About Nagato

Sometime I get the feeling, this character is greatly misunderstood, and most probably hated for his 180 degree spin of personality at the end of his first fight with Naruto.

So I hope you don’t mind if I make an analysis of his personality. He’s quite a heavy character.

We all know the kid Nagato was gentle and caring, so much that he buried his parents as a small child (probably no more than 8-10) took a dog by his side, despite he didn’t have what to feed him with, didn’t have the power to steal bread for his own hungry stomach. From this age he was a very just and quite independent individual: he only did what was right (what at that age he was taught was right) and never asked for more help than he needed.

Then he accepted and cherished the other two orphans’ company. Take in account that when he joined he was taught to steal to survive, despite earlier not doing so. And this is a mentality that stuck to him: life is a fight for survival and in order to survive you need to take from others, but not more than needed.

Growing up with this mentality, with Yahiko’s dream of becoming god of Amegakure to stop the war and Jirayia’s ‘parenting’ the original Akatsuki was formed:

All three orphans had a huge spirit of justice rooted inside of them, and Jirayia’s presence gave them the ability to put that justice in place.

At the same time Jirayia helped Nagato define his purpose: protect your friends

follow your dream, no matter where that might lead us.

And he did. He held true to that his whole life.

And it led him to become this man.

This is where the true rant begins, because we all knew the kid Nagato. The adult still is greatly misunderstood. But to get to the adult we needed the child first.

Nagato became god. But not for himself. Yes, he wanted to achieve peace, justice and see the world grow. But it was never his purpose to become god: that was Yahiko’s dream. And Yahiko’s death shattered him in many ways: his best friend was gone, the pillar of his faith and the brother he grew up with (not to mention Nagato might of had a slight man crush on him.) Yahiko needed to become god, but this task was left to him now. So he created Pein. And you need to understand Pein is not him, Nagato. Pein is Yahiko, Pein is a man brought to the ultimate being through him; Pein is absolute. And what Nagato tries to be, not what he thinks he is (although controlling him he is Pein so he is absolute himself) With time Pein became a part of him so that they act similar and yet different.


Canonly Nagato thinks of himself as trash. So to erase his sins, his nothingness, his filth he channeled all that he deemed worthy in Pein, leaving Nagato  (in his opinion) something blank, that didn’t need to exist, but still did, because through it lived Pein. Please also take in account the fact that Nagato was disabled and malnourished, and these disabilities made him think even lesser of himself, because he just lost his independency, now depending on others to take care of him (particularly Konan who he has a very strange relationship with, to be detailed in another rant).

Nagato, to achieve his dream, did became a ruthless person, but that because he cared for those close to him, he acknowledged the fact that the world can’t know peace until people would understand each other completely, and it was pain that connected people. He agreed to shoulder all the world hate on him, by trying to bring pain to others. He deeply understood what war and pain meant and his plan could have worked, and his plan was completely independent from Madara’s. By gaining monopoly over war he would have enslaved the nations, unifying them through pain against him, just the way the fourth Shinobi war did. He was ready to shoulder all of the world’s hate upon himself, until they’ll come before him and understand what he did, because pain connected them now. And even then peace could not be achieved, but for a short period at least people would understand his reasons, his resolve.

And I deem completely admirable that he didn’t give up, despite of his dual, quite unstable personality, of his disability, of having little support in this and knowing he was a criminal. But sacrifices needed to be made in order to survive and to achieve something.

He created the new Akatsuki, only consisted of S-rank criminals. Why? Because only someone of his caliber could understand him and his motives and would join him in his cause. He only chose unique, said to be monstrous, skilled and homeless shinobies around him, not only giving them a purpose, but also a place where they could connect: giving the monster a human side. He could of chosen the new Akatsuki from Ame, he didn’t. Because it was pain that they needed to share.

And now to get to the most disturbng thin in his personality: his ending, his talk to Naruto. It was all for plot sake and to give Naruto the great preacher award again. Nagato isn’t a weak individual; he went through far too much to give up to the words of a boy who was the student of his mentor. A mentor he ended killing to achieve his dream. He would have stopped there if if he was weak hearted. He didn’t. he lost a Path that day, but proceeded to achieve his goal. It hurts me to talk about this moment of his existence, especially because half of his speech showed no sign of wanting to change in front of Naruto. It was definitely bad writing, but I’d still like to give a fan theory about why he could have changed then. No, this won’t give him an excuse for what he did.

Nagato was gentle, but not naive, and he didn’t give up easily. He was gentle when he wished to, to people he cared for. (Konan there is a special case, he wanted to keep her safe thinking she was still the girl who got captured and because of that Yahiko died; it’s a thing that’s constantly on his mind)

External image

An example of Nagato in a good mood: relaxed, smiling, and talking freely.

