When they say the Army life is crazy they are not lying. PT at 4:30 in the morning and then having to go to the gym and keep pushing until my legs are like jello. But the bright side is I get free food and the super cool uniform that only lIKE 1% of people get to wear. 

Four hours in and he felt like death kicked him in the face.
After avoiding all alcohol and alcohol related foods (jellos, chocolate candies, stupid little cupcakes made with rum), he settled for the punch bowl every time he was thirsty and, sure enough, someone decided to be the designated asshole for the evening and spiked it with Everclear when he wasn’t looking. Besides the obvious physical discomforts, Harper grew increasingly more anxious the more the night went on. He hated not being in control; sure, he did feel a bit more easygoing now, but the fact that he’s never had more than a shot or two his entire life made this experience more terrifying than it should have been.
Taking a third swig from his red solo cup, he lazily peered into it and let out a soft “Why do I keep drinking this oh my god–” before quickly shoving it onto the coffee table. There were more people now; he distinctly remembered wanting to check on the backyard, but his body refused to compromise despite how much his brain yelled at his legs. Instead, the blonde waved over the closest person he could find and peered up at them.
 “Listen– listen, I know this is hard to believe, but…I think I’m like…intoxicated. And I– hey don’t THROW THAT–” rubbing his face, he muttered softly whist glaring at the two boys from across his living room“–Ugh, I don’t even care anymore– do you have a fucking cigarette or something? Or like..food?”

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Jello shoulda subbed Press for Alex though

I thought she might come on for carli but it sounds like both her and alex are playing 90 so….tobin and christen will probably sub in for crystal and mal

How to Make a Raindrop Cake 

Make a 3 Ingredient Raindrop Cake, also known as the Japanese Mizu Shingen Mochi, using Agar, sugar and spring water.

Agar, simply put, is the vegan equivalent of gelatin - a seaweed gelling agent - that comes in sticks, powder, flakes, or premixed with sugar. Some say the Raindrop Cake tastes like flavored jello, then when eaten it dissolves quickly into water. 

I’ve found 2 really good tutorials and recipes for making a Raindrop Cake

Learn from the 3 attempts at making a Raindrop Cake from The Cooking of Joy here. A recipe and tutorial are included in the post. (Top Photo)

The Craftsy Blog has 3 different recipes, depending on what type of Agar you end up using: Agar flakes or powder, Agar sticks, or Agar ready-mix dessert powder here. (Bottom Photos)

  • Hermione:If you think we're going to finish what we started at the Yule Ball, You are out of your mind. You lost your chance.
  • Draco:Oh, c'mon, I never had a chance with you.
  • Hermione:You're right. I had a momentary lapse in judgement when I thought you were more than you are, but you aren't. Clearly.
  • Draco:Oh, yeah? Well what does that mean?
  • Hermione:[mockingly] I'm Draco Malfoy. I like girls in Jello. I like to fuck like a monkey. Don't fall in love. It's scary.
  • Draco:Yeah, it is scary. It's terrifying. Especially when I'm in love with a psycho like you.
  • Hermione:I am not a psycho!
  • Draco:I just told you that I loved you and all you heard was "psycho." Well you're the definition of neurotic.
  • Hermione:No! The definition of neurotic is a person who suffers from anxiety, obsessive thoughts, compulsive acts, and, and physical ailments without any objective evidence of...
  • Draco:Shut up! Yet again I just told you I'm in love with you and you're standing here giving me a vocabulary lesson.
  • Hermione:You're in love with me. Why?
  • Draco:Beats the shit out of me, but I am.
  • [she leans over and kisses him]