John Finnemore news!

- The John Finnemore Project will definitely not be called that, but John doesn’t know what it will be called yet.

- … but he does know it won’t be recorded in front of an audience (noooooo!).

- It will air on Radio 4 in October (and in case you’ve somehow missed the details, it’ll be 6 standalone ½ hour episodes of comedy-drama, some starring John himself in various sized roles, and some not).

- JFSP 5 recordings will take place in November and December, to air in February next year (next year!). We assume there will be tryouts in September/ October as before. The brilliant Simon, Carrie, Lawry, Margaret, Ed & Susannah are all back on board. 

- The plan with John And Kevin’s Book Depository is to record four or five episodes together in one block so they can release them monthly, but they are both very busy at the moment, so he doesn’t know when that will be.

… and that’s the news! Anything I missed, TT friends? 


EAC2 PROGRAMME: John’s Souvenir Finnemore Programme

Bing Bong!
This is the panel speaking.
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Arthur chose to host a game-show? Do you want to sing songs with us? Do you like Cabin Pressure and JFSP so much that you want there to be more of it? Here we come to your rescue!
We are a diverse little band of people, who want to try bringing you the same happiness that John Finnemore does (we might even toss some apples!)

Still not convinced? Well I don’t have any more ways to make the shows aura more orange. But maybe you’ll be delighted to hear that there will definitely be (silly) accents.

 Love, the panel

Date: TBC

Activity type: Game

Sign-up required: No

Keep an eye on the website for further updates about the activities.

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Name: Lucy
Nickname: technically Lucy could be classed as a nickname, but Leo
Birthday: 25th October
Star Sign: much as I hate astrology, I do know I’m a scorpio
Gender: cis female 
Height: 5′7′’ last I checked 

Sexual Orientation: aromantic bisexual
Favourite Colour:darkish green or medium blue
Time right now: 23:35
Average amount of sleep: 7 or so hours?? I don’t know I don’t keep count
Lucky number: 7, boringly
Last thing I googled: transcripts for jfsp
Word that comes to mind: 
Happy place: bed. at the top of our willow tree. listening to classical music. 
Celebrity crush: john finnemore, tom hiddleston, elizabeth henstridge, hayley atwell…… etc
Favourite book: Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zavin. I also love The Humans by Matt Haig and The Book Theif by Marcus Zusak
Favourite band/artist: Shinedown, Sara Bareilles, Radical Face
Last film I watched:Monty Python’s Life of Brian
Dream trip: moon. mars. space. 
Dream job: astronaut. or like a writer or something idk

Fandot Creativity Ficlet - Missed Connection

The train driver sighed deeply. This was just his luck, wasn’t it? Here he was, at his very first day, extremely proud to finally be a proper driver and to have control of a massive train. Proper control, and not being supervised by anyone. It was only a temp job, their regular driver had called in sick, and it was his big chance to prove himself.

So of course he had managed to mess it up, making lots of people miss their connections. He felt so bad. The best thing about the day had been the really cute train manager who came up to him with tea while they were waiting at the end station.

The manager had smiled at him and told him it wasn’t the end of the world. It happened from time to time, and the regular driver rarely managed to keep the times either. It made the driver feel a lot better and thanked the manager for the tea and kind words.

The manager had then disappeared, and the driver had finished his shift.

The train was late on its way back too, and the driver felt horrible. When he left the train he looked around for the cute manager, but he was nowhere to be found.

The driver sighed. His first, and probably only day in this company (considering how he had screwed up) and he had met probably the most handsome man in the world. And he would probably never see him again.

He didn’t even know his name.

May I just say, “Geronimo!”

Tonight I’ve switched from JFSP to Cabin Pressure in my daily re-listenings while I drive to work and back. Well, there are a couple of things I need to say before I finally go and try to get some sleep as the Carolyn in my head is commanding me to do.

  1. No matter how many times I’ve listened to it already, I still wasn’t entirely prepared for the utter perfection that is Roger Allam’s voice. Having Douglas’ cabin address as the first thing on the first episode is probably a stroke of genius, and not only because of the funny thing he says.
  2. Who’s that guy that reads the opening credits so calmly, and what has he done with Benedict Cumberbatch?
  3. I know I’m probably the only one who still hadn’t noticed, but I’ve finally realised that both Abu Dhabi and Zurich feature Douglas and Martin arguing about which one of them should ride in the front or back seat, and Arthur’s offer of settling the argument by taking said seat being turned down by the pair of them.
  4. At some point during the episode, a cat had a real narrow escape as he suddenly crossed the street right in front of my car. Must have been a cousin of the Abu Dhabi cat or something.

iwanttotieyourshoe asked:

Do you think it can be the new recording of Hancock’s Half Hour? Are they doing more series of that? I read an old article so I don't know what they ended up doing. Just a thought.

I was wondering about that, but there doesn’t seem to be a new series. I did find this article about a new show at the Edinburgh Festival this summer, but if John hasn’t got time to do the Now Show, he certainly hasn’t got time to spend an entire month performing Hancock’s Half Hour at the Edinburgh Festival. Hopefully we’ll be able to ask him about it on Wednesday!


Aarrgh!!! You’re right, there IS a new series of The Missing Hancocks!!!!

Even worse, there are recordings in July & September (and presumably one tonight) but they are all sold out. Finnemore’s not listed as part of the cast, but it’s produced by Ed “JFSP” Morrish and co-stars Margaret “Cabourn” Smith and Susy “Simon’s sister” Kane. So I think we can probably assume that John might have a small part in one of the recordings. AND NONE OF US ARE THERE!

Perfect holiday
  • Man:“Exactly. Eh so, yeah sorry, Hannah. Eh right, through there is my study. When the novel reader comes on Wednesday, tell her there’s a stack on my desk. And through there is the conservatory. Don’t go in there if you don’t mind, that’s where I’ll be.”
  • Hannah:“Wh-where you’ll be?”
  • Man:“Yeah.”
  • Hannah:“Won’t you be on holiday?”
  • Man:“No, no, not this year no. No I’ve got a holiday goer. Yeah eh lovely chap, he does the whole thing. Sees the temples, hikes the mountain trails, bonds with the kids.”
  • Rachel:“Rekindles our sex life.”
  • Man:“Yeah. The whole package, yeah. Yeah he’s marvelous! Isn’t he Rachel?”
  • Rachel:“Oh yes!”
  • Hannah:“And what are you going to do?”
  • Man:“I’m gonna lie in a hammock in the conservatory, eating Monster Munch and watching cartoons on my phone. It’s going to be amazing!”