Happy 74th Birthday, John Winston Ono Lennon. 

↳ Born October 9, 1940. Today is a special day for all those who love and appreciate the man that was John Lennon. Personally, it is a very emotional yet joyful day for me. The fact that he isn’t here to celebrate his 74th birthday will forever break my heart but it isn’t a day to mourn him, it is a day to celebrate him. John made many mistakes but making mistakes doesn’t make someone a bad person, I like to focus on the good side of John. He was a beautiful human being. John brought joy and life to so many peoples lives, and he is STILL doing it today. He has saved lives with his music and his words, he has put smiles on peoples faces for over 50 years now. He has definitely made my life a better one. So, thank you Johnny. I will always love you and I will always have your back, you were and are a beautiful soul and that’s a fact. Happy Birthday, love. I miss you, always and forever. xxx Desi.


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↳  anonymous asked: wyatt/callie or jane/billy

sleepover sunday yo

im pretty bored so i thought this would be fun xxx

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