as for 11:59pm on may 22nd kst “odd” has sold a total of 49,700 physical copies since it’s release four days ago (may 18th kst). the number of physical copies sold on may 22nd alone, according to the hanteo chart, was roughly 10,400. (source: hanteo / juju_home)

anonymous asked:

Are there any good tattoo artists out there who do *not* have culturally appropriated Aboriginal headdress and/or overly-sexualized aboriginal women designs in their portfolios? I keep finding great artists and then I see one or more of these among their artwork and I'm just "Ugh...", especially if they seem to think it's badass or cute. -_-

You’re not wrong. It can be hard to find people whose portfolios don’t include that– especially since a lot of artists just do what their client asks without much discussion, and the sexualized-native-american-lady is pretty common in American Traditional tattoos. 

Maybe the readers of this blog can help make a sea change. We’ll definitely do our best to spread the idea that it’s objectifying and racist to design and ink those tattoos. 

another korrasami wedding piece, but for entirely personal reasons!

juju-bae and I are going to cosplay wedding Korrasami at our next convention - me as Korra, her as the lovely Asami - and we made our own concepts of what it might look like (with our budget in mind). I just wanted to illustrate it. I’m happy with how it turned out in a couple of hours. <: