witnessing your savagery.
  • Ironically, paired with your sass, you don’t want to really hurt Oikawa, so when he pouts after a particularly biting remark, you immediately apologize. He was only teasing you though, nothing you say can really hurt him.
  • He loves seeing you embarrassed, but he loves seeing you put the team in their place even more. Sometimes he’ll bring you to practice, just to see you tear into their hides for trying to tease Oikawa about you. Even Kyotani knows to be nice to you.


  • Ushijima doesn’t mind when you get sarcastic. After all, he’s dealt with worse personality types *cough* Tendou *cough*. He handles you with all the patience of a saint.
  • That is not to say that he doesn’t get a little frustrated when he tries to be affectionate and talk seriously, but the captain gets what he wants eventually after realizing that your aggressive response to affection was not because something was wrong with him, but that you were too embarrassed.
  • When you’re alone, Ushijima likes to rile you up and embarrass you by being extra fluffy. You wouldn’t expect that from a stoic guy like him, but he honestly thinks your coping mechanisms are adorable, like an angry kitten to a large doberman. He goes along with whatever you say to him, not offended in the slightest.