I’m tired of pretending things are fine, but once more I have to keep faking it because I have nowhere to go. I am so sick of holding it inside telling myself it doesn’t kill me when it does, you don’t know how much this hurts. I want to get away from you so bad but no matter how hard I try I’m still stuck with you. There’s no way out and wishing that there is doesn’t solve anything only makes me more furious how the hope I have doesn’t come. I’m just proving you right how i still need you when i don’t! I’m ready to be on my own but how can I if you’re always there making it hard for me to leave. I don’t need you to feel sorry for me I just want you to understand! Is that too much to ask for? Why can’t you just try to see my perspective towards things, you don’t have to agree with me. If you try then things will probably work it’s way out but how can it if you don’t.

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january 28th


  • January - do you rather warm or cold weather? warm i can dress like a thot and i can wear big sweaters n stuff
  • 28 - do you think mcr will come back? lmfao idek when they broke up but i think they would have been came back if they was actually gon do it

I hate my father. 

He’s been a good dad, he cared for my sister and I, He kept food on the table and kept clothes on our backs. 

i hate that he was too busy working when we were kids to do anything other than discipline us. I hate that now that he’s gotten hurt, he has all this time to try to spend with us, but neither of us want him around. I hate that he still thinks we like to go and do shit that we liked when we were eight and six, and he tries to bond with us in ways we can’t respond to anymore.

I hate that after he’s missed so much in our lives, he thinks he can step back in and be a Dad, Not realizing that he can’t just spend so much time watching through a window and expect the scene to look exactly the same on the other side of the wall.

i needa be patient and give things time omg i keep complaining about feeling lonely but ive been praying every night to make contact w people who can help me progress and for better friends and i justr realized today that the beginning of that is prbably being cut off from the people i usually hang out with. but i know this is just my prayers being answered, im going thru a cleansing and a lot of new & good will start coming into my life soon


Moments like this make it a thrill to be alive. @Downtown LA Loft Studios (Mikal Baker)
Musical talents in the building, Lyssen in here blessing the track with her vibes, poems and words. #noMic #nextTime #fasho

Mikal Baker of KOLM on the drums, Jose Freitas of AFTER on the keys, Nu arrival Gabriel Marin on the guitar. My husband Denim Dan, on the hand drum, and catching some video archives. Chitown fam-o chillin on the couch, Andre, Lady V and Travis (man of many talents and husband to Lyssen), Gary Vail gonna be popping in for a song as well. — it was a room of love and music. I’d cry, but I’m headed to work so….. see ya this Saturday, July 25th! Come one, come all!
Guitar Merchant, 7503 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Canoga Park, Ca, 9pm.
#GuitarMerchant #July25 #10Donation #RukiyaAshanti #JustR.A.W #Lyssen #MikalBaker #JoseFreitas #DenimDan #GabrielMarin #GaryVail #GoodTimes #DatTheraphy #music #thankyou #excitement #debutalbum #lifeinmotion #Lovethislife #OneGloriousStepAtATime (at Guitar Merchant)