About Juliet's Bindi....

I know the conversation surrounding Juliet’s wearing of the bindi has been a touchy subject for a lot of people, but in light of her recent tweet I just wanted to offer my two cents. Before I begin, I want to point out that those who claim that non-Indians who wear the bindi are taking part of cultural appropriation shouldn’t be harassed or blamed or anything just because Juliet found an article defending its use.

However, I do want to say that as someone who is South Asian and is a part of a culture that wears bindis often, I haven’t ever found Juliet–or other non-Asian girls–wearing a bindi to be offensive to me. What I do have an issue with, however, is the reason those who think it’s cultural appropriation use. I am Muslim. I am Bengali. I am neither Indian nor Hindu–but in my culture and country, wearing a bindi is extremely common. We wear them during weddings, outings, special events… anything fancy, really. It’s normal for us and if I were to wear my traditional clothes and put on a bindi no one would bat an eye at me.

Why? Because it looks normal on me.

But then, I’m not Hindu! Me wearing a bindi is cultural appropriation too, right? This is where I feel like the line blurs to the point where it seems a bit hypocritical–but perhaps that’s just my opinion. The reason I say this is because if you were to really talk to other South Asians, they would barley be able to tell you the real significance. People of all religious backgrounds in South Asia–may they be from Pakistan, India, or Bangladesh (like me)–wear decorative bindis simply as a fashion ornament.

Now, there IS a type of bindi that holds religious meaning–but form what I’ve seen, these types of bindis are not used at all outside of the Hindu religion. And Juliet definitely doesn’t, either. The bindi I’m talking about is the simple red dot, as well as the red marking that recedes into the hairline. We’re these types of bindis to be used by non-Hindus, I could defend the claim of cultural approbation.

But since the bindis Juliet (and others) wear in question aren’t of this variety, I believe it’s safe to say that said bindis are actually… decorative. And if they are decorative, it seems as if the religious background of those who wear them are irrelevant. Once again, leading back to my main point that there is no need to attack Juliet and others who wear fashion-related bindis for cultural appropriation.

This is simply my opinion and you’re free to disagree–in fact, I would love to talk to you about it! But I just wanted to offer what I had to say.

exo-is-life-and-love asked:

Hello you! I'm sorry to bother you, but I've been looking for this gif of Sehun, and I thought you might know which one I mean and possibly have it.... Its Sehun (duh) and he's walking on stage. He's making a VERY weird face expression. He's like offended but also laughing. I think it's kind of pink lighting .... Lol, it's harder than I thought. It's pretty new!! From 2015 for sure.

So I had to consult Juju because I suck at this…she presented this. 

Selected Sentiments Vol.13

Another brilliantly crafted my from Max, I highly recommend having a quick listen to the first track by Thundercat, I assure you it will brighten your day no matter what mood you may be in.

Thundercat - Them Changes
pattyperk - gothic sway
Jai Wolf - Indian Summer
Mumbi - Probably For Lovers [Excerpt]
JuJu Rogers - Dreams ft. Oddisee
Flip-D - Amber
Snubluck - Altar (Pacific Patterns Remix)
Vada - Inside (Prod R.O.M.)
Howard Johnson - So Fine
BUOY - Don’t Want To See You
ETHEREAL - Bump ft. Lord Narf
Grouper - Living Room
Deers - Between Cans
Joey Dosik - Game Winner
Hockey Dad - Can’t Have Them

Rules: once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person that tagged you. I was tagged by halechka

What was your:
Last drink: tea
Last phone call: My dad
Last text message: group text to - Emo and chavs go to roxys whore house ( yep that’s the group name(I’m the Emo))
Last song you listened to: all the small things - Blink 182
Last time you cried: when the school found my razor blade & found out I cut

Have you ever:
Dated someone twice: Yes
Been cheated on: Possibly
Kissed someone and regretted it: yes Been depressed: yes
Been drunk and thrown up: No

List 3 favorite colors: black, red & electric blue

In the last year have you:
Made new friends: Yes
Fallen out of love: yep
Laughed until you cried: Yep
Met someone who changed you: No Found out who your true friends are: Yes Found out someone was talking about you: no
Kissed anyone on your fb list: No

