Two minutes later…

kiki and a sunrise ☀

hello!! i’ve been back from my trip recovering from jet lag. traveling so much made me think of kiki’s delivery service, my favorite ghibli movie. it’s wonderful seeing family, how people live in different places, forgetting about everything, almost like living a new life.

i went for health issues that built up and prevented me from being dedicated with art and life in general… it’s a long story that i’ll maybe draw someday. but with a lot of discipline, things are slowly getting better.

in contrast to this small change… it’s kind of sudden but i’m moving overseas, out of the usa. it’s kinda the opposite of kiki’s experience since i’ll still be with family, but still a bit scary since i’m unsure of a many things right now. like everyone, i’ve got a lot of ‘life plans’ inside my head, including this tiny blog named 'buntoo’. well… one step at a time, right?


Jiji’s day was completely made thanks to a gift. Thank you so much! ♡♡♡

ajockeynamedpod asked:

otegine actually being a pretty good lookout because he can actually stand on his spear while it's in its sheath by sticking it into the ground, climbing it and balancing on top like a cat or just staying latched on. he'll pole vault with it too and pull some parkour shit if the situation calls for it even. he's actually pretty agile and lithe (just not in combat) and can balance well but trips on his own feet when walking. protect him

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mitsu secretly leaves a flower in manba's hair before he wakes up. manba's not aware of it till he sees a mirror or someone points it out. he's a lil frustrated wondering who keeps doing this, at the same time not wanting to throw the flowers away so he keeps them preserved in books. when he sees manba keeping, mitsu'll ask which flower's his favourite. for the next few days manba found that there's an odd increase of number of the same flower but never suspected mitsu. yet. -mtshmwr anon

It's Sacanime tomorrow..
  • and thankfully Im gonna be there this year! I hope I see some touken ranbu cosplayers and buy some tourabu stuff(particularly the jiji nendo that i didnt pre-order cuz i was angry at him during the pre-order period)If you'll be there and want to say hi to me, let me know! (I might cosplay as a random saniwa because i forgot to buy tsuru cosplay Orz)

Touran Postcards Part 1. for ComicWorld HK tomorrow ; u;;/ I will be at table F10 on the 6th floor if you’re coming definitely come say hi~ 8D

>> PART 2 <<

will also be on my online store when I re-open :”D somanyswordboystheywontevenallfitinonepostorz