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If I were to embrace you, what would become of us? I want to know. I play a never ending melody in my mind, looking out of the window an image of you starts to form. I want to forever be with you, is that impossible.

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Name: Holly

Nicknames: Molly, Bug, Bitch..

Gender: Female

Sexuality: *non-existent* 

Height: 5′3

What time and date is it: March 29, 3:35 PM 2015

Average hours of sleep: 0-8

Otps: Kaisoo, Baekyeol, jongkey

Last thing I googled: exo ot12 interview

Last thing I said to a family member: I don’t want your phone

One place that makes me happy and why: Home..  must i explain?

How many blankets do I sleep under- one

Last movie I watched at the theater: no idea.

3 things I can’t live without: Music, family, indoor plumbing..

Something I plan on learning: Korean

You have to listen to this song: anything exo

I’m tagging - anyone who wants to do this! seriously just do it~! ❤

anonymous asked:

Omg I didn't know Jjong wrote Playboy for Exo! The lyrics omg it's totally about a boy, the song is screaming jongkey :D And the black and white reference was very clever, very subtle lol, it's their colors isn't it? *rolls around in feels*

i think that the black and white reference was clever too ;;;; XD i’m not sure about it being jk colors tho. but uggh i love the song so much ;;; it just screams JONGHYUN ;;;;;;;;