So I made this shitty diagram, and then I realised…

Arguably this makes B2 Cal the true juju, as it’s the version of Cal that actually traces out a loop (primarily in the left half of the diagram). So the post-scratch version of Cal is the true Cal. Which really reminds me of LE’s session glitch.

In the session glitch, the A1 session has to be scratched because its players are created post-scratch. In Cal’s paradox timeline, the B1 session has to be scratched because Cal’s juju nature is enforced post-scratch.

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I mean I know she's weird sometimes but she's like real chill and she's gorgeous man, and she's kinda perf

idk bro like… this chick is WEIRD. like, i’m pretty sure i’ve seen her once or twice in my nightmares before. i can’t have her bringing bad juju onto this blog



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The Ultimate Loop Theory

 [Caution: spoilers as fuck]
Okay, so there’s some hype with the Caliborn’s juju. The home-shaped one. Everyone is freaking out like “now we FINALLY KNOW the meaning of the title!!!1″.
And I’m like-wait, but you knew it since the beginning? I mean, when I started reading HS, as a totes newbie, I was certain that the title refers to the fact that a huge fucking lot of panels describes them, trying to get out of their houses. So they are HOMEstuck. (I mean, really, that was like 2000 panels).
And now the juju thing happened and something occurred to me.
The “actual-home-stuck” part of HS was narrated like a kind of silly video game. And then, the further it got from being stuck in the house, the RPGesque traits started to fade, like the sylladex or necessity to use chats to communicate. 
So what if, just WHAT IF
They were in the juju all along?
Y’all wandering how the inside of the juju looks like - but what if it’s not only a prison, but a paradox-space-bending entity (which would also explain retcon powers in another way) which sent Beta kids ALL THE WAY TO THE BEGINNING. 
The juju is the game. The juju is Homestuck. And just as you beat the final boss… You get to REPLAY IT. 

…A young man stands in his bedroom…