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18. Who’s She? Part 8. (JokerXReader)

Hi guys! I’m back again with part 8 of Who’s She and I just wanted to say a few things before you start reading the new chapter. :) 1. Thank you all so much for all the great and beautiful feedback you gave me, you are all truely amazing! <3  2. After a lot of people asked me for it, I can finally say it: Yes I will write a part 9, definitely! :) 3. Now some sad news, tomorrow for me starts school again, that means I won’t be able to be as active on this blog as I was in the last few weeks. I will still update the blog so don’t worry I just wanted to say, that I will probably update now only two or three times a week, but I will absolutely update it. So don’t be surprised if I can’t answer some messages directly or if some chapters will be up a little more late (I will try to avoid that, but sometimes it will happen), anyways I hope you’re not that sad about it and I’m really sorry, but as soon as I have more time left, I will be more active again, but I think you will recognise that. ;) That was everything I wanted to tell you, now enjoy the part 8, hope you guys will like it! <3   

Who’s She? Part 8.

„This god damn freak“, Laura said sitting on her couch in the little apartment you shared with her for six weeks now.

The Joker was in the news again, since a week now he had began to destroy half of the city just to find you, the police thought he was after something really important, but they were speaking about weapons and money, not about a young girl.

If they had only known what this really was all about.

Some kind of ache showed up in your chest for a few seconds, but you tried to ignore it.

You knew what it was, it always came directly from your heart and just in time when he was on the news again.

But that was ridiculous.

He killed your mother and your best friend in a paroxysm of jealousy, you couldn’t miss him.

That was impossible, no normal human being would miss the murderer of their most beloved people.

But why was your heart aching then?

And why does it always makes you a little more mad, when Laura called him a freak, everytime she saw him on the news?

„I hope they catch him and lock him away in a cell, where he can rot until hell takes him back“, Laura said, as the news reporter explained what J must’ve done this time.

Yes he had murdered a few people again, but … the aching in your chest was still there and it seems that it grew with everytime someone mentioned his name.

It’s clear now, (Y/N). You must be completely crazy, you thought all by yourself.

He was still searching for you, after one month.

You thought he would’ve replaced you easily, but he didn’t seem to care about anyone else (not that he ever cared about someone).

But you … he really seems to care about you.

„What has this city ever done to him? Why is this psychotic antisocial freak always killing innocent people?“

„Could you please stop saying that“, you said now really annoyed of Laura’s hating.

„What?“, she asked irritated, as she looked at you standing in the kitchen, snipping some fruits for a smoothie with a knife.

„Calling him a freak, it’s annoying“, you said.

„But he is a freak! Haven’t you seen what he has done again?“, she asked.

„Stop calling him like that!“, you suddenly yelled at her, your hands were trembling as you continued the snipping of your strawberries, just to avoid the awkward silence that now took over the whole room.

You felt your cheeks burn, while Laura was staring at you and you tried to suppress the tears, that were trying to form into your eyes.

You don’t miss him, you don’t miss him, you don’t miss him … Yes you do …

„(Y/N), what the hell …?“, Laura said before she fell into silence.

„No … That can’t be … Tell me that this isn’t true“, she whispered and stood up from the couch, walking up to the kitchen, to look you in the eyes.

„What?“, you snapped.

You wanted to sound calm, but you couldn’t take it anymore, all the things she said about him, over the last weeks.

You never admit it, but it hurt you.

„You couldn’t have been so stupid, I don’t believe that“, Laura said, standing now directly besides you.

„What do you mean?“, you asked, stopping in your move, leaving the half cutted strawberie on the cutting board.

„You never talked about your ex boyfriend, you always said it was better for you. It was him, right? The Joker? Also you always said I should calm down, when I was swearing on him at the TV“, Laura sounded like she would throw you out of this place, if you would answer the question with yes.

„That’s disgusting. (Y/N), this man killed Freddy! Our Freddy, did you knew that, when you were with him?“

You weren’t able to answer her.

Yes you knew that, but this was also one of the reasons you had left him.

„Oh my god …“, Laura said in disbelief and throws her hands up in horror.

„You don’t understand that, Laura. Yes, I was with him at that moment, and I knew what he has done, but this was one of the reasons I’ve left him“, you explained.

