don’t spare me the sparring | jer&dyl | 28th Jan.

This is – a lot harder – than I thought it would be!

Breathed out words were accompanied by exhausted laughter when he retreated from the punching bag, his arms already starting to feel slightly sore and his shirt sticking to his chest with sweat. Dylan was not exactly unfit, constant training for Maze Runner and various other projects certainly kept him in good shape, but trying out a sport you never had done before always got some muscle groups to work that you otherwise didn’t train. And right now, Dylan felt like he was the whimsiest jellyfish in the gym. Although his knuckles were wrapped in bandages, he knew he’d probably sport some bruises rather sooner than later, and the constant leg work would probably pay in some pain in his thighs tomorrow —–but his mind was as calm as it hadn’t been in weeks. Letting off some steam, not having to think, just strict physical work, it got his head clear and he was more than thankful for Jer’s idea to try out the boxing project for Health Week.

I swear I’ll feel like a jiggly worm tomorrow. But right now? Amazing. Really, thanks for taking me.    He held a bandaged fist out for Jer to bump his against, then proceeding to wipe some pearls of sweat from his forehead with his arm.   You don’t even look half as strained as I do. I feel like you have a signoificant advantage, ha! You come here often? To box, I mean?