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CLASS (1983)

So.. I chose this movie for many reasons. One being that yesterday was Rob Lowe’s 51st birthday.. so Happy Birthday Rob. Two being I love Andrew McCarthy in everything that he does. Even though he admitted he was completely drunk through out his whole 80′s career. (He fooled us didn’t he?) Three being I really like this movie. I never give it enough credit, even though if I really sat down and thought about it it would probably at least make it into my top 10 or top 15 list. And Four being that this was John Cusack’s first film. I’m sorry I realize that this is just going to turn into John Cusack movies you should see, but I can’t help that everything that man does is amazing. 

This is one of those male boarding school movie that I love so much. I can’t stand films about girls, I don’t know why I just can’t. My favorite movies generally have male leads. I just can’t get behind the whole fuck yeah we are girls movies. I much rather watch a bunch of guys get drunk and try to get laid. Nothing against you, if you enjoy fuck yeah we are girls movies. It’s just my personal opinion. Anyways, I got of track there. Andrew McCarthy plays Jonathan, the new kid. Jonathan doesn’t come from much money like the rest of the boys who are at the prep school, he actually won a scholarship. Skip on the other hand (Played by Rob Lowe) is very rich and popular and he is Jonathan’s new roommate. If you are wondering why Rob Lowe is in bright red women’s underwear you will have to watch the film. I’ll just say Jonathan doesn’t get the best first impression of his new school and roommate.

Soon though Jonathan learns to adapt to his new school. Skip and him become best friends, and he is welcomed into their little group. They get into some shit, because they are boys and that’s what boys do. Its all very amusing until they piss off the Girls Prep school and aren’t allowed to attend the Halloween dance coming up. “They are the only girls for 200 miles” But being told they can’t go isn’t going to stop them. It’s a Halloween dance for fucks sake. So everyone but Jonathan dresses up in crazy costumes to hide their identity. Roscoe (Cusack) is a gorilla, and Skip is Jesus. Pretty funny actually. With Jonathan refusing to go Skip insists he go into the city and have some fun, and not to come back until he has some girls underwear. Skip gives him a wad of cash and Jonathan eventually accepts figuring he has nothing to lose. 

Jonathan ends up at some bar in the city where he pretty much makes a fool out of himself the whole time. Let’s see he breaks a chair trying to hit on a girl, and he falls for a stupid prank that a girl pulls on him. This is where we meet Ellen (Played by Jacqueline Bisset) a 30ish year old woman who feels sorry for Jonathan and goes and sits by him. They talk for a little bit, and leave the bar together. I mean I don’t know how old she could have thought he was, because he looks 16 but whatever you’re into. Anyways they start a passionate affair. Jonathan even looses his virginity to her in an elevator.

Now I really don’t want to ruin this whole thing for you , because this is one movie you probably haven’t seen. I’ll just give you the tag line for the film and you can figure it out from there. “The good news is, Jonathan’s having his first affair. The bad news is, she’s his roommate’s mother!” That really isn’t much of a spoiler because i’m sure you already figured that out just by reading all this. Anyway, this movie is really underrated I think. It’s funny, its got a great cast, and you will be interested from start to finish. I have had this movie forever, and I just watched it again not to long ago. It’s good ever single time I watch it. So if you like movies about boys, friendship, affairs between a mom and her son’s best friend, and movies with John Cusack in them this is the movie for you! 


I wasn’t kidding when I said there would be like 50 more Cusack movies. So this movie is called Better Off Dead another one of my favorite movies of all time. I dropped 100 bucks on an original movie poster for this move, that I have yet to put in a frame..oops. This is probably one of the more fucked up/ weird teen comedies to come out of the 80s. I mean how many movies do you know that has hamburgers that come to life, and constantly jokes about suicide. 

This movie is about a boy named Lane (played by John Cusack) who is crazy obsessed with his girlfriend Beth (played by Amanda Wyss) He is really obsessed his whole room is like a shrine to her. Well of course she dumps him for the captain of the ski team and he decides he would just be better off dead. This takes us on his journey with his mission to commit suicide. He tries about 4 different ways to do it each funnier than the last. So needless to say he has lost hope for life. He loses his girlfriend, he doesn’t get on the ski team, and he has no way to get Beth back. 

This is when he realizes that if he skis the K-12 that Beth would have to take him back. Lane is pretty good at skiing but he can’t ski the K-12 that in itself is asking to die. The only person who has ever skied the K-12 and lived is Beth’s new boyfriend. This doesn’t stop Lane from trying though. We see him and his friend Charles (Curtis Armstrong) standing on top of the K-12 for hours with Lane to afraid to go down. Every time he finally gets the courage to go down it, he ends up falling down the huge hill. This leaves Lane even more hopeless. His quest to die gets stronger with each failure. 

At this point you think Lane might really go through with killing himself. I mean he has nothing going for him. His parents are absolute weirdos, his best friend is to focused on drugs to help him out, he just started a horrible job as a fry cook, and he keeps losing street races. BUT! Lane can’t go through with killing himself because this is a comedy it isn’t a drama. Plus with Beth out of the picture he doesn’t have a love interest and what kind of 80s teen comedy would this be without a love interest. This is where we meet Monique (Played by the absolutely adorable Diane Franklin.) 

