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I demand (humbly request) a gif from the anti-drug games where he says "where's my hands" And both of his "people don't come by much" from scissor man-clock towel episode

You got it, bro.

Sorry about the last one’s text being so white; it was too hard to distinguish with the black outline so this was the only option that I had.

Also, I would use my normal GIF maker (giflike) but the GIF I made with it was frozen and would not play. Because of this, I went to my alternative (imgflip).

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Why do you ship Tina with jj so much?? JJ doesn't seem to know what he's got and doesn't care for Tina enough

Because he doesn’t always act like that. You’re thinking of Jimmy Junior in “Two for Tina,” “Tina and the Real Ghost” and the beginning of “Presto Tina-o.” But what about in “Sheesh! Cab, Bob?” when he was longing to go to her party, when he was the only guest to dress up special for it, when he asked her to dance with him, and when he kissed her? Or in “The Belchies” when he showed a genuine interest in her after she dropped her damsel act, and when he indirectly called her hot? Or in “My Fuzzy Valentine” when he personally delivered his card to her after she didn’t so up at school, and also brought her all the work she missed without being asked, and he signed the card with a heart? Or in “Gene It On” when he asked her out, was willing to go wherever she wanted, was willing to sell his bike to pay for it, and admitted that he wanted to kiss her too? Or in “Can’t Buy Me Math” when he asked her out again, when he held her arm while they sat together at the bowling alley, when he was the only one so hurt by the ruse that he stormed out? 

It’s true, sometimes Jimmy Junior doesn’t appreciate Tina enough, but that’s only sometimes. With everything they’ve shown, I don’t know how anyone could argue that he doesn’t care for her at all. It’s just that he’s 13. He’s confused and he doesn’t know how to deal with feelings. But people seem to expect him to act with a maturity that’s beyond him right now, and that’s not fair. I ship Tina and Jimmy Junior because I see the potential. I believe that someday Jimmy Junior is going to grow up and he’s going to see how amazing Tina is. Someday he’s going to wake up and realize that somehow he got lucky enough to have Tina Belcher like him, and he’s going to become someone that is worthy of her. Someday Tina’s going to finally have the boy she’s always wanted and Jimmy Junior’s going to finally have someone who cares for him the way the rest of his family hasn’t, and they’re going to love each other so much. And it’s going to be beautiful. 


Michael Jackson by Arno Bani (1999)

“Michael Jackson didn’t only want me to do a photo shoot, he wanted me to propose a new look for the next 10 years, and he allowed me to do it. 

I wanted something new, so I asked him to cut his hair; when I first asked him to do it there was awkward silence from all his collaborators, but he just said: ‘Okay, I’ll do it’”.


Jiu-Jitsu for the streets
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Seriously, I’ll stop with the flirting eventually, but:

ME: I’m just on a cleaning adventure today.
HIM: So romantic
ME: I can blow your mind with romance. Sweeping, dishes, disinfecting wipes. Ooh, baby!
HIM: We can scrub some countertops by candlelight and take a long walk through Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
ME: Romance each other with As Seen on TV products.
HIM: Oxy Clean really gets me off.
ME: Sham Wow! drives me wild.