So waifujuju and I were discussing things when I was pretty high off no sleep and this AU came about ovo

Known as the Little Clouds!AU; this AU is like almost completely crack so please don’t expect too much sense. It’s all for fun!

A single light flickered, dark eyes squinting almost imperceptibly and then widening. It was not often that this scientist would admit that he messed up, but he messed up. He swept all on his table into a bag that had been lying around his work station. Probably left by one of those new interns that had started a few days ago, he mused. He would see them fired and gone from his sight within the morrow. Chucking the bag and its contents into the garbage chute, he clapped his hands to rid them of those silly blond molecules that surely must have been stuck on them. Tonight was a good night.

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Happy Birthday, Siouxsie Sioux!

juju-bae​ said:

 Do you think there should be a day specifically for POC LGBTQA+? Like they can post for their specific day, bi, ace, etc, trans, etc. and also for that day? Kinda like I could do the day for bisexual/biromantic and if there’s a non-binary day(I don’t remember if there is one) I was just wondering what you thought, I don’t know enough about it to have an opinion) 

Idk, it’d actually be really nice! A Queer POC visibility day would be lovely because they are marginalized and oppressed more than non-poc queer people. and according to the media, they don’t exist.

Like, I feel like LGBTQA selfie month should be a thing anyways because it brings attention to how many of us are out there. And everyone should get the attention they deserve. (For example, maybe instead of bisexual/biromantic selfie day it could be called “bisexual/biromantic visibility day” tbh because bisexuals, asexuals, nb people and others are marginalized in the queer community too.)

My #1 worry with this is that ppl will be like “Lesbians!Gays! uhhh…bicentenial? transformer?” about it but i can’t help that. I also think queer poc might be less recognized. it’s all very very muddled but I still don’t think LGBTQA selfie month is anti black, it depends on the people doing the reblogging. i just hope ppl won’t be disrespectful is all

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What things can appear in dream bubbles? Is it strictly memories?

Memories, and anything in the furthest ring that passes through them such as the Meteor or Caliborn’s juju

Ontem foi o lançamento da exposição “De tirar o fôlego ” . 🐬🐳🐋🐠🐟💦Ensaio fotográfico FODA que a Juju @juulianapaiva e o Rod @simasrodrigo fizeram, aos olhos do incrível fotógrafo Neto Fernandez. A exposição está no bistrô #Paris6 vale a pena conferir! Foi ótimo ir e encontrar esse povo todo que eu tanto gosxxxxxto @guidellorto @ycarotavares @camillamolica @talitatilieri acompanhada de meu amor @lucastiburcio ❤️ Parabéns a toda equipe envolvida no lindo trabalho! #dupladinamica #RodeJu #InstaSize #JéssicaEllen by ellen.jessica

Thinking 'bout that clown again...

These are just random ramblings because I’m still unsure exactly to what extent Lil Cal has brainwashed/mind controlled/manipulated Gamzee

I’m open to various interpretations, tbh. It’s hard to be entirely sure what’s going on with Gamzee. But Gamzee has developed a lot of qualities, characteristics and mannerisms that Bro had, who also was with Lil Cal for a long time. I think it must be something to do with the Juju, specifically. The lollipop juju turns people into tricksters– lowering their morals, like a drug, and making them act childishly. This fits the theme of a lollipop. Lollipops are made entirely of sugar, a very common drug, and are related to children/immaturity

I think Lil Cal, being a puppet, has a means of turning people into puppets. After all, neither Bro nor Gamzee talk much when they’re around Lil Cal. They exist to move Lil Cal around, like shadow puppeteers (like the people who wear all black to blend into the background when doing puppet shows), via flashstepping. But as seen with Jack, Lil Cal can transfer rage and Lord English like powers into those who look into its eyes, as well

And it was stated once that Lord English has eyes and ears everywhere. It’s possible that Lil Cal is just implanting little Lord English’s into the minds of Jack, Gamzee (and that one frog Bec destroyed), to be his puppets. Maybe since AR is a part of Lord English, he can “reprogram” and “replicate” Lord English’s brain into other people’s brains?

And in that vein, it’s possible Karkat was able to calm Gamzee because of his hero of blood powers, whatever those are. Or maybe just because Lord English hates healing hugs which eased the rage

It’s all very hazy, but I personally believe that whatever is going on, Gamzee has very little (if any) free will in the matter. Although that’s likely just wishful thinking. And I don’t know if he’s even fully conscious of what he’s doing, altho Jane’s quote made me start to wonder that maybe he is (she said something like “i can’t imagine the horror of killing your friends and not being able to stop yourself” or something close to it)

But we won’t know anything until Gamzee starts speaking again… Anyone else have any theories?

