Still with feet touching
Still with eyes meeting
Still our hands match
Still with hearts beating

Daughter – Still

Klaus Mikaelson - Overprotective

#Imagine You are one of the only humans in the French Quarter of New Orleans and happened to be best friends with Rebekah Mikaelson. You’ve known her for half a year now but she is like a sister to you. About three months ago she told you about her vampirism. You didn’t have a problem with it because you’re used to meet supernatural things here in New Orleans. But when you found out she’s an original you were curious. You wanted to meet the Mikaelson family badly. When you told her that you want to meet her family she was shocked and shook her head. “I’m not letting you near Klaus”, she said. You had a questioning look on your face. Who is Klaus?

She told you everything about the bastard brother and you were scared. She also told you about the noble Elijah and the childish Kol. After you convinced Rebekah that nothing would happen to you she finally introduces you to her brothers.

First you met Elijah. Like the gentlemen he is, he took your hand and kissed it. You blushed and he smiled. Next was Kol. You wanted to shake his hand but he just checked you out. You rolled your eyes and said:“ Take a picture it lasts longer”

Kol looked at you shocked and you immediately regretted what you said. You wanted to apologize but then you heard a chuckle.

“Well, you must be Y/N. Rebekah has already told us a lot about you”, a deep voice with a British accent echoed in your ear. Wow. This man is probably the most beautiful creature you have ever seen. “Looks like you’re the one staring now, aren’t you, love?”, the man smirked. You laugh ironically. “I guess you’re the bastard then”, you said, proud of your sassy statement.

His smirk disappeared and he vampire speeds to you, gripped your throat and pushed you against the next best wall. Rebekah shouted at him but he didn’t stop. You thought you would die but then Elijah tugged Klaus away from you and hit him.

You breath heavily and try to calm down. Rebekah gave you some of her blood because your throat was already swollen. You feed from her and all of a sudden you weren’t in pain. No matter how often she did that you were still surprised.

Klaus wanted to apologize but you just ignored him. “Look, love, I’m really sorry but-”, he started but you interrupted him:“ Do not fucking dare to call me ‘love’ again” “No you will listen to me now!”, Klaus shouted. You crossed your arms and waited for him to start talking. “I’m really sorry, Y/N! I don’t know what has gotten into me. I’m just not used to humans being honest to me. But I’m actually glad you were honest. Yes you were right! I am the bastard. Forgive me my rude behavior”

You were just too kind hearted so you just hugged him and told him that it was okay.

2 months later

You were like the new member of the Mikaelson family. Elijah, Kol and Rebekah treated you like they treated each other and you trust them with your whole life. The first month after you met the family you were really close with Klaus. You were like best friends but the last 4 weeks he distanced himself from you and you just didn’t know why.

It hurt. Because you fell in love with Klaus. Yes, you fell for the big bad hybrid. Rebekah, Elijah, Kol and you just had dinner but Klaus was missing so you said you would go and look for him.

You think about where he could be and came to the decision to ask Marcel. You went to Marcel’s home when you heard Klaus’ voice from upstairs. You get closer to where the voice came from and saw Klaus pinching Marcel against the wall.

He said trough gritted teeth:“ Do not fucking touch her! If you do, I will kill you and everyone you ever loved” Marcel chuckled and asked:“ Why? What would be the big deal about killing Y/N. She’s useless anyways.” “Say nothing! You will not lay a hand on her because I love her. She’s the first person I truly loved in the last centuries. So you touch her and you’re dead.”

You couldn’t believe what you just heard and you breathed heavily. Klaus heard that and he turned around and saw you. He loosened the grip on Marcel and started to explain:“ Y/N you were not supposed to hear that I jus-” You ran to him,grabbed him and slammed your lips on his. The kiss was passionate and full of love. “I love you, too, Niklaus Mikaelson” He smirked and kissed you again.

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