Take A Fucking Sip, Babes

Elephants stampeding from our screens,
An iconic gay fairytale come true.
TJLC walls gleam with scarlet hue,
Mark and Moffat’s shatt’ring climax dreams.

Yeet! The stale dark fuck prince grave is dug,
Emptier than Vertue’s basement vault.
No stomach for unprecedented salt?
Take, please, a sip from Sherlock’s ”fireworks” ;) “””mug””” ;);););););)

Impossible finale gone to waste,
‘R greatest love story never been told?
Etched to mem’ry till we’re grey and old,
A resounding condemnation of warm paste.

Suck a dick’ll help you come to grips,
So take five hundred motherfucking sips.

Character Development > everything

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Although, I think that Johnlock will happen (soon) it’s not important who he is talking to in that scene.That he feels - that Sherlock has feelings - is showing what this show is really about: love, realtionships and trust.

In series 1 Sherlock is an absolute amateur when it comes to social behaviors. He didn’t show any feelings or emotions (if he even had them). Understanding and respecting feelings from someone else (even John) was just impossible for him.

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Eventually the people close to him taught him about emotions, feelings and human interaction. John played a major in that, but also Mr. Hudson and Molly were important. Without them Sherlock wouldn’t be who he is today. He wouldn’t have changed a bit; he would still be a lonely sociopath.

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(whoops why do I always come back to Johnlock?! sorrynotsorry)

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Now, he cares about his friends and he trusts John enough to show those feelings when they’re alone.

He understands emotions because he’s feeling the same.

That, everyone, is character development at it’s finest!


After episode 3 the BBC decided to show us a video containing all of it’s drama series. When the song said “looking for love” this is what came up! Guys I don’t believe in coincidence and neither should you!!!

but tbh, I don’t know what to think about this episode… I really thought Johnlock was going to happen. Don’t lose hope, people always stop looking after three… I need a fourth episode!