Predictions for Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts

Now since I’ve posted about what I am excited to see in the Rivals AU companion fic I’m going to post about my predictions.

Yurio idolized Yuuri as a child, like how Yuuri idolized Viktor.

Now Yurio has a bit of a broken idol thing going on because how Yuuri appears to treat Viktor. However, he can’t bring himself to completely believe that Yuuri is a bad person

Viktor talks to Yurio about Yuuri because Yurio is the only person receptive to “Yuuri is so amazing”

A few of Viktor’s prior relationships are mentioned but mostly glossed over.

Viktor gets a crush on Yuuri early on (maybe even by the JWC that Yuuri wins), however he doesn’t realize the depth of the feelings until later. (Falling Slowly is kind of a giveaway)

After Viktor realized he was in love he could not bring himself to sleep with anyone else, even though he thought that his love may be forever unrequited.

Their first time, before Yuuri said “I hate you, now fuck me,” Viktor was hopeful that Yuuri returned his feelings.

The first thing that kicked off the “Yuuri is a playboy” rep. is simply the gossip that follows most celebrities. However it got a big boost by Yuuri basically sneaking off all the time, that pole dancing incident, and an incident that Yuuri didn’t think was significant but everyone took the wrong way.

After the second time they had sex (when Yuuri was used Viktor in a horrible way to forget his loss) Viktor was the one looking at fanfiction… not a porn but at the fluffy “they’re so in love.” It didn’t help.

The Katsuki Yuuri hate really pisses Viktor off.

Viktor purposefully takes that picture with Yuuri’s jacket as a way to remember that night.

Viktor didn’t try to seduce Yuuri in chapter 11 because he was worried that either Yuuri would feel pressured or that Yuuri would leave.

After the blowjob in chap 11 he calls Chris and is all like “but the blowjob WHAT DID IT MEAN?!” and Chris is like “this is too much information even for me and that is saying a lot.”

The first time Viktor returns to his apartment after Yuuri leaves he can still smell the borscht and is sad, but happy that he has those memories. Or maybe there is leftover borscht and he eats it, remembering.

Viktor doesn’t bring up when Yuuri goes to the european championships because he is a mixture of hopeful (that Yuuri loves him back) and scared (that Yuuri doesn’t love him back)

Near the end Chris is like “…Yeah, Yuuri might actually have feelings for you.”

In chapter 14 before the happy ending Viktor looks at the pictures he took of Yuuri in Moscow to remember that fleeting happiness.

Yuuri goes to live with Viktor in St. Petersburg, (not sure what would happen with the coaching situation) but they get married in Hasetsu.

Okay that last one was pure wishful thinking; I just want to see Viktor in Hasetsu.

I can’t wait to read and find out. :)

The DrugLord’s Daughter

This is my (Very Late) fic for @teamfreewill-imagine‘s June Writing challenge. 

I chose Police Officer!Sam ~ kind of made him a detective so its a Police!Sam AU

Characters: Sam x Reader, Crowley (Reader’s father), mentions of Dean

Warnings: SMUFF (smut/fluff)… Dom!Sam, Sub!Reader, handcuffs, female receiving oral, teasing

Words: 2876


Thank you to @faith-in-dean for beta-ing, @eyeofdionysus for letting me ramble to her near enough 24/7 and the wonderful folks in the spn fan fic pond Skype chat.

(if you do not want to be tagged let me know - I used my usual tags and @mrswhozeewhatsis ‘ list for the tags)

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Lying on your bed you sighed, your father had just come home from his latest business trip and you were waiting for the inevitable blow up when he found out you were dating a cop, and not just any cop, Sam Winchester. Sam was leading a team trying to solve the murder of a man in your dad’s ‘territory’ and the evidence pointed to it being a case of mistaken identity. As you texted Sam the door to your room was knocked before your father walked in, you locked your phone before jumping to your feet to hug him. His arms held you tight as he kissed your head and smiled down to you.

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for i never saw true beauty til this night  || marin honda, jwc 2017 fs


Characters: Dean x Reader

Summary: Whilst interrogating a demon snide remarks hit a little too close for comfort and Dean is left wondering if you will ever really see him.

Word Count: 1012

This if for @faith-in-dean ‘s June Writing Challenge and this is my very first challenge so hopefully it doesn’t completely suck.  My prompt was the word ‘invisible’.

