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Real or Not Real?

So I’m not sure why, but I cannot get Everlark out of my head.  I finally saw the two Mockingjay films last week, after all these years, (I read the books when Mockingjay was first published) & I became overwhelmed all over again by the relationship between Katniss & Peeta.  I think it must have something to do with his selflessness & her independence.  The evolution of their relationship is so powerful, and Jennifer Lawrence’s & Josh Hutcherson’s performances capture the heartbreak of love & loss & love again so beautifully.   When Peeta’s heart stops, Katniss’ emotion on display is heartbreaking.  I’ve re-watched the beach scene in Catching Fire too many times, but can’t seem to stop as it illustrates how finally, for a moment, Katniss & Peeta see each other.  When Peeta returns to District 12 after the war, the way Josh Hutcherson plays their reunion scene - he apologizes & holds Katniss delicately as his haunted eyes stare off into the distance, is heartbreaking.  When Katniss come to him in the night & he asks tentatively if she loves him real or not real, their gestures are so genuine.  The idea that after everything that Peeta, while forever changed, has returned to Katniss & Katniss recognizes the profoundness of her love for Peeta -  that she cannot survive without him both breaks & fills my heart.  Suzanne Collins wrote a powerful, political series of YA novels & her message of hope - the bread and the dandelion, make these characters unforgettable.

what i said: i’m fine

what i mean: no i don’t mean anything its just that marvel is killing me repetitively within such an intense speed and you’re going to watch me lose my sanity