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Cue Detective Alburn going silent and wide eyed at a familiar car outside the precinct. ((Hope you don't mind a little Edgeworth returns in jfa feels :3))

Jr. Detective Wright, who was completing his paperwork a desk away, glanced up at his fellow detective’s silence. He hadn’t thought anything would come of his cursory look, but the expression on her face proved him wrong.

“Ms. Alburn? Is something wrong?”

AA Anime Episode Theory.

//This has so many spoilers, I’m sorry in advance. But as we’re aware, the ‘second series’ of AA anime has gone straight to Reunion, and Turnabout and not the Lost Turnabout. I have a theory about why this is the case, without saying the obvious ‘It’s being skipped.’ - Similarly to Rise from the Ashes.

I believe that they’re doing each case in order. Therefore, it’ll go Reunion, Big Top, Lost and finally Farewell. This is because this order is the canonical order of Justice for All, due to Reunion being six months prior to Lost, and Big Top being two months after Reunion and as we’re aware, Farewell is the final case of the JFA timeline. I dunno why they could be doing it this way, but it’s just a theory.

I still have some issues with the way the ace attorney adapted reuinion and turnabout so far, But I’ll give them credit for the fact they removied director hotti.

because that one painful scene with that creep in JFA really took me out of the immersion in the case.

granted the changes the anime made aren’t perfect but its still relieving

Some OOC Rambing

Okay, I see arguments flying about shipping or not shipping Edgeworth/Franziska and here are my thoughts on the matter.

I’m not a heavy shipper of this pairing. I guess I’m more on the fence? Yes, they do have a sibling-like relationship, at least earlier on, such as during Turnabout Reminiscence. That’s why it makes me very iffy about it as a ship as a whole. Also, I am strictly against incest.

HOWEVER, they are not actually brother and sister, and by the time of JFA, Franziska seems to no longer regard Edgeworth as such. Franziska did refer to him as ‘little brother’ while he was a part of the von Karmas, but as far as I know, Manfred never officially adopted him, unless there’s something I’ve missed. So with that being said, it’s not technically incest in that way.

Bottom line, even though I’m very much on the fence with it at the moment, for all shipping purposes it is not incest, because they have not officially ever been siblings. Meanwhile, if they’re not shipping, it’s perfectly reasonable for them to have a more familial bond. Whatever floats your boat. But regardless of any of that, this is what I have to say about this matter:


Once upon a time, I was shamed for shipping Mitsumayo, and in the process, it almost ruined Narumayo for me, and I ship it a lot less today. I don’t wish for anyone else to have to deal with that sort of hate, thank all of you very much.

…That is all, I guess

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While world’s powerhouses are preparing for the Rio Olympics, Japan will also get ready to gun for the next title in our own way. I’m happy that we can play against one of the European big teams, Sweden. We added some new faces, but Nadeshiko Japan have not changed our qualification for players – skill, cleverness, hard-running, fighting attitude committing to the team and great enthusiasm for the national team.

I want my players to be aware that the new challenge’s already started and be proud of and responsible for the fact they were selected. And I want them to be strongly aware they are being tested. I expect my players to bring out their best on the pitch and display the attitude to battle for the future as a Nadeshiko Japan player off the pitch as well.

- Asako Takakura