“You know what I want so why don’t you just save us both time and you a hell of a lot of pain by just telling me.”  Dean glared at the captive demon.  They had been at this dance for a few hours now and it didn’t look like this would be resolved any time soon.  Turning his back on the restrained captive, Winchester strode over to the table which had a myriad of interesting sharp and incredibly painful devices.  Reaching down to pick up a particularly nasty looking blade he paused as he heard the sound of a low chuckle emanate from the creature in the chair.

“Oh I know what you want.” Spitting blood onto the floor the chuckle grew into a near maniacal laugh.  Sighing heavily Dean turned, his face frozen in a mask of indifference. As he approached the chair the demon stopped his laugh abruptly and stared at his captor, a sardonic sneer on his face twisting his features into a gruesome visage.  “I know exactly what, or should I say who you want.”  The tiny flicker of Deans eyebrow raising momentarily was enough of a confirmation for the wretched creature that he had hit a nerve.  “The great Dean Winchester ladies and gentlemen.” Mocked the demon. “spent so much time staying under the radar, trying not to stand out that you have become transparent.  Too much time pretending to be something you’re not that she has no idea who you really are and what you really feel. You’ve been trying for so long to find where your place is and you really think it might be with her? Really?”  The room filled once again with the maniacal laughter as the demon threw his head back.  Dean just stood glaring at him, holding onto the blade so tight his knuckles were turning white.  He knew the creature was just trying to push his buttons, find a weakness to exploit but its words were scarily close to the mark.  Dean was fairly sure you had feelings for Sam, and why wouldn’t she? Sam was the smart one, the sort of guy who could light up a room just by walking in.  There were moments when they were all together that he felt so lonely, like he just faded into the background.  What he wouldn’t give for her to look at him just once like she really saw him.  Raising the knife, he stabbed the monster in the thigh.  Slowly twisting the blade as he pulled it out their eyes met.  Dean shrugged as if this whole exchange just bored him. “Sammy, he’s all yours.” He yelled dropping the knife back down into the table.  

As he walked towards the door to leave the creature whimpered in pain, managing to hiss “I’m right aren’t I?  You’ll always be invisible to her Dean Winchester.”

Walking into the library you were surprised to see Dean slumped at the desk, a half empty bottle of whiskey in one hand and an empty glass in the other. You had thought he was otherwise engaged interrogating your latest guest.  Leaning against the doorframe you watched him, drinking in every last beautiful detail.  His hair was mussed up like he had spent the last few hours running his hand through it repeatedly and the way his eyes crinkled at the corners let her know that he was exhausted.  The muscles in his arm flexed as he poured himself another shot.  As he brought the glass up to his mouth she took in the curve of his lips, the set of his jaw.  The sight of him was simply intoxicating and fighting your feelings for the elder Winchester was becoming more difficult with each passing day.  Without realizing it your feet had carried you over to him and you pulled up a chair. “You planning on hording that or you willing to share?” Raising an eyebrow questioningly you smile warmly at your friend.  He nodded in response, not meeting your eye as he poured another drink and slid the glass towards you.  Your hands touched for a fraction of a second and a shot of electricity flooded through you causing your breath to catch.  The sound caused him to look up and in those beautiful eyes the colour of the ocean in the midst of a storm there was such a sadness it could break your heart.  Holding his gaze you reach out a hand and gently caress his cheek, longing to take away his pain, to make everything better for him.  His eyes closed as he leaned into your touch.  “You know you don’t need to hide things from me.  You can talk to me about anything.” Your voice no more than a thick whisper as you lean in closer to him.  He pulls away and takes a swig of liquor straight from the bottle, putting his barriers back up but you are not about to let this drop.  “Hear me out, there’s so much more to life than what you’re feeling now.  I see you Dean Winchester, you don’t need to carry the weight of the world, let me share it.”

Slowly he placed the bottle down on the table and frowned. “What did you say?”

“That…that you don’t need to…” you began but Dean waved a hand and quickly interrupted shaking his head.

“No, before that.”

Your brow furrows momentarily and then your expression softens as you realise what you had said and you smile.  “I see you Dean.” No sooner were the words out of your mouth than his lips were pressed gently up against yours.  Quickly getting over the initial shock your body responds, your hands reaching up, running your fingers through his hair, pulling him deeper into the kiss.  Finally breaking away from each other, almost gasping for air, your eyes slowly open and you look at the man in front of you as his relaxed smile became a broad grin. In that moment he knew that you see all of him and accept him for everything that he is.  

anonymous asked:

"Please, Shin Amano, give me back some faith for a better world, tomorrow!" He did. Ms. Perfect Jump Technique Polina Tsurskaya got 3 underrotation calls.

