Creativity Night Reminder

The next Creativity Night will take place in the fandot chat Saturday 27th of August!

“What is this creativity night?” You might ask.

Well, read our excellent FAQ post by @madnina and you’ll find out all you need to know.

From 7 pm UK time (and for as long as people want to play), we will gather together in the chat room, give quick prompts to work on, and then share with each other and give each other feedback.

We’re keeping the time for each prompt short (15 minutes) so we can create a lot of different things in one night. Just remember that this is just meant to be fun and can work as a writing/drawing exercise, so the plan is to not spend too much time on each piece. If a prompt triggers a more complex idea, there’s of course no reason you can’t work on this and post it later. If another prompt doesn’t speak to you, you can of course skip it and wait for the next one.

If you just want to hang out in chat while this is going on and maybe give the creators some positive feedback, you are more than welcome to do so.

I’ll see you all in the fandot chat Saturday the 27th!

thatfierycouch  asked:

Hi! The other day I remembered a JFSP sketch but I can't for the life of me figure out what episode it's from and it's driving me nuts. It's the one where two old secret service men are reminiscing about their careers during the Cold War, the punchline being that only one side had designed the perfect weapon but they didn't realise because they'd forgotten how many time their double agent had switched sides. Could you help me find it please?

Hello! I think you mean this one, from Series 1 Ep 4:

Dimitri: “Excuse me, may I join you?”
Julian: “By all means.”
Dimitri: “In the old days there would’ve been need for some ludicrous passphrase perhaps.”
Julian: “I doubt it. We never went in for those as much as was thought. Mr Abdale.”
Dimitri: “Mr Vinnick. A great pleasure at last.”
Julian: “Indeed. I often used to wonder about this day you know? Wether, once the great game had been played out, the players would have the opportunity to shake hands across the board.”
Dimitri: “And congratulate ourselves perhaps that the deadliest pieces were never played. The RDS’s.”
Julian: “The Trident.”
Dimitri: “The ICDM’s.”
Julian: “The Thompson Pulse.”
Dimitri: “I beg your pardon?”
Julian: “The Thompson Pulse.”
Dimitri: “What is that?”
Julian: “Come Dimitri, you and I are too old to dance…”
Dimitri: “I really have no idea what you mean.”
Julian: “Well, no doubt you rechristened your version. I am speaking, as well you know, of the vast undetectable electro-magnetic pulse that, whilst harmless to humans, would’ve reduced all metal within a radius of a thousand kilometers to the consistency of butter.“
Dimitri: “My goodness! That sounds great! You should’ve used it!”
Julian: “We… we couldn’t! You would’ve used yours!”
Dimitri: “Honestly, Julian, we didn’t have one.”
Julian: “But you must’ve done! Baldwin must’ve given it to you.”
Dimitri: “Baldwin was one of yours.”
Julian: “Yes but then you turned him.”
Dimitri: “Yes but then you turned him back.”
Julian: “Yes but then you turned him back from being turned back.”
Dimitri: “No, we left him as he was.”
Julian: “No, no, no, look I have it written down, let me see… Yes! Here we are! Baldwin was ours, then yours, then ours again but pretending to be yours -oh-”
Dimitri: “Ah.”
Julian: “Oh. I… forgot he was only pretending…”
Dimitri: “Yes.”
Julian: “We could’ve used the Thompson pulse at any time… Without retaliation.”
Dimitri: “Yes. When did you develop it?”
Julian: “1957.”
Dimitri: “Ah. That would’ve been a much shorter game.”
Julian: “Yes. Oh dear. I wish I hadn’t come now.”

lilybeansmommy  asked:

Hi! I'm sorry if this is a question you've already answered (especially if you've answered it more than once). Do you have transcripts of all JFSP sketches? If you do, are they publicly accessible? Thank you! ❤️

You are in luck! Transcripts of most of JFSP (and a link to the Cabin Pressure transcripts page) can be found here: 


The brilliant person who ran this blog was the de facto fearless leader of the Finnefandom for several years; if there’s anything you want to know about John Finnemore, anything you want to find, her blog is the place. No longer being updated, but the archive is there for everyone to access.

Have fun exploring!