One of the reasons? How many people had he murdered, before you finally realized that he’s a sick bastard, a fucking freak?!“, she screamed the words directly in your face.

„Shut up, you don’t know anything about him!“, you screamed back.

Yes, he wasn’t a good person, and he had more flaws than anybody else you knew, but he was always good to you, he cared about you and maybe he was loving you in his own twisted way, he wouldn’t have killed all this people, if you wouldn’t mean something to him.

„I know (Y/N), that he is a murderer, a bad man and I can’t believe you fell for someone like that! You knew about all this things before you’d met him. What the fuck brought you to being with him, after all he had done. And how could you dare to show up at Freddy’s funeral with me, when you exactly knew what happened to him and that it was your sick boyfriend who killed him?!“

„Did you helped him? Come on tell me, did you helped him, killing your best friend?“

„Shut the fuck up, I didn’t know anything about it, until it was in the news! And J just wanted to protect me, he wanted me to be his property that was all!“

„That was all?! Do you hear yourself talking, (Y/N)? He murdered him! He murdered him just because of you … It’s your fault that he’s dead. If you weren’t with him, Freddy would still be alive! You know what? I think you should go back to him, you two deserved each other. You’re at least as sick as him, if you can look about all this things so easily“, Laura hissed.

„Go back to your psychopath, I bet you’re also the reason why all those other people in the news had to leave their lifes.“

„You don’t understand anything!“, you screamed in a rage and suddenly the knife you still had in your hands, from snipping the fruits landed directly in Laura’s stomach.

Her eyes got wide, as the blood was soaking her blue shirt and she stared at you again in disbelief.

„You sick, bitch …“, she whispered and broke down to the ground within a few seconds.

You were just standing there in shock, as you saw how all the blood was running out of her body.

„Laura … Laura … I’m sorry I don’t wanted to do this … please … you just screamed at me and … it was an accident believe me“, you sobbed in panic, while your were crying.

What have you done?  

„Laura, please I’m so sorry.“

You tried to stop the hemorrage with your hands and some cloths from the kitchen counter but it was already to late, she was dead.

You just killed one of your best friends …

Your breathing was heavy as you crawled away from her body, in the next corner of the living room, where you thought you could hide out for a few moments.

Your hands were full of blood and also your clothes, they would arrest you.

You’re a murderer now, even tho’ you didn’t want it.

What would happen if the police finds her?

You had to get rid of her, but you couldn’t even move, you were shocked from what you’ve just done.

And you couldn’t do different, than sitting here and crying.

Just a miracle could help you now out of this.


The frontdoor clicked and Joker sat up in a half of a second to point a gun at the one who was interrupting him, in his despair.

But he put the gun down slowly as he saw that it was just Frost again.

„Boss, we’ve found her“, he finally said.

Something inside of Joker’s body was jumping up and down, after he heared the words that came out of Frost’s mouth.

Six weeks now, six weeks had gone by, since she left him, six weeks in which he never stopped searching for her, and even if he was drunk and mad, laying in his own circle of weapons that he had builded up in his apartment all around him, since she was gone, he always had sent his henchman to look out for her.

„Where is she?“, he asked with an even deeper voice as usualy.

All of the emotions of the last six weeks layed in this one question.

„She’s staying with a friend of hers, the girl’s name is Laura, she owns an apartment in the Lexington Street, fourtyfive. (Y/N), lives with her there since she left.“

Fourtyfive … how funny … the same two digits, that also were the two last numbers of his old cell at Arkham …

„Bring the car. We’re going for a ride“, Joker said, before sinking down to the ground again, where he bursts out into joyful laugther.

He found her, finally.

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As Crazy As Me

Sorry, I didn’t feel like writing smut

Words: 1,099

Pairing: Joker (Jared Leto) x Reader

Warning: Torture (at the end)

“You’re quite complex,” A familiar voice says behind me, pausing to purr in my ear. “(Y/N) Wayne.”

I lock the jewels I’ve stolen earlier that night in a secret box. “How’d you find me,” I turn around quickly to face him, “Joker.”

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10. I might have had a few shots 22.That’s irrational 3.I’m not jealous

Y/N had gone to one of J’s clubs when she got a phone call. She left an important file she was suppose to look over during the weekend at her work. Shifting on J’s lap, she turned to look at him.