How many people on your fb friends do you know irl: Most of them
Do you have any pets: The penisauras
Do you want to change your name: No What did you do for your last birthday party: I went to adventure island(it’s a theme park in Southend) with the other founders of the penisauras cult
what time did you wake up today?: 7:30 am
What were you doing at midnight last night: band merch shopping
Name something you CANNOT wait for: going to adventure island for my best friends birthday
Last time you saw your mother: 2 hours ago
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I was rich & I could sing
What are you listening to rn: Kiss the ring - My Chemical Romance
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yep
What’s getting on your nerves rn: One side of my face is numb because I’ve just got three fillings
Blood type: idk
nicknames: Emo, J
Relationship status: Single
Zodiac sign: Libra
Pronouns: her, she
Favorite tv show: Adventure Time
High school: DONE
College: Ceevic
Hair color: black
Long or short: long
Height: idk
Do you have a crush on someone: no What do you like about yourself: that I never get fat no matter how much I eat Tattoos: nope
Righty or lefty: Righty

First surgery: I had to have my lung fixed when I was a newborn baby because my lung collapsed
First piercing: Ears First
best friend: Rhys and Marley
First sport you joined: Horizontal running ( I don’t sport)
First vacation: Isle of Wight
First pair of trainers (sneakers): Converse

Eating: biscuits
Drinking: tea
I’m about to: Read manga
Listening to: last of the American girls - Green Day

Waiting for: senpai to notice me
Want kids: Maybe
Get married: Maybe
Career: teacher for disabled children, nanny( hopefully in America ( I really wanna go there( mainly for hot topic)), rock star (playing bass guitar In a band)

Which is better:
Lips or eyes: Eyes
Hugs or kisses: Hugs
Shorter or taller: Taller
Older or younger: Idk
Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous Nose, stomach or nice arms: Idk

Have you ever:
Kissed a stranger: No
drank hard liquor: No
Lost glasses/contacts: YES
Sex on first date: no
Broke someone’s heart: Probably
Been arrested: Nope
Turned someone down: Yeah
Cried when someone died: Nope
Fallen for a friend: Yep

Do you believe:
In yourself: Yes
Miracles: No
Love at first sight: No
Heaven: Nope
Santa: No
Kiss on first date: Nope
Angels: Nope

(I know the songs keep changing. This took a while to do & my iPods on shuffle)

i-hate-mosquitoes juju-like-the-candy mentalschizophoria musicismyescapetoneverland xaskingalexandriasbitchx iamnomadic lordbiscuitnantais letskissandtellanawfultruth gingeractress darkkmindddd phaniscuteaf letssintonight not-dil-howlters-bitch lauralikes-stuff phantical addictingdreams astudyinfic glitterypenguin23 kinglou182 gaia-tootiredtosleep phanlines pegacornsareawesome blueshoesandtutus gaydartradgedies scottishvortex

cronus can do bad all by himself

i’m seeing someone argue that cronus is somehow being controlled by lord english, and this is an explanation for some of his behavior.

i went through pretty much every single one of his openbound pesterlogs here, here, and here, and captured his ministrife interaction here.

he has never once interacted with lord english or lil cal. aranea’s references to a dark lord putting his soul in several pieces is first of all a blatant harry potter reference, but second of all refers to the juju present in openbound, not to lil cal or lord english proper. caps under the cut.

cronus is a canon manipulator and has canonically verbally abused a young man with a traumatic brain injury, with threats of violence and hints of sexual assault. unlike bro or gamzee, two other canon abusers, cronus has never been affiliated with lord english. bro and gamzee have mitigating circumstances. cronus has no such thing. he can do bad all by himself.

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Honestly it really bothers me that people say your cat can’t love you like a dog. Every morning my cat wants to lay on my shoulders. Give me kisses and when she got pregnant she wouldn’t sit by herself when she started contracting. she needed her mama. You’re cats act the way they are because of how you raised them.

150705 - SMTOWN in Tokyo

At the ending,Onew and taemin were going to every corner of stage waving to fans, and they backhugged each other :).

cr: juju_home

During encore onew and taemin strolled down extended stage aisle together.

cr: cosmicsticks  

Deeply impressed during hope, Taemin and Onew walked in every corner of stage politely as long as they can.

cr: invincible_taem

I’ve been having scary symptoms of something for the last week now and I am thinking about getting to the doctor asap to see what’s going on. Only thing is, I am scared out of my mind. Please give me good juju things are okay. <3

Nepeta is the Rogue of Heart– the taker of souls. She can remove the Beta Kid’s souls from the Juju.

Also, Alt Calliope + Nepetasprite + the other half of Gamzee = The antithesis of LE.