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Did they delete everything from Harry's Facebook? I'm only seeing his recent picture and the jimmy fallon post. But nothing else.... and I had checked it before and there were still pics and posts from the FOUR photo shoot, and MITAM promo..

i’ve got no clue anon sorry

Travelling is weird, example: I just watched beauty and the beast in the cinema next to a girl who went to university with Emma Watson. Like not just the same university, they actually knew each other.

My stepfather showed me a thing online that “proved” that Donald Trump is balding, or bald. I said, “Yeah, he’s in his 70′s, big deal.” I don’t care if Donald Trump is balding; he’s a vain old man, okay, I get it.

What I care about is that he lies every time he opens his mouth. He seems to have no idea how any systems of government actually work. He is alienating the USA’s long-term military and economic partners. He surrounds himself with unqualified family members and corrupt business associates. He may be colluding with the Kremlin as part of a concerted effort to degrade Americans’ faith in the institutions of democratic governing (one of Steve Bannon’s stated ambitions, by the way).

In light of this and more, I’m supposed to care that he might be bald? That his skin is orange? Fuck you. These are distractions, and I’ll watch Jimmy Fallon if I want this kind of soft, circus-clown mockery.



The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon : Pup Quiz with Katie Holmes and Andrew Rannells



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lol, as usual, harry is performing on snl, zayn does jimmy fallon, both nbc, mmm, real good. tried and tested brands, weeeeee. nbc, img models, sony, the sun, daily fail, adidas, gucci, etc.

NBC has been good to 1D, so I’m not hatin’. I mean we’re getting two Harry songs on SNL where Trump will surely be dragged yet again–that’s a good time for me. LOL But yeah, interesting that James Corden has been denied the honor of Harry’s solo debut, considering he’s a personal friend. And it’ll be during the time where they measure ratings to set ad rates in the US too. It’s a big deal. James got screwed.

There’s so many predictable patterns with press and promo because it’s all about the money. Wherever the shot callers have a financial stake or want to curry favor or make a deal, that’s where you’ll find 1D…repeatedly. They get pimped extra hard. Always follow the money.

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This will be a significant show not just b/c it's snl first time airing live in all US time zones but it'll feature Jimmy Fallon's return to SNL which is bound to bring in guests from the classic era (Kristen wiig, Tina fey, etc). It'll just be a fun night to tune in for a variety of audiences. it'll be a good night all around! I dunno what excites me more, these days. Hearing the new song for the first time? Or live for the first time?

Oooh idk, but it makes me laugh when you say classic cause that makes me feel really old. My classic SNL cast is Mike myers, Chris farley, dana carvey, Phil Hartman, Victoria Jackson and the like 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