“J? I need to pick up something from work. I’ll be back in thirty minutes.” When she turned to walk away, J grabbed her arm.

“Stay here with Daddy, you can get it when you go back next time.”

“I need to work on it over the weekend.” J frowns.

“Says who?” She can hear in his tone of voice that he would be glad to kill the person who takes his girl away from him. Giving him a kiss on the nose, which he growls at, she walks out of the club. She feels his eyes on her the whole way, loving his protectiveness over her.

When she gets back, she immediately notices something is wrong. There’s no music coming from the club, and it seems deserted. Panic hits her and she starts wondering if something has happened to J. Without thinking, she runs up to the club in her heels, falling a few times. She sighs in relief when she notices Frost coming out of the club. He gives her a small smile, even though it looks strained and forced.

“Boss is inside.” She sends him a confused glance before going in. The smell of blood hits her like a truck and she staggers back, covering her nose. She gasps as she sees the source. Several dead bodies are laying around, X’s over their eyes and fake smiles carved into their face. They were all male. She finds J at the bar, twirling a glass in his hands.

“J, what the hell happened?” He closes his eyes when he hears her voice, as if it’s the sweetest sound he’s ever heard.

“Doll, come sit on Daddy’s lap.” Y/N decides it’s wise to follow his orders when he’s in this state. She comes over and sits on his lap, noticing the blood on his hands and clothes.

Ooooh, you’re so good.” He caresses her cheeks. The smell of whiskey hits her.

“J, are you drunk?”

“I might have had a few shots.” He murmured, looking at her face like she’s the most beautiful thing he’s seen. Then anger flashes across his face.

“What happened, J?”

“They looked at you. They wanted to take you away from me.”

“So you killed them? J, that’s irrational.” She scolded while he started to chuckle.

“Pretty, pretty, pretty…” He muttered, ignoring her.

“J, don’t tell me you’re jealous?” A smile inched it’s way up her lips. His expression darkened and he hoisted her closer by her butt, so that she was now straddling him.

I’m not jealous. I just don’t like people looking at what’s mine.” She gave him a smile and kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“They can look, but you’re the one I’m going home with.”  He purred against her lips.

“I prefer they not look, and you come home with me anyway.”

Mr. & Mrs. J

Requested by youalexturnermeon Could you write smut where you and J fight, its loud, rough, things get thrown, there’s blood and by the end you just end up shagging (lots of daddy kink)

Warnings: Smut, Daddy Smut- lots of it, violence, swearing, rough sex and possible domestic violence? (Really depends on your view & If you see it as a “kink” or straight up abuse ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - used Mr. & Mrs. Smith as inspiration so if you liked the movie great, if not then to each their own)


You had just about enough, there was always some excuse, some reason as to why J couldn’t just agree to something with you and stick to it, he always had a job, always had a “meeting”. 

You had told him beforehand that you were trying out a new recipe you had seen on a cooking channel, and you wanted him home by 7 sharp so you could sit and have a meal with him, treat him to the one of many talents he enjoyed about you. 

Originally posted by mrcheyl

He, of course, had agreed at the moment, but seeing as it was 8:30 and you were now sitting at the dinning table, alone, looking like an idiot thinking he’d actually remember, you were more than just livid.

You stood and decided it’d be healthier for you to do something rather than just sit around and let your emotions get the best of you. You walked into the kitchen and started cutting at various fruits, you figured if you didn’t eat the dinner you might as well snack on something, you were upset but starving yourself wasn’t going to help anyone.

An hour passes, still no J, just a text “running late, start without me” - Of course he’s late - you could obviously see that, but you’d be a little less angry if it was send at 7 and not 9:30. You threw the plates in the sink and stormed up to your room angrily - you figured if he ever did come home you were not going to let it slide so easily. 

Originally posted by bribooth

J was always one to appreciate a fine piece of lingerie, in other words he could never not take you on the spot whenever you so as much showed a bit of your lingerie. For the sake of making a point and hurting him where it would hurt the most, you decide to suit up in your new piece, a leather corset and lace panties, enough to make even the coldest of hearts melt.

