Girls’ Generation has finally announced details for its upcoming comeback. The group will first release a new single, “PARTY”, on July 7th at 10 PM through digital music sites. The single will include two songs, “PARTY” and “Check”, as well as instrumental version of the “PARTY” track. “PARTY” is a dance song well-suited for summer. The music video was filmed in Koh Samui in Thailand and will have a concept of “Summer SoShi”. A total of three music videos have reportedly been filmed for Girls’ Generation’s comeback.

Following the “PARTY” single, a full album will be released with two title tracks, “Lion Heart” and “You Think”. The release date for this album has not yet been revealed.

Girls’ Generation’s website has been updated with the first teaser photo for “PARTY”. The picture is a group photo with all the members of Girls’ Generation on the beach of Koh Samui.

Source: xportsnews via Naver, dongA, Girls’ Generation’s Official Website
Written by: bhost909@soshified
Contributor: SonexStella@soshified

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A few days ago I passed through Sakuranomiya and noticed they’re using Sakuranbo for when the train doors close, and at the concert Ai gave the whole story how they made this vine
First of all Ai doesn’t even like cherries and she wouldnt be surprised if people from Yamagata pref. (main producer) hated her “then why the hell are you singing about cherries??”. Next part I did’t really catch, but she had been
insisting to the people at the station for 12 years, either that they should, or should not use that song for the station. But now that they did they had to go check it out.
So when they came to Osaka for the first time since they started this, they drove to the station and got down but Ai was nervous so she sent the manager to get close to the station and see if he could hear it. He went and came back fast “so?? how is it??” - “it’s awesome” - “yeah but…? awesome how??” -”uhh..”, so they all went into the station to check it out, feeling more nervous to be in public in such a crowded place and knowing they weren’t even gonna get on the train.
Now they’re inside the station and she finally heard it and got all excited, and her manager “come on, we gotta vine this” and she went next to the board and george (the manager) pulled out the camera “ok here we go”
and then they realized it was next to impossible knowing when the song was going to start, and not be interrupted by people walking or talking or other trains arriving and after several tries they just gave up. So then another guy goes “wait, I’m gonna go ask some of the staff”,comes back, “got it, the song will start when the operator pushes *the* button!!”
Next train arrives, the operator sticks his head out the small window, looks down the platform, the song starts and the train leaves. “…great. how are we gonna see when he pushes the fucking button???”
So for the next trains they kind of figure out the timing and then wait for another single train to come, but by this time they’ve been standing there for over 15 minutes without getting on any train and people were starting to stare suspiciously “who’s the weird lady…? is that… Otsuka Ai..? no way, she’s too old”, while Ai pretended to read the time table and george played with his phone the whole time.
For the next train they absolutely had to take the video, so as the train is about to arrive Ai looks back at the camera trying to hold a smile until the song starts. “ok this is it!!”
  and then this fucking lady comes and stands right inside the camera frame
Ai and george start to rage internally *noo jfc, move!! why, why now??!*

but fortunately some of the rage traveled telepathically it appears, and the lady moved right as the train arrived.


Kana Nishino ~ Darling & Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara [2015.06.27]