something that keeps replaying in my mind

we were speaking with a woman about dark energy and dark matter at JPL and my friend asked about the distance between something or another and the woman said it was much too far for any of our technology. i made a joke about how they needed to figure out warp technology and with a smile she replied ‘you should do it’ 

i have zero education in the subject of astrophysics. the highest science i got to was high school physics (which I got a C in) and the highest math I got to was high school pre-Calculus (which again, I believe I got a C in. I remember struggling with it). I have a genuine love for astronomy but no real significant knowledge of it.

but even with all of that, i felt this weird ‘oh shit she’s right, i could do it myself instead of waiting for someone else’ ping in my heart and it was the strangest thought/sensation.

it was strange because it was the first time ever or maybe the first time in a long time someone say for me to do something no one else has done and she said it in a way that made it seem like it was the most obvious choice. like no im clearly the person for this job, why am i saying someone else has to do it.

In that split second i felt like I had the tools to figure out how to make the starship enterprise a reality if I just sat down for a minute and really thought about it.

Truly the weirdest sensation from the smallest of comments.


when i condense 4 hours of footage into 5 minutes it kinda makes it look like i know what i’m doing. don’t be fooled i was floundering the whole time

and next time i’ll try to figure out how to turn off that thing in the corner. it’s super obnoxious

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Y’all I can’t begin to tell you how important it is to have a movie about Blackness not be centered around slavery to win such an award. Moonlight showed us pain, yes but it showed us love and its complexity. Familial love, gay love. This shit is real.

They took away the win from Moonlight tho by now making it about how the Blah Bland folk reacted and doing a whole investigation about how the mix up even happened. Mahershala said he couldn’t feel joy in knowing that he was somehow taking something away from someone else. How fucked up is that? They rightfully won but end up feeling like they were given something they didn’t deserve. It’s bullshit.