You were reading up on your latest novel when you heard the Lamborghini pull into the drive way, you took a deep breath before slipping on a robe and walking to the top of the stair case to a grinning man - “Y/N baby!! I’m home doll face! Come give daddy a kiss!” he smirked opening his arms to you

Originally posted by killerfina1

You raised an eyebrow and crossed your arms, “oh is that so? because I’m almost positive I asked you to be home hours ago J” - he sighed “baby face, don’t ruin tonight for me, daddy had a real good night, things went according to plan and I need you to just… celebrate with me!” he brought up a cigarette to his painted lips, lighting it as he tossed his jacket on the couch and making his way up to you - as he reached you he pulled you into him, earning a gasp from your pretty plump lips, smirking as he pulls your leg around his waist, pulling the all too obvious blade you always concealed when upset and tossing it to the wall behind you.

Originally posted by dailyangelinajolie

“Oh baby face, don’t you know daddy already knows all your tricks?” he purred as he rubbed your thigh. As you narrowed your eyes, you pull the lit cigarette from his lips, taking your own drag and blowing the smoke out slowly as you pushed him away, disarming the gun in his holster as you let the robe you had on slip off your shoulder winking at you cocked it and pointed it at him. “Do you know daddy? I feel like I’ve got a few up my..” you look yourself over and smirk “non-existent sleeves”

You earned a small growl as he stepped closer “Don’t tease daddy doll face, you know what happens when you play with daddy” his eyes now predatory as he spots his new kill.

“oh, I’m sorry, did I say I cared?” you shot a round, skinning his ear as he winced, wiping the little blood that dripped from his newly skinned ear. His laugh rang through the house. “Oh baby.. you really need daddy to punish you hmm?” he took a step forward earning a hit to the nose with the handle of his own gun.

Originally posted by fairiedepp

“Daddy, don’t you remember, I was going to make dinner today, I wanted to share that with you, who knows we could have been fucking on the dinner table right now if you had just listened for once. Now you leave me no choice, but to show you what happens when daddy forgets his baby girl needs attention.” you shot another round, hitting his shoulder as he yelled out in frustration, grabbing his other gun, tucked behind his trousers and pointing it back at you.

“If daddy’s attention is what you want. Baby girl, daddy’s attention is what you’ll get, now do me a favour, put down the gun and come to daddy hmm? let daddy treat you like the princess I know you are..”

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

You scoffed, cocking the gun again, “go fuck yourself daddy” shooting at him again, missing him, receiving a back hand from him as he made you stumble back

“Daddy doesn’t like it when his princess doesn’t cooperate” he smirked and you chuckled, “then tonight isn’t daddy’s night” you smirk running at him again, only for him to dodge and try to shoot at you, missing at you leaped over the railing, falling onto your back with a groan.

You heard his laughter as he sauntered down the stairs, “Tsk tsk baby doll” he smirked “you know, things would be easier if you guys cooperated” he grins, using his hands in the air as he spoke in his dramatic tone, gun in hand as you slowly rolled over onto your knees “yeah daddy… but neither of us like easy… it’s just so… normal” your eyes sparkled as you ran for the shot gun by the couch, ducking behind a wall and cocking it, taking a shot at where you believed he was.

Originally posted by blissfullyignoran-t

His laugh broke out through the ringing of the shot “oh princess. I knew you were special” he smirked, taking a leap for it as he shot, hitting you in the leg as you yelled out, grabbing yet another shot gun and shooting at the wall.

“ALL I WANTED WAS A NICE DINNER WITH YOU - why do you always have to bring out my crazy side? I think I do a good job of hiding it baby, but you just ALWAYS have to make me go off the wires.” he smirked. 

Originally posted by hexzell

“doll face, it’s better that way, that you stay evil” he winks dodging from the numerous shots “makes you so much… hotter” he laughs spreading his arms out, his shirt now stained red from the various cuts and wounds

You smirked, wiping your lip from the blood that has managed to accumulate between your lips, spitting out and laughing. “yeah daddy… hotter” you tossed the guns aside and charged at him, only to be greeted to his large hand clasping around your neck, pinning you against the wall

“Now doll face, will be agree to be civil?” you laughed “civil is not in your vocab mistah J” he broke out his trademark Joker grin. “fuck you and you’re perfectness” he laughed, kneeing you in the stomach as you grunted and hunched over, causing him to pin you tightly to the wall, his hand still around your throat.

“What you gonna do daddy? Kill me?” he smirked “oh I’m not gonna kill you… no no no… just hurt you… real bad” he smirked, kissing you roughly, biting down on your bottom lip, hard enough to make it bleed, earning a whimper from you.

