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From what I've gather from others, every time the SW logo was red, someone dies and someone switched sides. I mentioned this to someone else, but what if both happens in Ep8? What if Leia is the one who dies, which becomes the catalyst for Kylo switching to the light side? And what if "The Last Jedi" isn't referencing Luke or only Luke, but Kylo's journey to becoming "The Last Jedi" by the end of Ep9?

You have very interesting thoughts here! I’m reluctant to place too much stock on the colour since I doubt that the people in charge of the design know anything substantial about the content of the film. I expect it’s a more general indication that we’re moving into darker and more intense territory, but I’d really like your idea to be on the money!


Kambria Dalton - Up To The Mountain

Nubie Contemporary Solo

JDI Dance Company


Nubie & Mini Solo Results


9th: Mikela Levin – Applause (South Coast)

8th: Hailey Ingstad – Queen Bea (So Cal Dance)

7th: Josslyn Sell – So Close (To the Pointe) & Hayden Calder – Genie in a Bottle (Dance Dynamics)

6th: Cassidy Kapanke – And So It Is (Simi Dance Center) & Camdyn Mitchell – Wind it Up (Move)

5th: Alexis Mayer – Flowers (The Rock)

4th: Kambria Dalton – Up to the Mountain (JDI)

3rd: Deanna Panin– Bolero (The Rock)

2nd: Trinity Hernandez – Chasing Cars (JDI)

1st: Campbell Castner – Fly (South Coast Conservatory)


10th: Ella Montano – Straight Up (OCPAA), Kayla Miyamoto – Embers (Dmitri Kulev), Kameron Couch – Who You Are (Project 21), Kylee Bednarz – The Creek (Danceology)

9th: Kendyl Fay – Gonna Be My Girl (OCPAA), Guinivere Gale – Paquita (Classical Dance Academy), Jadyn Saigusa – Somewhere Over the Rainbow (OCPAA), Annie Finemel – Sinking (The Company)

8th: Madison Bunce – All I Want (SDA), Emma Grisham – Deconstruct (The Company)

7th: Aurora Kellogg – Raymonda Waltz (Classical Dance Academy), Sabine Nehls – Light of the Seven (The Rock), Savannah Kristich – Siva (The Rock)

6th: Sienna Schiesinger – All Around Us (The Company), Addison Leitch – Bloom to Perish (Pacific Dance)

5th: Addison Middleton – I Started a Joke (SDA)

4th: Summer Montenegro – The Young Mariner (The Rock), Isabella Howard – The Lily Girl (The Rock), Aimee Cho – Nothing Left (Dmitri Kulev)

3rd: Carys Ashby – Tornadoes (Evoke)

2nd: Charlotte Cogan – Dusk (The Company), Emma Donnelly – Avant Le Silence (Danceology)

1st: Dyllan Blackburn – Rummage (Project 21)

 Adjudications under the cut!

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Hola a todos. 

Primero: quiero darle la bienvenida a todos los nuevos seguidores. ¡De veras, GRACIAS! Significa mucho para un joven artista recibir tanto apoyo, pues nos hace pensar que estamos haciendo algo bien y que les gusta lo que con tanto amor y esfuerzo hacemos. Es un gesto muy bonito, así que gracias una vez más. 

Segundo: como ya somos muchos amigos aquí, he decidido hacer un video acerca de mi, las cosas que hago y las razones por las cuales lo hago. Creo que así me conocerán un poquito y por supuesto que los conoceré yo a ustedes también. Si desean que responda preguntas me las pueden mandar por mensaje o por ask me. No sean tímidos. xD 

Tercero: esta es mi Eleven para Jueves de Interpretación. Hacía mucho tiempo que no participaba así que me animé para esta semana y bueno, aquí el resultado. 

Ya me despido.  Hasta luego, amigos. 

Un abrazo enorme (en serio, muy enorme)


Jeroo • Crase by Leo Startape
Via Flickr:
Jeroo From Germany ( VMD / JDIS / MP / NDA ) Colombes / Paris

Jdi do háje!

(lit. Go to the forest!), meaning: Go to hell

This one is quite weird actually because the Czech people love their forests and nature in general. However this expression is very common and it is a decent alternative of other, mostly vulgar, expressions (for example: Jdi do prdele - Go to ass). 

thepuppyclub a réagi à votre billet “omg there were ppl speaking farsi in the second cup saturday night…”

en vrai ici on me dit “wht country are you from?” jdis “île de france” par automatisme

Omfggggg @thepuppyclub mais c vrai.. c completement different …