An attempt to play Scandal In The Spotlight’s main theme on piano. Takashi be proud of me LMAO–

I modified some bits of the melody cause I don’t have genius ears, and the chorus chords cause it sounds better that way. Not 100% like the original song, but oh well. o/


[eng sub] 中居正広の金スマ SP cut

And the hardsubbed version is done. I’d encourage you to download the raw and .ass file instead because when I encoded the .srt, it didn’t really keep all of the adjustments that I made. 

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then just watch the video xD


【rの法則】 漫画で人気!オレ様男子!! part1 ~風男塾「オレ様」ゼリフ連発!~

【rの法則】 漫画で人気!オレ様男子!! part2 ~勘違い男子の事件簿~

【rの法則】 漫画で人気!オレ様男子!! part3  ~オレ様男子にハマる危険度チェック~ 


Hey guys! I’ve posted download links to a short E-girls segment that I’ve subbed on my livejournal account. I subbed the video through Chinese subs so they might not be very accurate, but well understandable. I’ll eventually be posting this on my dailymotion account after I encode it (probably tomorrow), but if you guys want to see it now, you can just download it with the subs.