Having a great jumping technique (and Polina does have it) doesn’t mean you never do mistakes or you never have a wrong day.

Today Polina had a very bad day and she “earned” her calls (maybe a bit strict on lutz, but imo it was ok to be called UR that one too), and it’s what should always happen: judging what happens on ice and not what could have been.

I haven’t watched all others yet, so I can only hope tech panel was as strict (good!) as they were with her. Sadly Shin Amano was only assistent specialist there, so I fear his voice was not as strong as it could be.

Junior Worlds Day Two

The first medals of the competition were awarded, but first - Ice Dance started.

Russia dominated the top four going into the Free, with Alla Loboda and Pavel Drozd, the reigning Bronze medalists, leading the pack. In second, only .3 behind are Rachel and Michael Parsons of the US, the reigning Silver Medalists and JGP Final Champions. About four points behind are Anastasia Skoptcova and Kiril Aleshin in third, with Anastasia Shpileyeva and Grigory Smirnov .12 behind in fourth place.

Majorie Lajoie and Zachary Lagha of Canada are in fifth place right now, about two and a half points behind. Christina Carriera and Anthony Ponamarenko of the US are in sixth place, only .26 points behind them. .23 points behind them are the reigning Champs, Lorraine McNamara and Quinn Carpenter, who sit in seventh.

About five points behind in eighth are Natacha Lagoue and Corentin Rahier of France. Angelique Abachinka and Louis Tharon of France are about half a point behind in ninth. About a point behind them, rounding out the top ten, are  Nicole Kuzmichova and Alexandr Sinicyn of the Czech Republic.

Next up, the Junior Men’s Champions were crowned!

American Vincent Zhou, the reigning US Silver Medalist, won the title coming back from fifth place to dominate the free and win the title. He becomes the first American to win the title since Joshua Farris did so in 2013. Overnight leader, Dmitri Aliev of Russia, was third in the free and held on for second place and the silver medal. Alexander Samarin of Russia was fourth in the free but still managed to hold on to the bronze medal.

Alexander Petrov of Russia was fifth in the free but held onto fourth place. Cha Jun-hwan of South Korea, who was second after the short, only had the sixth place free and fell to fifth. Meanwhile, in sixth place, reigning Champ Daniel Samohin of Israel redeemed himself having the second-place free and climbing up from sixteenth place. 

Kevin Aymoz of France had the eighth place free and fell to seventh. Alexei Kraznozhon of the US held onto eighth place. Kazuki Tomono of Japan had the seventh place free skate and climbed up from fourteenth to place ninth. Yarsolav Paonit of Ukraine had the ninth best free skate but remained where he was, rounding out the top ten.

Tomorrow, the Junior Ladies start their competition and we have the conclusion of the Junior Pairs competition.

Mark of Cain

Word Count: 1282

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, major character death(s), canon divergence, language

A/N: This one…actually hurt. Sorry. Written for Franzi’s @faith-in-dean June challenge. My prompt was “Pain.”

“It’s called the Mark of Cain for a reason! First, you’d kill Crowley. There’d be some strange mixed feelings on that one, but you’d have your reason, get it done, no remorse. And then you’d kill the angel, Castiel, now that one, that I suspect would hurt something awful. And then! Then would come the murder you’d never survive, the one that would finally turn you into as much of a savage as it did me…”


“No.” I sat bolt upright, covered in cold sweat, throat raw from screaming, both asleep and awake. I stood up, walking to the dungeon door and pounded on it as hard as I could, demanding to be set free. “You can’t just leave me in here! You need me!” It was no use; I was completely alone. Abandoned. They went to stop Metatron without me, knowing it was impossible. I turned to walk back to the bed, stopping when my stomach lurched and I threw up blood, shaking and sweating. I needed to kill. They left me no choice.

