>fuck you aleppo, you deserve these terrorist attacks for not rebelling against the government, welcome to the revolution, are you liking these indiscriminate attacks and bombings? heh :))))))

four years later


context: the syrian revolution started in southern syria around the cities of Douma and Daraa. Aleppo was nearly entirely unaffected by the sort of growing violence happening elsewhere in the country because it was considerably more wealthy, in support of the government and apprehensive about direct action, even though hundreds of civilians were dying from government clamp downs on civil unrest elsewhere in Syria.

Even when armed rebellion was beginning (the Free Syrian Army, formed by defecting Syrian Arab Army soldiers and leaders, was already in operation by this time) around the country, there was a massive march in solidarity with the Syrian government on October 19th, 2011 numbering from the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

The reasons for this are pretty evident. Cosmopolitan, wealthy cities such as Damascus and Aleppo and the business establishment of these cities, were comfortable and favourable toward the Assad government. The government guaranteed and fostered stability and growth.

Most of the discontent originated in religious rural and semi-rural areas. Not too unlike religion and how government mistrust exists in America’s cities versus america’s rural areas. It’s the bible thumpers in America who are like to rebel against the state, not the cosmopolitan citizens of America’s blue cities. This is why Syria’s rebellion has a character of being a religious, socially conservative and otherwise reactionary war against the “western” model of cosmopolitan society and economy that the Syrian Ba'athist government supports.

Protests didn’t really begin in Aleppo until mid-2012, when government clampdowns became too obvious to ignore, but otherwise, the citizens of Aleppo were supportive of the government and preferred peace

Then in winter 2012, the Free syrian army (mostly the al tawhid brigade, an islamist faction of the FSA) and alqaeda’s Jabhat Al-Nusra invaded the city and transformed it into Syria’s Stalingrad, that finally ended this week with the government organized evacuation of the remaining rebels and their families from eastern Aleppo pocket. 70% of these rebels are from Jabhat Fateh al-sham, the same faction that used to be called Jabhat al nusra front

During the course of their initial invasion of Aleppo, al nusra encircled and threatened to shoot down any commercial or civilian aircraft with their own “no fly zone” and when militants entered the city, recognizing the government’s reluctance to damage culturally sensitive areas, the rebels decided to use the ancient mosques, bazaars, alleyways and other heritage relics to get around the Syrian Arab Army defense lines into the heart of the city, bringing destruction down upon the city’s great monuments and historic old city.

The same heritage the rebels and rebel sympathizers lay blame on the government for letting be destroyed.

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