Originally posted by pleasingpics

He pulled away licking the blood now found on his lips “Does my baby face like that?” he purred. Smirking you mimic his gesture, licking your lips and spitting beside him “that didn’t hurt daddy” you laugh, he smirked, forcing yet another kiss, you more than happily accepted, moaning as you now felt his hand caress your back.

“Now let daddy make it up to you” he purred as he kissed up your neck, nibbling and leaving his mark as he went. you jumped and found your legs now wrapped around his, moaning as you threw his shirt aside, gasping when you felt him pin you against yet another wall, using it as support as he ripped the lace panties you had on, throwing them aside as he threw you onto the couch growling as he basically stalked over to his new found prey.

With a smirk plastered on his face, he lets his member ram into you, not giving you the time to adjust as he continues to roughly thrust his length into you, deeply, hitting your g-spot repeatedly as you screamed out in bliss, dragging your nails down his back as he growled, the sting of the new wounds adding to his momentum, causing him to thrust deeper.

This wasn’t any normal session in which you both enjoyed and made it last, no it was something so lust filled, rough, and quick. You needed to let your frustrations go, and he was doing just that.

Originally posted by blacxsuedeheels

You arched your back  as he bit down on your shoulder, leaving the sting as he left mark after mark, his hand now resting tightly at your throat as he became sloppy, his head tilting back.

“Tell daddy who makes you scream..” he growled

You moaned in response, gasping for what little air he let pass through. 

He gritted his teeth, slapping you once across the cheek “WHO!?”

You gasped as you felt yourself tighten “You daddy! You! You make me scream like this! You make me moan like the little slut I am for you daddy” you moaned.

He purred that the words, smirking at you got closer, “what do you need to ask daddy?”

“please.. please daddy.. I’m so close”

He smirked.. “pretty…pretty..pretty..”


“Go on princess, cum for daddy. Scream and let everyone know it’s just for daddy”

As if by command you let go, climaxing as you screamed out, feeling him do the same as he let himself relax, pulling back as he finished, panting, soon to step back and pull you up 

“Now doll face, what do you say to daddy?”

You smirked “don’t ever be late for dinner again” you whispered, earning a smirk from him as he looked around 

Originally posted by hexzell

“Oh I won’t - get your things dear, the house needs re-modeling and we’re going away so we won’t have to deal with it.”

Earning an excited squeal from you, you run up, forgetting about the wounds you should probably get looked at as he smirked, dialing his most trusted doctor, as he slipped his trousers back on and inspecting the wounds on his chest… 

“That’s my girl…”

The Joker x Reader

        He’s crazy. You’re crazy. It works better that way. It was your idea that once a month you will have a normal 3 day weekend at your secluded cabin in the woods where nobody can find you. Just you and him pretending to be normal.

          Once you get to the location, he jumps in the shower and washes off his make-up, his neon green hair and takes off his teeth grill.  

You wash off your bright red hair with purple highlights, your pale make-up and take off all your excessive gold and diamonds jewelry you usually wear. They are all gifts from J and you love every single one of them.

You like to walk a lot and talk about random things, playing roles. 

        The rule is: no business talk, no killing talk, and no talk about any future heists. You both enjoy being someone else for a little bit; breaks up the routine.

        He’s not allowed to call you anything else but darling. No cupcake, no honeybuns, no baby doll or doll face. And you can’t call him anything else but babe. No Mr. J, no puddin’, no Joker.

            You are the only person in the world that knows his real name: Damian. If somebody else would find that out, he would probably kill them in seconds. At night you stay up late and watch movies, then you make love. He loves it when he’s in top of you and you whisper “Damian” in his ear.

         When the weekend is over, you get your J back.

“How I’ve missed you,Mr. J!” you giggle, happy to see him. He lifts you up in his arms, slowly putting you down as he kisses you.

“I missed my babydoll too,” he grins. “Now back to business”.

Just Like Fire Part 3

Originally posted by grysamobojcow

Summary: Joker needs the help of Batman’s sister, (Y/N). She’s reluctant at first but has a sudden change of heart. And now, she won’t stop until she finally has the man she loves.

Warning: Language, mention of death, & planning murder.

Pairing: Joker x Reader

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