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anonymous asked:

Ok. In light of the recent events, are you pro Eteri or do you think (like the majority) that she ruins talented skaters? Everyone is bashing Alina for winning jwc and say that She is overscored in pcs or that the gap between Marin and her should've been bigger while I see that Alina has better jumps, better TRs and better ice coverage. People only find her IN & Choreo (and even costume),Which are totally subjective and represent only a tiiny bit PCS, to criticize her. What do you think?👀🙆

I think Eteri gets a lot of hate for doing well her job :)

I think a lot of people blame her for what happened to Yulia (which is to be a bit blind). I think a lot of people can’t endure her to bring out other top skaters after Yulia.

I think her school can improve in some areas and that she is among the best to teach on how to handle pressure and how to achieve good consistency. Alina’s own trajectory over this year is quite a tale: from being considered second line at the start, to do two GP stages in which she kinda faltered in the FP to put up enough mental strenght not to be bothered anymore by great performance before hers (GPF or WC).

I think her school got a lot of hate from some English speaking “““media”““, but I have rarely seen anyone bothering to analyse what her skaters are doing and where she is winning those competitions.

Personally, instead of hating on her, I’d try to study what she is doing and “stealing” some of her ideas because they are clearly working. And contrary to what is happening on men’s field, what she is doing is to play the system, exploiting the rules there, not being awarded out of things her skaters do not do.

And I think that people who hates on her, will have some funny years ahead with her novice girls coming up. As Alina herself said when asked how it is working in that group, “I watch the younger ones, and when they do something better than what I’m doing, then I try to do it better still”.

Recipe for success.

Junior Worlds Day One

Junior Worlds started today with the Junior Men and Junior Pairs competitions. Here we go:

Reigning JGP Final Champion, Dmitri Aliev of Russia leads just over a point ahead of South Korea’s new phenom and JGP Final Bronze Medalist, Cha Jun-hwan. Just .11 behind is JGP Final Silver Medalist, Alexander Samarin of Russia. Just over a point behind is the third Russian, Alexander Petrov. The title is still anyone’s game.

About two and a half points behind is Reigning US Silver Medalist, Vincent Zhou. About a point and a half behind him in sixth is reigning French National Champion, Kevin Aymoz. Nicolas Nadeau of Canada sits in seventh, only. 04 behind. Alexei Krazanozhon of the US sits in eighth, less than a point behind. 

Roman Sadovsky of Canada sits in ninth, only .23 behind and Yarsolav Panoit of Ukraine rounds out the top ten, about four points behind. It is also worth nothing that reigning champion, Daniel Samohin of Israel, sits in sixteenth after making mistakes on all three of his jumping passes and is out of contention for the podium.

In the Pairs competition,  Aleksandra Boikova and Dmitrii Kozlovskii of Russia, the reigning JGP Final Bronze Medalists, lead with a personal best short. Reigning Chinese Bronze Medalists, Gao Yumeng and Xie Zhong, sit in second after also skating a personal best and are a point and a half behind. Reigning Australian National Champions, Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya and Harley Windsor, sit in third only .13 behind after also skating a personal best.

Alina Ustimkina and Nikita Volodin of Russia sit in fourth about five points behind. About a point and a half behind them are Americans, Chelsea Liu and Brian Johnson. Evelyn Walsh and Trent Michaud of Canada are in sixth about a point and a half behind. Lori-Ann Matte and Thierry Ferland of Canada are in seventh about a point behind.

Amina Atakhanova and Ilia Spiridonov of Russia are in eight, about half a point behind. Kim Su-yeon and Kim Hyungtae of South Korea are in ninth exactly a point behind. Talisa Tomalla and Robert Kunkel of Germany are two points behind and round out the top ten.

That’s it! The Ice Dance competition starts tomorrow, and also the conclusion of the Junior Men’s.

anonymous asked:

I really hate Eteri's factory! All her students does is jump with their arms up and they win. It's alright if they're given high TES, but they don't deserve the GOEs and PCs even if they have those weird af tanos and double tanoa they have. Or maybe it's just judges who doesn't do their jobs well. How can they givw those huge PCs with those empty programs? I'm sorry for ranting, I'm just frustrated that Alina won with her empty af programs in JWC. I wish they put a rule where jumps are divided

Anon, have you listened to TSL again? Because really, do not do that. It’s not healthy.

Look, I’m all but a fan of Alina (or Zhenia, really. Among Eteri’s girl the only one I have ever really liked is Polina and I hope little Sasha will bring out her full potential), but to say her programs are empty is not to understand what she is doing.

