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Devolver Digital

Listen here, Devolver Digital is doing a 12 hour e3 press conference and shit is going down.

-The host has been kicked out by professional wrestlers

-The pro wrestlers then talked about Rick and Morty

-They did a segment trying to recreate videogame glitches in real life.

-Kaiju Big battle, a pro wrestling show type thing, is randomly interspersed throughout.

-An entity known as Dr. Cube hijacks the stream randomly. When he isnt too busy looking at memes

-They played Toejam and Earl.


Sooooo... I binge-watched GLOW in one day. And I regret nothing.

I really enjoyed the first season of GLOW on Netflix and I’m happy to see that it’s been getting a lot of positive feedback and support around the internet. I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked since the series was produced by the same team who created Orange is the New Black, but since I don’t watch that show, I didn’t have any real expectations for it to be as good as it was. 

Overall, I thought it was incredibly well done, and like I said in an earlier post, I think it’s great how most of the episodes were directed by women. I only saw a couple of douchebags on the internet say something negative that was on par with your typical misogyny. 

Anyways, here are my thoughts as I watched the show and failed to talk myself out of watching 8 of the episodes in a row with no break. The list below isn’t in any particular order.

Beware: Mild spoilers below. 

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