northern downpour // jj & spencer


it was early when spencer woke up. the opening of his eyes was followed by the kind of consciousness shift that you become acutely aware of when you realize that there is someone real and warm beside you. one look at the blonde hair brought back everything from last night. spencer slid out of bed as quietly as possible, moving to the closet, picking out some clothes and heading to the bathroom.

a quick shower was done and gone and he was buttoning his shirt when he left the bathroom. jj. the thought of her wouldn’t leave his brain. jj–she’d liked him, at some point. she’s liked him. but, now? she was married. she was gone and out of his reach. not that she was ever within it to begin with. he hesitated in retreating back to the bedroom, but did so anyway, pausing before entering, eyes canning the room, before the fell on the bed.