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Come as You Are ~ RP Thread with queenaries15

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Her family Didn’t quite understand why she liked the Cabinet of Curiosities. she wasnlt going there to look down on them. most people who went were goign because they found the performers repulsive or adnormal.

She went there because they seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves.  Sh wished her famiyl were as close as hte performers seemed to be. She kept being told to behave like a collins. but she didnlt like how her family acted in the name of being a collins. She sat i nthe front row or close to the front everytime Jimmy Darling had a solo. She had seen him in the diner a few times. she usually sat back i nthe corner because the glare from the natural light sometimes bothered her eyes. and she tried not to stae but she found him so attractive. 

She didnlt even think he really noticed specific peopel she had been there for almost every performance for two or three weeks. She did a standing ovation and then blushed and sat down when the people started looking at her.

“It is the collins girl.” she heard them mumble. She sighed  and she hated pretendign like she didnlt know that people thought she was wayward because she wasnlt datign anyone in town. this particular person was one of her neighbors and everyone knew she was having an affair with the gardener. 

“Mrs. Anderson i hear your gardener enjoys plowing things.”  she waved as the other woman left tryign to act shocked.


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