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Imagine the Company Poking Fun at You and Fili

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Warnings: Slightly suggestive


“What are those on your back, lad?” You hear Dwalin ask and that makes you swallow, hard. The mountain was reclaimed about a year ago and Thorin had been made King Under the Mountain. In order to keep in touch with all of the members of the Company, Thorin made sure to set aside one weekend every month for the company to gather together like old times.

You were all currently in the armory, sparring each other and it was currently Fili and Dwalin. They had both removed their shirts during the process and it’s when Dwalin had asked his question that you realized you left marks on Fili’s back from your rendezvous the night before.

No one but Thorin, Dis, and Kili knew about the two of you and they never gave you two a break.

“Ay. I believe it’s the mark of a lover. I didn’t realize the heir had a possible consort,” Bofur jumps in, clapping Fili on the back. Thorin and Kili shoot you knowing looks and you stick your tongue out at the both of them.

“I didn’t realize she left a few marks,” Fili says, trying to get a proper look at his back. “Oh she’s a feisty one,” Dwalin chuckles. “Who is she? A lady from the Iron Hills?” Nori asks making you scoff.

“Dams from the iron hills are known to be quite good in bed,” Bofur says, nodding at his own observation. Fili shoots you a glance and you look away.

He was the one who wanted to keep this relationship between the two of you. For what reason? You did not know but you were going to let him do whatever he wanted. That, however doesn’t mean you have to like it.

“I bet she’s a hag,” Kili says, laughing and you covertly flip him off. “Have you not met her?” Ori asks quietly. “Oh I have. Fili dear could not do better,” Kili replies and that makes you smile. You were thankful that Dis, Kili and Thorin had immediately accepted you into the family. You don’t think you could’ve handled it if they didn’t.

“Well come on lad. Aren’t you going to tell us about the lady from the iron hills?” Bofur asks.

“Yeah. Come on Fee. Lets hear about this lady of yours,” you say and he shoots you a glare making you smirk.

“Is she good in bed?” “Is she a screamer?” “Does she-”

Those questions make fili snap.

“Oh for Mahal’s sake she’s right there!” He shouts pointing at you. “Y/n and I have been courting for nearly a year already and your questions are getting on my nerves.”

There is a complete silence before dwalin starts laughing.

“Don’t worry lad. We were just trying to push your buttons. We’ve known for a while now but we were getting tired of you two pussyfooting around the subject,” he explains and that makes you smile. Always the blunt one.

“At least we know that the lassie is quite a scratcher,” Bofur says, giving you a wink and with that, you shove him off the bench. No matter how much fun they poked at you, you will always love this company.

But can we talk about this gif for a second?
Look at it, they are so in character:

Martin Fremann (Bilbo): “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but fuck it, I do it anyway.”
Richard Armitage (Thorin): “I’m a very important dwarf, doing very important practice, because it’s important”
Graham McTavish (Dwalin): “I’m doing it wrong, but I pull this through until the bitter end.”
Adam Brown (Ori): “Look at me, I’m a cutie patootie!”
Jed Brophy (Nori): “Wheee~ I’m gonna need this for my next raid~”
William Kircher (Bifur): “I may have an axe stuck in my head, but I’m gonna show you spring chicken how to do this proper”

Perfect cast, Ladies and Gentleman.


The group photo actors received as a present at the end of filming.

Imagine Seeing Nori After You Almost Die

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A/n: I couldn’t find a gif that made sense. Anyway this is the last installment of my Nori three-shot. Although I’m quite disappointed in myself that there’s not much Nori in here. 

Part 1 - Part 2 MASTER LIST

To say the battle was gruesome was the understatement of the century. It was literal hell. There were many fallen on all sides. So much elves. So much of your kin.

You pull your sword out of yet another orc and you notice four goats running up to Ravenhill. You grab onto a lose goat and follow the dwarves up the hill. You had a bad feeling about their destination. When you get there the four dwarves are looking around for, what you guess is, Azog.

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Imagine Seeing Nori Before They Leave to the Mountain

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Part 3


Your father being displeased was an understatement. He was absolutely furious. You had let the dwarves go and that had gotten a lot of his guards killed in the process. How were you supposed to know that there were going to be orcs tracking down the dwarves? He sent you to your chambers to think about what you’ve done, but you needed to follow the dwarves. You need to know what had happened to your dwarf.

You sneak out of the gates with your weapons on your back. You find your horse, Loki, in the stables and ride him to Lake Town. You unmount at the bridge and tie Loki up with the rest of the horses that you see and pull up your cloak, wanting to not be seen. It was nightfall, but you did not want to risk it.

You walk into the town and try to find the dwarves. You hear a commotion in the square and you see the dwarves being surrounded by guards with Thorin making a speech, but you could careless. You needed to make sure the pointy haired one was okay. You push through the crowd ignoring the few, “hey’s!” being tossed around.

You spy the dwarf standing between two others. You really need to learn their name. The crowd cheers and suddenly the dwarves are ushered inside the town hall and you see Bard walking away angrily.

You knew him through your father. He was the one who picked up the barrels after the wine was done. That means that he would’ve been the one to find them as soon as they reached the end of the river.

You push through the crowd to get to him.

“Bard!” you call and he turns to look at you. The frown immediately drops and he bows slightly.

“How are the dwarves?” you ask and his frown returns. “They are fine,” he growls out. “None of them hurt?” you ask, hopefully. “Except for the young one, I suppose. I did not think that elves cared for dwarves,” he says, narrowing his eyes.

“They don’t, but I obviously do. The starfished one?” you ask.

“Nori? Nori is fine. Although, I think he might have nicked something from my home. Speaking of, I need to go back to my own family,” he says and you nod, watching him walk away.

You look around, cursing your idiocy. You now had nowhere to stay. You were not friends with these people and you absolutely hated the master.

“Y/n?” you hear a voice ask and you turn to find Bard again. “Do you need a place to stay?” he asks and you nod. He takes you into his home where you stay for the night.

You do not sleep. You stay awake waiting until sunrise. The time that Bard told you the dwarves were supposed to leave. When the sun does rise, you leave his home and go to the central square again.

The dwarves are just making their way onto the boat.

“Nori!” you call out and the dwarf in question turns to you as you push your way through the crowd.

“Princess?” he asks, shocked. “That is I,” you say.

“What are you doing here?” he asks. “Well, I just came to make sure you all made it down safely. It seems, however, that one did not,” you say, looking at the younger dwarf. He looks pale as he watches his brother talk to his uncle.

“You should not have come. Your father would be furious,” he says and you smile. “If I wasn’t his daughter, he would’ve had my head. He knows I helped you escape and he is not too pleased,” you explain.

Nori steps off the boat and comes closer to you.

“Look, y/n. Thorin is not in such a good mood right now. You must not follow us. Come and seek me when the mountain is reclaimed,” he says, pressing something into your hand. It’s a metal clasp. One that usually belongs in his hair.

“Keep it as a promise. A promise that you will return to me,” he says and you nod, closing your fist. He gets back onto the boat as Thorin looks over the both of you. He nods to you slightly and you nod back, hoping and praying that the king is not leading your dwarf to his death.


The dwarves were definitely my favorite part of the whole trilogy. Whenever focus shifted to BIlbo or Gandalf, I would start feeling homesick for the company. The way that Fran, Phillipa and Peter managed to give each dwarf a distinctive personality and create interactions among them to make them feel like relatable characters was just one of the many reasons why I believe this was a good adaptation. Better still, the 13 actors quite obviously developed a bond on and offscreen similar to the one formed between the 9 cast members of the fellowship in the making of the Lord of The Rings trilogy.