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Rate all sherlock episodes on a scale of 1 to 10? Or if you're feeling lazy just out them in order from most to least favorite?

his last vow is the best the blind banker is the worst and everything in-between is gay

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jeb im kinda worried like sherlock has been accused of queerbaiting before and like, i really really really wanna believe that johnlock is going to Be A Thing but idk, i just don't trust the writers? and i don't want to be negative but im just wondering what makes you believe it's going to happen this time? <3 <3 <3

i just go by what the show has continued to show me and that is that sherlock is in love with john and john is in love with sherlock but shit continues to happen that keeps them apart but the forward momentum has always been pushing them to end up together and that’s what’s gonna happen and it’s gonna be a game changer for the way shows are written and how they portray lgbt characters…. basically i’ve had a bottle of champagne waiting to be popped for almost five years and it’s gonna be delicious

Zero to Trump

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Pokemon Go phenomenon is that in many conventional respects, it’s really a pretty bad game.  It crashes frequently, has broken mechanics, and has limited opportunities for interaction in what should be a social game.  Yet, it’s doing extraordinarily well. It turns out that its combination of augmented reality and childhood nostalgia is fulfilling people’s needs so much better than the next mobile game that these execution errors basically don’t matter.  Its customers aren’t looking for a generic workmanlike game, they’re looking for Pokemon Go, and when you’re in that position, you have got a lot of wiggle room to make mistakes and recover from them.

Donald Trump may not like being compared to a small…anything, but Trump’s strategy actually makes most sense when viewed as a sort of political startup.

Like a startup, Trump is inferior to political incumbents, whether Clinton or Jeb!, in almost every way. He’s only in the game because he has a unique differentiated offering, Trumpism, that appeals to blue collar voters 10x better than the next candidate.

In Trump’s position the guaranteed way to lose is to pivot towards the “center” and become an undifferentiated candidate; Clinton would win that race every time. Trump’s speech was a signal that he is deliberately not doing that.  Instead, he is pushing a specific platform (explicit callout of law and order, populist protectionism) on which he essentially has a political monopoly. Sure he’s going to have a lot more gaffes and negative press than his rival, but if his “political monopoly” turns out to be valuable, people will forgive a lot of flaws that would sink a commoditized politician.  His current rate of execution errors basically don’t matter, his product-market fit is the only thing that matters.

Sick of Police Shootings? America Asked for Them
Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are just two more lives lost to a police state that we, the privileged and secure in America, wanted

“ And when the cops fuck up, we’re ready to understand. It’s natural. Nobody wants to believe the militarized punishment beast created in their image has gone feral. Besides, we have help. Local and national media furnish every extraneous negative detail of anyone abused or shot, beginning a process of police forgiveness that’s already abetted by our tendency to automatically treat police as Premium Citizens. Just to be sure, sometimes we let them go home for a day to have a hard think about what happened to them. “

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What episode of Sherlock is that whole chair scene from? And what episodes have the most evidence of johnlock?

the knee grope chair scene???? there’s a lot of chair stuff between those two but that is from the scene of three

now i will rank the episodes in terms of gayness:

the sign of three, the abominable bride, the reichenbach fall, a scandal in belgravia, his last vow, the great game, the empty hearse, a study in pink, the hounds of baskerville, the blind banker [this list is awful like every episode is gay and they all are just proof of johnlock]


Ashley froze as the passing taxi doused him in a fresh coat of water instead of stopping like he wanted it to. The newspaper he’d been holding over his head was so far passed soaked that it was practically disintegrating in his hand. “….thanks,” he sighed, trying to shake his hands dry and completely failing. Turning instead to the bus stop behind him, he opted to take shelter from the summer storm rather than trying to brave the curb for another minute. Sitting on the bench he glanced to another young man beside him who was also trying to stay dry. “Hey man. You know where this bus is going?”