“don’t pick-” “his breath smells.”

a little thing i wrote based on this video for @luxnowell because she’s a babe. i have no idea what the context of it is, so i made it up! :)

Dylan’s on the ice with Mitch. They’re there to help out with a kids ice hockey school that runs throughout the summer. 

He’s mic’d up for the better part of the day. The kids are split into two teams and they get to pick their captain out of a slew of older kids, including Mitch and himself.

So when it comes time for the kids to pick, Dylan locks eyes with Mitch and smirks.

“Don’t pick-”

“His breath smells,” Mitch shouts before Dylan gets a chance to finish his sentence. 

He starts skating towards Dylan with a menacing look on his face and a smile that would cause Dylan’s knees to give out if it weren’t for the fact that he sees it all the time. He keeps skating closer and closer until he’s got his hands on Dylan’s waist and his face tilted to the side.

“Don’t-don’t pick Marner,” Dylan stutters, bending his head so his mic can pick it up. He freezes momentarily, confused as to what’s happening. Mitch’s face is inches away from his, his smile blinding him up close.

For a second, he thinks Mitch is leaning in to kiss him. Dylan grounds himself by placing a hand on Mitch’s shoulder and turns his head to possibly meet his lips when the brim of their caps touch. Mitch leans even closer and says, “His breath smells.”

Oh, Mitch just wanted to speak into the mic. Right.

Of course Mitch doesn’t want to kiss Dylan. Why would he? He’s just an overly affectionate guy, that’s his thing. And even if he did, why would he do it now? In front of all these kids?

Dylan forces out a laugh and continues his own tirade. “Don’t pick Marner. Don’t pick-don’t pick Marner.”

“His breath smells,” Mitch shouts, still leaning towards the mic as Dylan starts skating away from him.

He begs his heart to slow down as he shoves at Mitch. “Don’t pick Marner.”

“His breath smells.”

Mitch’s wide toothy grin, his amused eyes, the puff of his breath against Dylan’s neck, the proximity of their bodies, even though it all happened under a second, he’s going to have a tough time forgetting it.

anonymous asked:

as a latinx i really hate latin lance. he just reminds me of other characters like wandissimo magnifico and jonesy garcia that are all womanizing and comic relief. i'm so tired of seeing these guys let alone when the white fandom gets their hands on latinx characters 😒😒 like son tan creídos

tbh i’m a little confused by this message? i mean, i definitely agree, when the white fandom gets their hands on latinx (and any other race) characters, it usually gets degrading and stereotypical fast. but personally i love latinx lance, as i love good latinx representation in tv. when he’s portrayed correctly, of course. we don’t want any of that gross white people latinx-fetish shit here, thanks.