‘I’m gonna start a revolution from my bed
'Cos you said the brains I had went to my head
Step outside 'cos summertime’s in bloom
Stand up beside the fireplace
Take that look from off your face
'Cos you ain’t ever gonna burn my heart out

So Sally can wait, she knows it’s too late as she’s walking on by
My soul slides away, but don’t look back in anger I heard you say’


So freaking cute how he easily answers all these questions while the others seem to struggle 😂 #johnnyyouaretalented #therealcaptain #captainjacksparrow #johnnydepp #enews #orlandobloom #javierbardem #potc5

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Johnny Depp at Little Rock - April 14 2017

I don’t know of you can picture it but I literally lying on the floor whispering ‘fuck’ over and over because damn john.

And I’m so happy he’s here, campaigning shall we call it for a good cause. It shows the people who decide to throw abuse at him that he has a massive heart, and it proves one important thing:

It’s that you can’t keep a good man down.