»kooky yoga« by john jerome o'connor

to begin this drawing, i transcribed several nights’ worth of my sleep talking (recorded with a voice activated recorder) directly onto the paper. i began in the center and rotated the paper with each word. after transcribing the information from the recordings, i outlined and darkened all the non-intersecting segments of the words and letters, creating a black and white pattern. then, i colored the negative spaces between the letters. the outer words attached to this inner mass form a sentence: “assume kooky yoga neatens doughy oviods”. these words were based on 6 nonsense mutterings from my sleep talking recordings. i transcribed them and entered them into my pocket dictionary, which translated the nonsense into actual words. i formed these into a sentence.

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"You cant go. You're the only one who understands.." Jerome?

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You shook your head, finding it almost unbearable to look at him dead on, “This is the last straw, Jerome.” You sounded weak, “I told you before… I’m not sticking around; not anymore.”

Jerome didn’t seem to believe you, as you’d had this exact argument quite a few times, “Come on, sugar, I said I was sorry.”

You shook your head more violently this time, a tear running down your cheek, “No, Jerome. Sorry doesn’t fix things; not this time. I told you that I’d leave and… I’m leaving, Jerome.”

“Doll, you can’t go.” He said, walking towards you, “You love me and I love you.”

You shrugged, “I can’t be here anymore, Jerome. I can’t be with you.”

It was then the realisation that you were serious hit him, “You… You can’t go.” He stammered, sounding panicked and paranoid, “You’re the only one who understands… You’re the only one who’s ever stuck around. I- I love you!”

You could feel your heart break, “I… I wish that was enough to make me stay but… it’s not. Goodbye, Jerome.” You wished you hadn’t looked at him but you caved and you did… You’d never seen him cry before.