i’ve heard that winwin wanted to be like his sunbae, sehun. and i was really moved when i heard that. you might say that they’re the kings of no lines, but they are working hard and doing things with passion even though they do not get enough lines. i guess winwin admire’s sehun’s patience, perseverance, and dedication. and i hope that in the future, winwin gets what he deserves just like sehun. 


…And when we reach a good place
Let’s be sure to leave no trace
Promise they won’t track us down…
- Sia

I’ve admired this blog for a long time, and now I can share my happiness with others. I promised myself, some time ago, I wouldn’t submit a photo(s) unless the man was extremely special. This man is unlike any other I’ve met before; warmth on a cold day, food to an empty stomach, and a co-captain of our ship in uncharted territory. Not sure what I did to deserve this beautiful soul in my life, but I’ve never been one to question a gift. I love you JM.

He’s ma Red
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nct u as drag queens pls !

NCT U as Drag Queens

Thanks for requesting !

 (btw i laughed the whole time making this)


Adore DeLano

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What do you think about people telling Zay 'ended' JM? Personally I think that the writers did a credible job saying that if its meant to be its meant to be and while doing that one has to live there own life! Zay didn't end JM at all in any way, what do you think?

People are saying that? Why?

Sure, Zay pointed out that “someday” doesn’t mean “right now” and Maya has to be able to live her life in the moment, and not for what she hopes will eventually happen. But Josh was totally and completely understanding to that. He agreed with Zay and then let Maya make her own decisions about “going out to the movies”. There was absolutely no context that made it seem like their “deal” or “promise” to each other is any different at the end of the episode, it’s just…explained a little more, the terms solidified a little better. 

They still act more like a couple then Riley and Lucas in that episode so, no. I didn’t think that at all. Zay wasn’t even a jerk about it, he was just being a really good friend. 

5 most heartbreaking moments from Neverland closing

5. The entire ensemble was hard core tearing up during Something About This Night, especially Jonathan

4. In the scene where JM Barrie comes to visit before the show, Carolee had to turn her back to the audience because she was crying so hard.

3. When Laura was in the glitter tornado, before reaching back to Peter Pan, she reached out to the audience first and it was so sad.

2. Laura was trying so hard to keep her tears in, so when she got to the coughing fit, where it was in character to cry, I sat there watching tears after tears after tears fall from her face into her lap. 

1. Sylvia’s Lullaby. It’s very clear that what she’s going to miss the most is being around the kids and playing a mother figure. So when she was singing Sylvia’s Lullaby she was singing “for all too soon a new day will appear” she cut the last note short, put her hand over her mouth, & came in a few seconds late for the next line and like talked it because she was crying and couldn’t sing it. it was HEARTBREAKING