Monique is the french exchange student who is living across the street from Lane at the Smith’s house. I LOVE Monique she is probably one of my favorite characters ever. I don’t want to give much away about her because she has a pretty big secret and the movie isn’t any fun to watch if you know the secret. Lets just say that her and Lane speak the international language fluently. Through Monique Lane starts to believe in his self again. She shows him that he can do anything if he puts his mind to it, and he doesn’t want to die anymore. She even helps him try to get Beth back, even though you can tell she likes him. 

But! Lane still has to race Stalin (Beth’s new boyfriend) down the K-12. So with the help of Monique he finally can make it down the hill without falling. Still wanting Beth back he heads to the top of the K-12 to race Stalin. I’m not giving anymore of the movie away.So you will have to watch it to find out if Lane wins the race, and if he gets Beth back. This is one of my favorite movies to watch if I’m sad or whatever, because you will laugh. It is one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen. John Cusack is beautiful and hilarious as usual. The whole cast really makes something special. So go watch Lane race down the K-12, and see if he wins! 

Dragon Blade (2015) Review!!

Dragon Blade (2015) Review!! #DragonBlade #JackieChan #AdrienBrody #JohnCusack

Synopsis -One of the most expensive films ever produced in China, the historical action epic Dragon Blade takes place during the Han Dynasty. The story centers on the commander of the Protection Squad of the Western Regions (Jackie Chan), who joins forces with Roman general Lucius (John Cusack) to protect China’s sovereignty as power-crazed Tiberius (Adrien Brody) seeks to defeat Lucius once and…

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Our review of David Cronenberg’s newest mind screw Maps to the Stars is up! Check it out by clicking the link in the bio or right here: http://wp.me/p4QXTF-tn Stories intersect in the city of Angels as Hollywood elite and those aroubd them have to deal with strange happens caused by any number of things. I wont reveal too much…just go see it. #mapstothestars #juliannemoore #miawasikowska #johncusack #oliviawilliams #robertpattinson #moviereview #films #cinema #filmsnobreviews #movies #bluray #ultraviolet


Now if you were to actually know me personally you would probably thought that I hated this movie. I actually didn’t even own this movie until about 6 months ago. To set the record straight, I don’t hate this movie. I actually quite like it a lot, but I just don’t think it stands anywhere near The Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink. If you like 1980′s films then you know are the main ones people generally compare. You might find them at Target in one of those movie 3 pack deals. I know its unfair to compare or whatever, but everyone else does so why can’t I? Anyways this movie has a wonderful cast staring Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Michael Schoeffling, and yes you guessed it John Cusack. (I don’t even care anymore at this point, he is in everything.) 

The movie is based around a 16 year old girl named Samantha Baker or Sam. (Played by Molly Ringwald) She is crazy excited about her 16th birthday like most girls are. She walks down stairs expecting this huge breakfast and everyone dying to tell her happy birthday. Although when she gets downstairs she gets nothing, not even a happy birthday. This is when she realizes “They fucking forgot my birthday.” This sets the mood for the rest of the movie. I think she handles it all very well to be honest. I’m just a bitch though. Now the reason they forget her birthday is that her older sister is getting married that weekend. So everyone is running around trying to make sure everything is ready. She has grandparents staying in her room, another set of grandparents down stairs, and this really weird Chinese exchange student in her brother’s room. I really wouldn’t want to be her in that situation. 

Okay so this is Jake Ryan.. I REALLY don’t understand the attraction.. but this is who Samantha is in love with. (He is played by Michael Schoeffling) I also have a big problem with he the fact that he didn’t want anything to do with her until he picked up this anonymous sex survey thing that he watched Sam fill out. She wrote if she were to have sex with anyone it would be Jake Ryan. So I feel like the only reason he has interest in her is to fuck her, but whatever. He is also looks like 28 in the movie and she looks 15..so that’s a little weird too. BUT! I’m not the casting director and I didn’t write this film so my opinion really doesn’t matter.  Anyways, Sam is head over heals in love with him, and she thinks he doesn’t even know she exists. Although us the audience knows that he is curious about her as well. He even asks around about her. 

We meet Farmer Ted on Sam’s bus ride home from school. He is played by a very young and dorky Anthony Michael Hall (Who honestly I think is absolutely adorable. I mean yeah he’s a dork, but I don’t get Sam’s hatred for him.) Once again not my movie. He hits on Sam very determined, even though she is obviously not interested at all. The whole scene is pretty funny, but Joan Cusack (Yes Joan. She’s John’s sister and she is fucking awesome.) really makes the whole scene with her reactions. You can’t miss her she has a huge brace thing on her face and is the only other person on the bus. Anyways that’s Farmer Ted he is want’s Sam bad, and there is no way in hell she is going to let that happen. 

That doesn’t mean they can’t be friends though right? Maybe. You will just have to find out for yourself. I will tell you they have a pretty nice heart to heart at one point of the film. I’m almost positive everyone has seen this film, because its just one of those films. Although if you haven’t I don’t want to ruin the end for you. So you will have to see if anyone remembers Sam’s birthday. You will also have to see if she ever gets up the courage to talk to Jake. What about Farmer Ted? Well he might just be okay at the end too. Seriously though this is a really good movie. It might not be as serious as The Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink, but that’s not a bad thing. Plus they are completely different movies. Keep that in mind as well. Molly Ringwald  will break you heart because she is so damn adorable, and if that doesn’t do it for you John Cusack is in it.