Exactly where do you think her GOEs are not earned? Her spins are better than Marin. Her jumps hit the right bullets (and you can hate tano and rippon all you want, they still count as a bullet), and are on par with Marin (Marin has better flow and better running edge, Alina hits more bullets for entry and varied air position).

I think her PCS were a bit high, but not so high her victory can be argued over. Her TR should be higher than Marin (in both programs), Marin should get higher  SS, PE and IN than her. While I vastly prefer Marin’s choreography, ice coverage of Alina’s programs is greater, too.

Junior Worlds - Final Day

Today was the final day for Junior Worlds, and the final medals were awarded.

Ice Dance was first, and Americans Rachel and Michael Parsons came away with the title, coming up from second to win by about half a point. Overnight leaders Alla Loboda and Pavel Drozd of Russia settled for the silver. Christina Carriera and Anthony Ponamarenko of the US had the third-place free skate and came up from sixth to capture the bronze. 

Anastasia Shipleyva and Grigory Smirnov of Russia held onto their fourth place from the short program. Anastasia Skoptcova and Kirill Aleshin of Russia had the fifth-placed free skate and fell from third to fifth. Majorie Lajoie and Zachary Lagha of Canada placed seventh in the free skate and fell to sixth overall. Despite placing sixth in the free skate, reigning Champions Lorraine McNamara and Quinn Carpenter of the US remained in seventh.

Angelique Abachinka and Louis Tharon of France had the eighth-best free skate and climbed one spot to finish in eighth. Nicole Kuzmichova and Alexandr Sinicyn climbed one spot with their free skate to finish in ninth.  Ria Schwendinger and Valentin Wunderlich of Germany had the tenth-best free skate and climbed up from thirteenth to finish tenth.

The ladies ended the competition.

Alina Zagitova of Russia maintained her lead, coming out with the gold in what was a high-level competition. Reigning Champ Marin Honda had a personal best and stayed in second place for the silver. Reigning Japanese Junior Champion, Kaori Sakamoto, kept her third-place spot to come out with the bronze.

Eunsoo Lim of South Korea had a great skate and kept her fourth place finish. Yuna Shiraiwa of Japan stayed in fifth, and Stanislava Konstaninova of Russia and Bradie Tennell of the US also maintained their sixth and seventh-place finishes in the short, respectively. 

Lea Johanna Datisch of Germany had the eighth-best free skate and came up from thirteenth to finish eighth. Yi Christy Leung of Hong Kong had the tenth-best free skate and fell one spot to finish ninth. Polina Tsurkaya of Russia had the ninth-best free skate and pulled up one spot to finish in tenth place.

That’s it! Thanks for reading. :)

anonymous asked:

Watching the JWc, I came to the conclusion that if you are not the european or american top skaters (with a clean performance), you won't get the PCS you deserved XD "what is pcs anyway, let's just go back to the *second score*"

A lot depends on the judges panel. 

This is the panel of yesterday’s ladies SP:

  • Judge No.1 Ms. Daniela CAVELLIISU
  • Judge No.2 Ms. Anastassia MAKAROVAISU
  • Judge No.3 Ms. Lone VILLEFRANCEISU
  • Judge No.4 Ms. Asa NORDBACKISU
  • Judge No.5 Mr. Pekka LESKINENISU
  • Judge No.6 Mr. Neil GARRARDISU
  • Judge No.7 Ms. Veronique VERRUEISU
  • Judge No.8 Ms. Aniela HEBEL-SZMAKISU
  • Judge No.9 Ms. Jana BAUDYSOVA

Add to that that usually na and european judges are more “yolo, gotta make my country great again” than Japanese or Korean judges for example and you get that mess of pcs scores. It’s true that even with a different panel some ladies would have been held up more than others anyway, but yesterday’s pcs were pretty O.O 

Imo, Polina (when she skates clean, that’s it) is the only one who can receive pcs as high as Marin. Zagitova should be 1.5/2 points below Marin (she would still be leading imo, but by 0.5 points, no more), Yuna S. should be higher, Konstantinova should be lower than 28 lol 

If you give Zagitova a low 29 Marin should be something in between 30.5/31: the difference in terms of SS, CO, IN and PE is astounding. Zagitova should get higher TR and that’s it. And the others should have higher marks too. If Marin gets 29.7 then Zagitova’s pcs shouldn’t be much higher than Eunsoo Lim.