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Minho aka God Of Fanservice


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Jjong’s not letting you off that easy Minho…lol

JoJo ~ 1st concert iin Nanjing 110820


EXCUSE ME MISS ❤❤ #Jongho #hohyun

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The challenge series is back with its first installment for 2016! 

This time we’re doing something different; we’re planning to have 5 days dedicated to Choi Minho! 

Special Challenge Theme:

Submit any work for any Minho pairing that you wish, and all works meeting the guidelines below are accepted. Once the posting period has passed, any and all works created for this contest will be shared! There will be a different pairing to celebrate every day once the posting period is over!

 The schedule is:

  • August 1: Onho
  • August 2: Jongho
  • August 3: Minkey/Keyming
  • August 4: 2min/Taeho
  • August 5: hyung/Minho, noona/Minho, Minho/OT+ (This day is for any and all non-Shinee Minho pairings and any OT+ works.)


  • The challenges are open to all fanworks: fics, art, graphics, etc. G through NC-17. Everything, from a 100 word story to a mural sized painting and anywhere in between is welcome and encouraged.
  • Regardless of his position in the pairing, we are looking for works which highlight the feminine, masculine and submissive aspects of his personality, with particular care to show a view of Minho which defies the heavily masculine stereotype of him.
  • You may submit entries directly to this blog, or post them on your own using the tag #subminho challenges.
  • Please ask questions of any kind!
  • Feel free to submit more than one fanwork!
  • The deadline to submit posts or to post them with the above tag for them to be featured is July 31!