Pledis has some of the best artists, but I feel like the company is cursed or something. Bad things always happen to them. Nu'est was insanely popular when they debuted and then they flopped, Raina’s solo debut did horribly, Kahi’s solo debut wasn’t that hot either, and despite the fact Orange Caramel is super popular, they haven’t received any awards. Oh, and After School hasn’t won anything since Because of You. I hope Lizzy’s solo debut is successful.

18 Of The Most Unique K-Pop Girl Group Concepts

1. Every After School Comeback Ever

The only way to begin a list like this is to start with After School, the arguable queens of creative concepts. When After School sets their mind on a concept, they go all the way and beyond. We’ve seen them excel countless times over the years, and they’re always raising the bar.

After School practiced playing the drums for months to deliver the instant classic “Bang!” in 2010.

Then, they tap danced into our hearts the very next year with “Let’s Step Up.”

Let’s not forget their 2013 comeback “First Love,” where the girls suffered through tons of bruises and injuries learning how to pole-dance to give us a comeback concept still unrivaled by any other group out there.

6.  “Spot The Difference”

It’s no surprise that an After School subgroup would be just as inventive with their concepts. Orange Caramel brought the classic “spot the difference” game to K-pop when they came back with “My Copycat” in 2014. It even added a “Where’s Waldo?” type of game toward the end, where you can try to find the Orange Caramel members along with comedian Jo Se Ho in huge crowds of people.

9. Orange Caramel as Sushi

Orange Caramel is back on the list, this time for their portrayal of seafood in “Catellena.” Who thought seeing a girl group transform into various types of seafood would be so entertaining?




[kahy-az-muh s] 

1. Rhetoric. a reversal in the order of words in two otherwise parallel phrases, as in “He went to the country, to the town went she.”

Chiasmus stems from the Greek word chiasmós meaning “crossing,” and which in turn is formed on the root chi, the twenty-second letter of the Greek alphabet (X, χ). It entered English in the 1870s.

“One well-known example of chiasmus is Quintillian’s purported phrase “one does not (a) live to (b) eat; one (b) eats to (a) live.” … Other examples are Mae West’s “it’s not the men in my life [that matter], it’s the life in my men.” And then there is President John F. Kennedy’s famous phrase, “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”
- Joyce O. Lowrie, Sightings: Mirrors in Texts – Texts in Mirrors, 2008

I fail to understand why 2NE1 going on as a trio or welcoming a new member seems like such a terrible idea to certain Blackjacks.

Nothing will ever be the same without MInzy, no matter how some other “Blackjacks” , the fake ones, deny it Minzy left a huge space in the group. 2NE1 does not need a replacement, they need a new member, or maybe they don’t.

It’s incredibly selfish to wish that they disband alltogether and never have a comeback without Minzy.

Many big names in the industruy have undergone line-up changes, some groups more than one, and they still delivered awesome material:

-Wonder Girls (4)

  • Yeeun+Sunye+Sunmi+Hyuna+Sohee
  • Yubin+Yeeun+Sunye+Sunmi+Sohee
  • Yubin+Yeeun+Sunye+Sohee+Hyerim
  • Yubin+Yeeun+Sunmi+Hyerim

-KARA (3)

  • Gyuri+Seungyeon+Sunghee+Nicole
  • Gyuri+Seungyeon+Hara+Nicole+Jiyoung
  • Gyuri+Seungyeon+Hara+Youngji

-Girls’ Generation (2)

  • Taeyeon+Jessica+Sunny+Tiffany+Hyoyeon+Yuri+Sooyoung+Yoona+Seohyun
  • Taeyeon+Sunny+Tiffany+Hyoyeon+Yuri+Sooyoung+Yoona+Seohyun

-After School (8)

  • Kahi+Jungah+Soyoung+Jooyeon+Bekah
  • Kahi+Jungah+Soyoung+Jooyeon+Uee+Bekah
  • Kahi+Jungah+Jooyeon+Uee+Raina+Bekah+Nana
  • Kahi+Jungah+Jooyeon+Uee+Raina+Nana
  • Kahi+Jungah+Jooyeon+Uee+Raina+Bekah+Nana+Lizzy
  • Kahi+Jungah+Jooyeon+Uee+Raina+Bekah+Nana+Lizzy+E-Young
  • Kahi+Jungah+Jooyeon+Uee+Raina+Nana+Lizzy+E-Young
  • Jungah+Jooyeon+Uee+Raina+Nana+Lizzy+E-Young+Kaeun

-T-ara (4)

  • Boram+Qri+Soyeon+Eunjung+Hyomin+Jiyeon
  • Boram+Qri+Soyeon+Eunjung+Hyomin+Hwayoung+Jiyeon
  • Boram+Qri+Soyeon+Eunjung+Hyomin+Hwayoung+Jiyeon+Areum
  • Boram+Qri+Soyeon+Eunjung+Hyomin+Jiyeon+Areum

f(x) [2]

  • Victoria+Amber+Luna+Sulli+Krystal
  • Victoria+Amber+Luna+Krystal

What’s so terrible about 2NE1 continuing to slay as a trio, or welcoming a new girl to their fab group which would otherwise rot away in YG’s dungeons, regretting having signed with his shitty company?


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anonymous asked:

It seems like K-pop is largely focused on groups, but if someone wanted to listen to some good female and male solo singers, are there any you would recommend?

BRO, I’m all about the female soloists in K-Pop. They’re my favorite. Not a huge fan of male solos but I do know some. 














NS Yoon-G

Son Dam-Bi








Park Hyo-Shin








anonymous asked:

most wanted older fcs? generally 30+ of any gender!


personally, for females, i’d like to see lee hyori, kim taehee, song hyekyo, kahi, and lee minjung. for males… db5k members (hinthint!), so jisob, lee joongki, and maybe shinhwa members? i’ll let the other admins add their choices later, but what do the other members want?

edit: one of our members left us some suggestions in the inbox! thank you @hmrosealie​!

females: gong hyojin, ha jiwon, song jihyo, yoon eunhye, kim sunah for females. 

males: jung yunho, kim jihoon (rain), daniel henny, julien kang, dongwan, lee dongwook, won bin, hyun bin, kim jaewook, jisung, jo insung.

Ganto naman diba lagi? Puro akala niyo. Akala niyo okay ako kahit hindi. Akala niyo okay sakin kahi hindi. Di nalang kasi ako umiimik dahil wala narin naman akong magagawa, nag-assume na kayong ayos lang sakin eh. So tiring naman this life.