*jumps on a late bandwagon*

Made me feel as if I’d been asleep for a year, slumbering inside a glass coffin, and he had just shattered through it and shaken me to consciousness. - ACOMAF Chapter 42. 

I’m going to assume I’m jumping on the bandwagon very late and that someone has already pointed this feyrhys quote out with regards to the Snow White story that’s going to be woven into ACOWAR but on the off-chance no-one has…

Dating GD would include:
  • dumb hair jokes all the time
  • “Who wears the pants in the relationship?”
  • “Depends on the outfit.”
  • asking Taeyang for help when shopping for GD because oh my god what would he want do i even have enough money for that shirt
  • Dealing with ‘holy shit everyone loves me hahahahah royalties’ GD 
  • and ‘hey can you just hold me for an hour and a half’ GD 
  • and ‘wow don’t you just love the color of the sky? I’m deep and need constant creative energy, GD
  • and ‘I’m my own problematic fav’ GD
  • “Honey I’m home!”
  • “Is that another fur coat omg it’s so pretty. Thank you, babe.”
  • “I know. It really compliments my eyes, right? Channel is so nice.”

Sorry I’m late at jumping into the Pocky day bandwagon but here it is!!! Happy Pocky Day, 11 Nov 2016!

Viktor doesn’t know about the tradition but our sinnamon roll trick him into doing it hahahah! He’s going in for the kiss!! Sorry I don’t know how to background lolol!