after bvs i was tentatively interested in jtodd being in the dceu but now with this romanticized joker bullshit… my son did not claw his way out of his own grave so there could be a million posts about why the joker is somehow redeemable post suicide squad… didn’t suffer along with babs and countless others to deal w/ this shit…

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lmao i was just browsing tumblr also waiting for ddadds to come out, and i love that jtodd pic you just posted 💖💖💖💖💖

Omg I have seriously just been like slouching around all day trying to distract myself from waiting for the dad game to happen I am READY

AND THANK YOU I love Jason so much :’)

Batfam chatroom
  • Jtodd: yo, Dick, did you hear that there used to be some idiot in a disco costume that ran around Gotham?
  • Fly.Grayson: shut up,mouth helmet
  • t1mDrak3: you're all acting like seven year olds
  • DarkKnight: I'm batman
  • Damien_Wayne: says the guy with numbers for letters. Its not edgy
  • SpoilerAlert: the little guy has a point
  • Jtodd: lol
  • DarkKnight: I'm Batman
  • Damien_Wayne: shut up, angsty mcangsty pants. Amd I'm NOT little
  • BabsG: you're all immature
  • DarkKnight: did I mention I'm batman?
  • Butler: don't you all have a city to protect?
More jtodd headcanons

He is total trash for any action movie and yells at the TV and all the characters

He has really bad panic attacks sometimes and he drinks bucket loads of chai tea to calm down

He’s been diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety. He also has issues with the smell of morgues.

He has really bad nightmares, and once, Damian heard him screaming during the night and in a rare fit of kindness, brought Jason a kitten to cuddle. Jason now relies on kitten therapy to sleep.

He has a little bit of a crush on Black Canary.

In addition to dual guns and dual swords,he also can fight with dual knives, escrimas (tho not like Dick), and baguettes (Long story)

Damn Haley, back at it again with the painful headcanons:

“so I started thinking about the complaints that some people had about Jason and I was starting to feel like he can fall really easily into the disrespectful smart ass street urchin trope which really didn’t feel right and tbh felt really stereotypical in a bad way. and yeah he can be mouthy to Bruce. But it’s not because he grew up "on the wrong side of town” and doesn’t have any manners. A) it’s because he’s smart. He can recognize problems or objections and articulate them. But more importantly, B)) Jason mouths off to Bruce because he feels safe with Bruce. Yeah Jason has some pent up anger and so he can give Bruce an attitude. But as a child growing up in an extremely abusive environment, he probably learned very early on that you can’t express yourself with people who you know will hurt you. But Jason knows Bruce would never hurt him, and so Jason feels comfortable enough to be blunt and honest about how he is thinking and feeling. It’s actually an expression of intimacy more than anything and the more I think about it the less I like the idea of Jason and Bruce having a lot of conflict during his time as Robin bc I think that would be a shallow and inaccurate portrayal of what their relationship was really like. Bruce fell in love with this child so much that he legally adopted him even before he formally adopted dick like that’s not something you do for a ‘problem child’ you’re constantly fighting with.“