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GIF Pack: Jessica Parker Kennedy (TSC)

Below the cut, you’ll find 100 gifs of Jessica Parker Kennedy as Melissa Glaser in The Secret Circle.  All GIFs were made by me - do not claim them as your own.  Please do not include these GIFs in GIF hunts or other GIF packs, but feel free to like or reblog this post and use the gifs for roleplaying purposes.  GIFs are 245x160.

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Good morning from the season 8 finale! #season9 officially coming your way…
Bom dia do final da 8ª temporada! A 9ª temporada está oficialmente a caminho… #NCISLA @NCISLA @cbstv@chrisodonnell @ericcolsen @jpkous#criminososponhamseapau

“Joe and Jack’s friendship was legendary, marked by escapades and practical jokes, as well as occasional spikes of temper. Yet my abiding memory of Joe and Jack is at the dinner table each night, where they fed off each other’s energy, debating the critical issue of the day with Dad. Who would win the election? Would there be war in Europe? Should the United States intervene? We younger children sat at a smaller table nearby, watching and listening, wanting to know what they thought and hanging on each gripping word.”

(-Jean Kennedy Smith)