Show me pictures of us
And I’ll tell you the story behind each of those
Never will I skip or pass
Because each moment we shared is worth a prose

You know I like proses so much
That you begin to question why
And you said we aren’t the perfect match
That led to “Sorry and good bye”

What will I do?
Will I keep this love in our photographs?
Or will these pictures be burned and forgotten?
Because I thought your love was never changing but it did; and was rotten

                                     & ———- according to greek mythology ; chaos was the first to come into existence. next, out of chaos, came gaia, tartarus && eros. while later erebus && nyx also popped out.  according to hesoid, chaos was also a place, much like tartarus && the heavens later, beyond with the titans lived.                            used ;; mads mikkelson
                                                                          chaos is also known as haos, khaos && arche.
                                                                                         ———- source

They’re two of the Four Seraphim.

Recently I found, each angels (Yuan, Kratos, Mithos, Yggdrasill, Colette, Zelos) have different-shaped wings