The only “Star Wars Day” post you’ll need - the demo recording of “Han’s Your Man” from the abandoned musical version of Star Wars by Strouse and Adams. (Yes, this is real. Yes, this is really bad.)

(I’m told this is performed by Chuck Wagner and orchestrated by Jason Robert Brown.)

JRB informs me that Chuck performed on a later demo, and this is someone else.

If Steven Pasquale could sing the phonebook, women everywhere would swoon and pay to listen. Pasquale introduced Broadway to his unbeatable talent in Jason Robert Brown’s masterpiece The Bridges of Madison County in 2014. He showed the world his incredible singing voice in the Act Two number “It All Fades Away,” which earned him a rousing standing ovation night after night. Pasquale lends his incredible voice to Billy perfectly. His rendition of “Soliloquy” is intoxicating and could rival his vocal performance in The Bridges of Madison County. Osnes and Pasquale have legendary chemistry and the two of them need to run to Broadway as fast as possible.
—  Nora Dominick, Emertainment Monthly
Still freaking out

So Jason Robert Brown is in town for a masterclass and concert at my university. Yesterday my family took me to see Avengers and then out to dinner, and the masterclass was later that evening. I’m in the middle of eating when he just strolls in the restaurant. The students that brought him here for a few days took him to dinner.
Anyway, I was practically hyperventilating because I was so starstruck, even though I would see him in a few hours. AHHHH
The masterclass was incredible last night and I can’t WAIT for the concert!

anonymous asked:

Ok, so TH basically confirmed hes not coming back, as did IB. JR made that little workout vid about s5 but hes currently filming in Quebec and I don't think hes been seen on set. Plus no OA. Are they just dropping everyone?

Seems like they’re just dropping the adults who’s storylines are done. 

- M

Ian doesn’t know if he’ll be back for s5.  So no Hales in the show anymore and JR hasn’t been confirmed so no more Argents either?  What a load of bull.  https://twitter.com/bhadpodcast/status/592400580049575936