Here to bug you about PhiJean again sorry ;u; but oh gosh the height difference is precious (and JJ being younger is also somehow really cute too??) 

[[Full height chart: https://mobile.twitter.com/ryuseiyuri77/status/772975196177256448]]


N O OH MY GOD U DON’T HAVE TO FEEL SORRY FOR BUGGING ME ABT PHIJEAN EVER i’m such a phijean advocate literally just fcuking. shower me in them all the time im weak and that height difference is just

Hang Ten Challenge!

Tagged by: @dbzebra! Thanks, JJ! ^_^

Last movie you watched? Wolf Children! I HIGHLY recommend this movie to ALL Anime/Manga fans! ^_^

Last song you listened to? We’re a miracle by Christina Aguilera!

Last show you watched? The Simpsons! There’s currently a marathon on FXX! XP

Last book you read? I recently finished Beowulf not too long ago!

Last thing you ate? Some ravioli! XD It’s a Saturday so I was feeling lazy! XP

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? I’d LOVE to be at home with my family and my pet! PLUS I miss my bed, lmbo! XP

Where/When would you travel to? Where? ANY place that’s comfortable! XP And I’d LOVE to travel to the early 2000s so I could relive my childhood!

Fictional character you could hang out with for a day? TOO MANY to name! XP A LONG tie between Luffy, Naruto, Goku, Yusuke, Takuya, Ash and etc.! XD

The time right now? 7:58 P:M!

What is your favorite day of the week and why? Saturday! No school and more time to chill! XP

And now I have to tag some people! XP I’m gonna tag 15 people! ^_^

I choose to tag:

@peppermonster, @yagamitaichi7, @eobardthong, @mystiqdreamer, @burniingred, @landdreams9, @fallingforkonoha, @dollfacedbunny, @uchihabanera, @sasukes-ass, @animemangalgbtq, @saiyanprince541, @lovinanimeuniverse, @lovely-rukias, @shiningscarletmoon and ANYONE ELSE who wants to do the challenge! ^_^  But you DON’T have to do it if you don’t wanna! ^_^

Happy fun, guys! ^_^