Next Time on Fake Super Natural Bullshit White People Make Up for Loops on Vine

if u say voodoo mama juju into your closet 3 times with the lights out a shrunken head will appear and smack ya dumbass upside the head

A work-in-progress generates its own energy field. You, the artist or entrepreneur, are pouring love into the work; you are suffusing it with passion and intention and hope. This is serious juju. The universe responds to this. It has no choice. 🌱Details of current drawing, taken with my phone. 


A minor thought..
  • So with the recent homestuck upd8's exploring hpw dreambubble ghosts and souls are capable of... theres one thing that has not been explored.. Possession.. yes there has been ghosts possessing robots so far but theres a common trope in fantasy and horror stories where an actual living person is posessed..
  • Now I think about it im surprised this has not already been explored in Homestuck especially since there has already been Mind control(Jade),computer mind hacking (Jane) and soul Infusion (Jujus) yet ghost possession has still not been explored.. Which brings us to the current upd8.. People have already theorised this could be the dream bubble of Araneas Echidna meaning it could imply that she is somewhere nearby..
  • Now most of us think that people that see dream bubbles in there dreams are almost completely invunerable which is very dull for a storyteller like Hussie so we must now ask... What would be the worst thing to happen to Jade while shes asleep. My theroy is that Aranea could possess Jades dream self and then wake up in the Alpha session controlling jades body!.. Though to be honest anything could happen to Jade and Callie at this rate..
White Wedding (Rujubee)

Hurt/Comfort, Angst

David woke early to his phone ringing incessantly. He turned over in bed with a groan. What fresh hell? His head pounded, fueled by annoyance and last night’s partying. He sat up blearily and grabbed for his phone. David’s heart sped when he saw the messages; 12 missed calls from Juju, his Airline. “Fuck,” he muttered looking at the times for the calls, from 4 am to 7 am (7-10 Airline’s time). Sometimes it ached that his best friend lived so far away but it stung especially hard when something went wrong in either of their lives. The phone rang again and David quickly unlocked the screen to answer. His voice cracked tiredly as he spoke. “Hey Juju, what’s wrong?” He knew that only a 10 on the crisis meter would make him call so much and so early.

“David,” Airline’s voice choked through the other line. “He left—“ he managed through another light sob. David didn’t mention the tears. He knew the boy was trying to keep a brave façade. He let out a short hum to show he was listening. The only way to handle Airline’s emotional moments was to patiently listen, something David was luckily quite good at. That was probably why they stayed on the same wave length, so close emotionally despite so much distance. “I proposed to him and he left,” Airline said in a steadier voice after a long moment of muffled tears.

David felt a pull in his stomach. Love strikes again, he thought bitterly. He hid inside himself specifically to avoid these moments of weakness. He sighed deeply trying to think of what to say. Airline of course knew how David felt about marriage, shit the whole country did. “Hm… that’s a dick move,” David replied angrily. Airline had been with his boyfriend for 9 years, certainly long enough that a proposal shouldn’t be a surprise. “What did he fucking say?” David asked, his voice growing sharp as his chest bubbled with anger he was trying desperately to hide. Getting angry won’t help him even if this just proves you right, he reminded himself.

Airline sniffled a few times through the phone and David heard some rustling, like tissue against the phone speaker. “He just said he had been feeling—“ Airline paused and sighed deeply. “He said he wasn’t feeling like he did before,” he said quickly before another strangled sob broke out. “He said he didn’t love me anymore.”

David felt his heart burning like an angry flame. It sped so incessantly that he couldn’t help himself. “Fuck ‘em!” He spat acidly. “Fuck that fucking asshole!” He swallowed his anger quickly, feeling a bit less like a fire doused in fuel. “You’re the best boyfriend there could ever be,” he assured the boy genuinely and warmly. “You’re the best friend ever too,” he added with a soft edge to his voice. He felt his thoughts speed. Even though David had no problem finding guys and had been in several good relationships, he occasionally found himself thinking about what it would be like if he and Airline lived closer, if they had ever both been single. Not helping. He turned his attention back to his friend. “Well did you at least throw his penis pump out the door after him?” David teased, hoping to break the tension.

