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Exo reaction to you being really needy and submissive


He’d treat you like a princess when you started acting needy. He’d rub your back, hug you tightly and place sweet kisses all over your cheeks and nose. If you needed in in a different way he’d do the same, hands running over your body, lips trailing over you, telling you words that made you feel so special and exactly how you wanted to feel. 

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When you came up to him acting that way he’d smirk at you and pull you to straddle his lap. He’d firmly run his arms up and down your arms, stroke your cheeks and talk to you softly about what it is you wanted. He let you kiss him softly and would return the favor before pulling you in to hold you tightly to his body. 

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His absolute favorite thing would be you acting needy. He loves to spoil you so you wouldn’t have to say much to him to get him to respond to you in the way you needed him to. He’d pick you up, put you down and treat you with so much care as you gave yourself to him to do what ever he wanted to you.

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When you texted him telling him you wanted him to come take care of you he’d tease you about it, pointing out how you couldn’t go more than 6 hours without needing him. But as you complained about him being mean to you his demeanor would change and he would come to you as soon as possible where he’d greet you with a deep and loving kiss. 

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It wouldn’t take more than a second for Jongdae to pull you close and take you to his bedroom. He’d lay you down and whisper quiet but dirty things to you while stroking your body. He’d ask you what it was you wanted from him, chuckling as you whined at him. 

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He’d make you giggle as you pulled and tugged at his shirt for him to go with you to the bedroom. He’d ask you playfully if you wanted him and when you bit your lip and nodded he’d bend down to pick you up, laughing as you hooked your fingers in his hair. 

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He’d look up at you and raise his eyebrows, you whining for him was something he wouldn’t really admit to loving, but none the less loved. He’d put what ever he was reading down and fold his arms waiting for you to tell him to take you and when you finally did he’d smile and stand up, kissing you roughly and pushing his body against your until you were whining for him. 

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You’d make him giggle at your forwardness as you whined and tugged on your hand. He’d blush and cup your cheeks between his hands and although the kiss he went to plant on your lips was supposed to be soft, sweet and short, he wouldn’t be able to contain himself and he’d walk you backwards till he either had you on a surface or up against the wall. 

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Though he’d try to stay cool while you begged for him he’d wouldn’t be able to contain the smile you earned by being so cute. He’d groan loudly, wrap his arms around your neck and whisper in your ear ‘I love how you just can’t get enough of me.’

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