the best parts of mockingjay
  • the hanging tree was powerful as fuck
  • effie and haymitch flirting
  • buttercup 
  • finnick and annie hugging and kissing like bury me with them
  • hijacked peeta which is so not okay but at the same time was so perfeclty portrayed like a++ josh hutcherson and makeup artists
  • jennifer’s flawless acting like can i get a hell yeah

Oculus’ friend. I am garbage.
He might be making few cameos, just to have some interactions to Ocu. (without having to ‘borrow’ anyone else’s dudes haha)
Hurp….yea, there are other awesome three-eyed ASE’s around, I just really wanted him to have that eye ;u; (though mostly it’s kept shut but pfff still it has meaning)

I am Chinese and I am so pissed that Suzy dont even try to learn Chinese. Min at least tries and you can see that she gets better year by cear but suzy just stick with her korean and dont even care. its just arrogant. she may be busy but if you are in a chinese band you shall at least try it! all exo members speak chinese as well but she justr refuse to learn it. just arrogant this girls. I cant stand her.