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[A while back I read a confession about the writers wanting to make Garak gay. On this rewatch I can’t help but notice that Sid and Andrew both played it kind of gay when Bashir and Garak meet. I mean, Bashir is so nervous and Garak is so smooth. Then Bashir bats away flowers and offers the man tea. It’s kind of adorable. I feel like they missed a cute love story here. The actors were clearly on board. Plus Bashir didn’t have to quit flirting with Dax. Sexuality could just be open in the future.]
A Burn for a Bearded Man

Anthologia Palatina 11.368 = Julian Antecessor (6th cent. CE)

Quite a harvest you’ve got on your shaggy face-
You should cut it with sickles, not with scissors!

 Ἀμητὸς πολύς ἐστι τεὴν κατὰ δάσκιον ὄψιν·
    τῷ σε χρὴ δρεπάνοισι καὶ οὐ ψαλίδεσσι καρῆναι.

Portrait of the Postman Joseph Roulin, Vincent van Gogh, 1888

anonymous asked:

Hi Nikki, i was wondering how tall are TINF gang members? And, can you share additional information, they're so cute and amazing. I love to know lil tidbits that probably isn't really evident in the comic. ILY

Hi anon! :D

Julian: 5′3″ (160 cm)

Isaiah: 5′8″ (173 cm)

Landon: 6′1″ (185 cm)

Selby: 5′3″ (160 cm)

And, sure! I’ve actually got a lot of “useless background info” at the bottom of my FAQ (edit: for mobile users bc tumblr mobile is 💩 + one two three four five) but I’ll give you a tiny bit more (HOW MUCH DO I HAVE????? LOL my goodness):

  • regarding their heights, all of them except Julian are still growing (SORRY JULIAN…)
  • Isaiah will end up at 5′9″ (175 cm), Landon will end up at 6′3″ (191 cm), and Selby will end up at 5′5″ (165 cm)
  • other than Selby, none of them end up doing what they think/want to do career-wise (Julian doesn’t become a vet, Isaiah doesn’t become a pro baseball player, and Landon doesn’t… ? ? ??? he has no goals atm LOL)
  • sometimes Julian practices jokes in his head, but he hasn’t had the confidence yet to say any of them out loud (he’s not funny)
  • Julian likes to doodle in his spare time. He especially likes drawing fanart of the blue cat character he likes a lot (its name is My Friend, Baby)
  • Isaiah likes to take bubble baths but he never gets to because too many people are using the bathroom in his house. You can bet he brings a bath bomb whenever he stays in a hotel (OR AT JULIAN’S HOUSE LOLOL), though
  • Isaiah started out just listening to his horoscope/zodiac stuff when his gf would read his to him but now he looks them up himself
  • Landon’s been doing all the yard work for the Drees family since he was a kid (mowing the lawn, raking leaves, shovelling snow). He usually just goes ahead and does their yard after he’s done with his
  • Landon is really good at gardening (he likes to eat flowers)
  • Selby wears contacts. No one has ever seen her in glasses except her family, though
  • Selby believes in aliens

I hope that’s good for you anon :D thanks so much!!! TTvTT))) XOXO ♥

anonymous asked:

I have a feeling if/when juls and Landon get together and start dating, Landon's will basically be attached to juls at the hip lol at the very least 24/7 hand holding. Juls would probably be a little self conscious about all the PDA but he secretly loves it :)

I’ve had this in my inbox for a while because I didn’t know how to respond……. do I just admit to it!??! I GUESS!!! THIS IS THE MOST REAL THING I’VE EVER READ you’re right, anon…….. Landon is the clingy/PDA type and Julian, although he’s shy, likes to be #1 LOLOL sighs, yap… 😂