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jonghyun: i used to live with my grandparents on my mother’s side when i was in my first and second year of primary school. grandma, grandpa, noona and i lived together. it was during primary school, so it was at an age that i didn’t know much (about life, etc.) and they took care of me. i felt a lot of warmth back then. i’m living with my grandpa on my mother’s side again right now. i came back home from japan recently and he said: “it’s been awhile, jonghyunnie~” i felt a little sorry. it wasn’t that i did something wrong, but he greeted me so warmly and i thought that maybe i should have given him a call while i was abroad. (source: thatcoolcatmeow)


YA! What are you doing…I’m eating here…

please make note…THERE IS NO CHAIR    ~ Weekly Idol 130403


Cute Jinki on his tricycle 😆 Start ~ ‘14 JAT 140214


I mainly like this for Jinki’s cute little Veeeee ^-^