Airline laughed on the other end, a watery laugh but a laugh none the less. “You know it!” He exclaimed with his voice crackling. A long pause made David’s heart speed in his chest. He felt a beat behind and usually he knew exactly what was on Airline’s mind. A break up was new territory and David felt a bit unsure how to respond. When Airline spoke again, he spoke so quietly that David wasn’t even sure what he was saying for a moment. “I just thought we would be together forever,” he whispered.

David usually would’ve felt the need to go on a rant about how forever was for fairytales and propaganda for the marriage industry. Instead, his heart clenched in his chest and he felt tears coming to his own eyes. “Well, maybe you weren’t meant to be together forever,” he responded, surprised at the words coming out of his own mouth. He hadn’t felt this heavy for someone else in a long time. He told himself that it was just the memories of his mom crying onto his shoulder after his father left that made his throat swell with the effort not to cry. Deep down he knew it was because Airline deserved better.

David’s words fell on deaf ears and a fresh set of sobs started up. “H-he said that he wasn’t attracted to me anymore,” He cried. What an asshole! How unnecessary! “I just wanted it to be perfect and beautiful. I even had my dress picked out.”

David couldn’t fathom the way that emotions worked. They changed so quickly. Some days he wanted nothing more than to be at his mom’s side and other days she annoyed the piss out of him. His past relationships had always begun in fire and ended with walls separating him from his partner. The only person he never felt that distance from was Airline. He felt a single tear poetically roll down his cheek. How cheesy. “Girl, you will have it! I promise! If I have to rope in your man myself, I will make sure you get your dream wedding,” He soothed. “Besides, you’re so fishy all the boys will want you. Don’t let one asshole’s opinion bring you down!” David tried to sound positive but inside he felt dragged down.

Airline gasped unevenly and swallowed so loudly he could hear it through the phone. “Yeah right, I’m just a short chubby Asian,” he mumbled through his tears. “I wasted all this time. All the good ones are taken,” he insisted, his negativity radiating through the phone. It was role reversal at its finest with David acting as the shiny happy person, or at least as much as he could be.

David felt a flash of irritation and his cheeks flushed. “You are beautiful and an amazingly sweet person,” he repeated trying desperately not to sharpen his voice. You’re not mad at him, just the situation.He swallowed and took a deep breath to calm himself before speaking again. “Not all the good ones are taken,” He began slowly. “What about me?” He asked. Each word came out as though it was its own sentence. Each word held out log enough to make David regret them.

The long silence resumed on the other side of the phone. It lasted so long that David even looked at his phone to make sure they hadn’t gotten disconnected. “You?” was all that the other boy said.

David sighed heavily. He knew that he hadn’t said the right thing. Way to take over someone else’s pain again, he scolded himself. This isn’t about you and your loneliness. David would never admit that he did imagine a white wedding, a full house of friends and family, and a handsome man on his arm. David felt himself struggle for words. He could take it back. He could easily retreat inside himself, ice out his best friend and keep his secret. Instead, he gave in to the impulsive statement. “Yeah…”

David worried that Airline was laughing at him for the statement. He had to admit it was ironic but why wouldn’t he give everything he could for his friend? “But you don’t even want to, or believe. What about your mom?” He stuttered posing all the questions that ran through David’s own mind.

 “Well Airline, for you I would make an exception,” He said. He tried to brush it off, speaking airily and dramatically.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better,” Airline returned quickly. David couldn’t quite read his tone and he wished he could see his friend’s face.

“I would NEVER!” He huffed, keeping up his light attitude. He sat there for a minute fiddling with his piercings with his tongue, like his mouth was a cage he needed to keep closed. There you go again, shutting out the people you love. He felt his eyes welling up with tears again and this time he couldn’t blame it on his mom or Airline’s own sobs. He felt his breath catch in his throat and he let out a gasp meant to be words. “Airline, you know you’re the most important in my life beside my mother. You’ll never lose me,” he promised throwing around the words he hoped would never pass through his lips. “I would marry you.”  

Ontem foi o lançamento da exposição “De tirar o fôlego ” . 🐬🐳🐋🐠🐟💦Ensaio fotográfico FODA que a Juju @juulianapaiva e o Rod @simasrodrigo fizeram, aos olhos do incrível fotógrafo Neto Fernandez. A exposição está no bistrô #Paris6 vale a pena conferir! Foi ótimo ir e encontrar esse povo todo que eu tanto gosxxxxxto @guidellorto @ycarotavares @camillamolica @talitatilieri acompanhada de meu amor @lucastiburcio ❤️ Parabéns a toda equipe envolvida no lindo trabalho! #dupladinamica #RodeJu #InstaSize #JéssicaEllen by ellen.jessica