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here’s a list of viners that collaborated and/or keep collaborating with the scumbag that is curtis lepore after he admitted that he raped his girlfriend
  • lele pons
  • logan paul
  • jake paul
  • amanda cerny
  • marcus johns
  • cody johns
  • kingbach
  • josh peck
  • brittany furlan
  • jerry purpdank
  • christian delgrosso
  • jerome jarre
  • rudy mancuso
  • nash grier
  • brandon calvillo
  • klarity
  • max jr
  • american jeff
  • jojoe
  • piques
  • corndog guy
  • claire felske
  • matt cutshall
  • steve aoki
  • twan kuyper
  • brandon bowen
  • anwar jibawi
  • brent rivera
  • dan nampaikid
  • melvingregg
  • kingkeraun
  • jack and jack
  • gary rojas
  • george janko
  • destorm power
  • zane and heath
  • pagekennedy
  • david lopez
  • nev schulman
  • ry doon
  • allicattt
  • esa fungtastic
  • matthew espinosa
  • carter reynolds
  • mario bautista
  • chris pimentel
  • alx james
  • jake foushee
  • bigdaddykane
  • melvingregg
  • terry excellent
  • pagekennedy
  • jason nash
  • wahlid mohammad
  • chris dalo
  • kc james
  • brendon mcnerney

in case i missed someone, feel free to add

❤ Famous men with your sign ❤

Aries -  Tyler Oakley,  Robert Downey Jr, Brendon Urie, Gerard Way.
Taurus - Channing Tatum,  Dwayne Johnson, Thomas Brodie-Gangster, Patrick Stump
Gemini - Johnny Depp, Dan Howell, Kanye West, Morgan Freeman, Ryan Higa, Jerome Jarre
Cancer - Luke Hemmings, King Bach, Jaden Smith, Kevin Hart, Markiplier, Tom Hanks
Leo - Barack Obama, Daniel Radcliffe, Dylan/Cole Sprouse, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 
Virgo - Niall Horan, Paul Walker, Dylan O’Brian, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, Jimmy Fallon
Libra -  Lil Wayne, Zac Efron, Bruno Mars, Will Smith, Josh Hutcherson, Snoop Dogg
Scorpio - PewDiePie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tyga, Josh Peck, Matt Smith, Ryan Gosling
Sagittarius - Jay Z, Brad Pitt, Ian Hecox, Theo James, Trey Songz, Bruce Lee
Capricorn - Nash (Trash) Grier,  Zayn Malik, LeBron James, Elvis, Pitbull, Martin Luther King jr, Psy
Aquarius - Michael Jordan, Callum Hood, Taylor Lautner, Ed Sheeran, Bob Marley, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tom Hiddleston
Pisces - Adam Levine, Ansel Elgort, Steve Jobs,Will I Am, Toby Turner, Bow Wow, Jensen Ackles, Danny Avidan (Game Grumps)

Channing, please, be mine!

Sarah Lamb and Federico Bonelli – © Dave Morgan

“Afternoon of a Faun”, choreography by Jerome Robbins, The Royal Ballet

i feel like being nice and being happy goes together

like i instantly feel happier when i’m nice to people and when people are nice to me, and vice versa happiness makes me want to be nicer so moral of the story, when you feel like you’re done with your life, and you don’t know how to be happy again just start being nice to people around you the smile on their face, in their eyes, how they light up, it just makes things a little better and maybe it’s not a miracle solution but at least it’s a small step toward happiness

Monday Morning

- Slept almost 6 hours! At the correct time! It was cool enough for me to sleep comfortably, so maybe that had something to do with it.

- My stomach just made a noise so loud I thought it was the cat.

- Jerome has to be at work at 06:30 for a while. Now we have to be up even earlier. I totally slept through my alarm, but since he just snoozes his forever I was able to rouse myself and get him out of bed on time.

- Doctor appointment later today. I have like a list of things to ask about, but most of the stuff should be quick answers. Just new doctor stuff. Get referred up to the hip people, refill prescription, etc.

- Possible adventure on/around base? Mom is generally up for adventure, but the weather might not cooperate. We’ll see.