In that last scene Nagato was far from that; he was tense and angered, oh and tired. Tired because of lack of chakra and because the world around him started falling around him again: Akatsuki numbered only a few members now. And I think the fight with the Nine Tails for Nagato was the all of nothing type of fight: if he won his plan was complete and deserved to be continued; if he lost he needed to die. Why? Because one of the members he cared most for and could of related most to died, around the time he killed Jirayia too, his beloved mentor. So yes, it was a double blow for him, and it was a pain he could no longer stand: the feeling of an empty world. Also, after Itachi’s death he most probably met Sasuke to welcome him in Akatsuki, along with team Taka, so he personally met with Naruto’s McGuffin and the brother Itachi gave his life up for, also seeding in this boy his ideals (which were left clear in the later chapters of the manga). So he had a successor, a potent successor. But Sasuke was naive, unlike him. Naruto somehow strengthened his faith that there might be no need for him, because there were others with his ideals to continue his journey, when he couldn’t go forth anymore. Nagato was broken beyond anything that day, and he just needed a reason to let go of everything, also leaving with a high note this earth.

The edo tensei Nagato is better explained here.

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Female Character(s): Tsunade, Hinata, Mei, Kushina,

Male Character(s): Shikamaru, Minato, Kakashi, Itachi, Naruto, Sai

Sensei: Hiruzen, Jirayia, Kakashi

Hokage: Hashirama, Tobirama, Tsunade, and Naruto

Kage: I like too many to name

Village: Konohagakure

Akatsuki: Itachi

Jutsu: Iron Sand, Gold Dust, Wood Release, Crystal Release (even though it’s filler), Dust Release, Anything Byakugan released, Anything related to Tsunade’s Chakra Enhanced Strength and her Byakugō seal

Episode/Chapters: None in particular

Fight Scene: Team 7 vs Haku & Zabuza, Rock Lee vs Gaara (Chunin exam), Hinata vs Neji, Naruto vs Neji, Sakura & Granny Chiyo vs Sasori, Naruto vs Pain, Team 7 vs Kaguya, Naruto vs Sasuke (Last Battle), Jirayia & Tsunade vs Orochimaru, 5 Kage vs Madara, Might Guy vs Madara

Fanfiction: Any and all stories that have gay pairings

Story Arc: I’d have to say the Pain arc, the entire war arc, the hunt for Tsunade arc,

Filler: none in particular

What is your…

OTP (explain why): Absolutely and without a doubt NARUHINA! Aside from MinaKush and ShikaTem, they’re the most pure. What makes this couple so special and strong is from Hinata’s part: as the heiress of her clan (at the time) she was forbidden from interacting with Naruto. She was all had a meek and fragile personality, which was why her father deemed her weak and worthless. But she didn’t want to be branded that for the rest of her life, so she set out to change herself, with Naruto as her beacon of light; her inspiration. Over time her infatuation blossomed into full on love, to the point where she was willing to lay down her life for him, something we saw when she confronted Pain.

NOTP (be nice): NaruSaku and SasuSaku. I don’t have that big a problem with the former but I absolute loathe the latter. It makes zero sense to me. But nothing but love for the people who do ship this.

Crackship(s): I don’t really have any

BROTP: Naruto and Shikamaru. I know Sasuke is considered to be his best friend, but I’ve always preferred this friendship. Also Team 8’s friendship and the InoShikaCho friendship

OT3: n/a

Crossover Ship: n/a


Do you have any headcanons?: Minato and Kushina are looking down at Naruto happy that he has a family and they don’t have to worry

Are you happy with the ending? What would you have done differently?

I’m overall satisfied with the ending, but I do have things I would’ve changed: Give both Boruto and Himawari the Byakugan right off the back and have Hinata train them in the gentle fist. Have Hinata promoted to Jonin; it’s an insult that the wife of the Hokage and the former head of the Hyuga clan is still a chunin, especially with her skills. Give an explanation as to why Tsunade stepped down as Hokage.

What would a child between your OTP look like? Pretty much how they look, but have Boruto look just a tad bit more like Hinata. Hima is the perfect mix of both.

How would they behave as parents?Hinata being more strict and Naruto being there more. I’ll elaborate more below

Say something genuinely nice about your NoTP: I’m glad Sasuke isn’t all alone anymore

Say something negative about your OTP: I’m all for Hinata being loving but she needs to be more strict. You’re a grown woman now girl; be more assertive! Naruto needs to be there for his family more. I understand he never had parents and thus doesn’t know how to behave as one himself, but he needs to try harder. It’s never ended well for a parent who puts their job above their family. He changed at the end of the movie so that’s a step in the right direction.

Is there anyway you could be convinced to ship your NoTP? NaruSaku have a brother/sister like relationship to me so that’s a no, but If Sasuke reciprocated even a little of the affection Sakura showed him, I might not have as much disdain as I have for it.

What would make you change your mind about the pairing? Nothing really lmao

What makes you mad about the series? FUCKING FILLER. Omg every time more filler aired in Shippuden I died inside

If you could see anything happen in the series, what would it be? Hinata being pregnant and how exactly Sasuke and Sakura got together.

What would you say to Kishimoto if given the chance? You made a wonderful series and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the joy it brought me

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